Nicolas Cage Set to Star in New Thriller PHILLY FURY

Nicolas Cage is movie making machine! It seems like every other week he is signing on to star in a new movie! The guy must love what he does. Deadline reports that he recently signed on to star in a thriller called Philly Fury. According to the report:

The story revolves around a Philadelphia businessman whose deadbeat brother is kidnapped for a large ransom. When everyone involved believes the deadbeat is in on the kidnapping, the businessman must take action himself.

Cage is taking on the role of a Philadelphia mobster who is the alleged kidnapper. This is a role that Cage should have no problem playing. Cage is such a versatile actor and has played so many different kinds of characters in his career. Sometimes he gives an amazing performance, and sometimes, he is just absolutely awful. You never know what you're gonna get from Cage, which is what makes watching his movies so fun and interesting. 

Philly Fury is being directed by Steven C. Miller from a script written by Jason Mosberg. This film concept isn't new. We've seen it before, but maybe they'll put a unique spin on it.

Cage will next star in the Mario Van Peebles-directed USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, which tells the terrifying story recounted by Quint in Steven Spielberg's Jaws