Will Jay & Silent Bob Make a Cameo in Kevin Smith’s Episode of THE FLASH?

As most of you probably already know, Kevin Smith is currently directing an episode of The Flash for The CW. This is the first time that Smith has actually directed something based on a comic book property, which is crazy because he is such a huge comic book geek. You would have thought he'd get around to it sooner. But he's doing it now, and it looks like he might incorporate two of his classic characters into the episode he's working on.

Smith posted a photo of himself with his long-time friend and on-screen buddy Jason Mewes standing in front CC Jitters, which is a signature coffee shop in Central City. He doesn't come right out and say it, but he could possibly be teasing a cameo by Jay & Silent Bob, which wouldn't surprise me at all if it happens. Of course, the two friends could be hanging out on the set just for the hell of it.

We probably won't find out for sure until the episode is released. The episode was written by Thor writer Zach Stentz, and there are no details on what it will be about, but it will air in May of 2016.

Went for some coffee at #ccjitters and found @jayandsilentbob loitering in front of the store. Yesterday was a productive Day 2 on the episode of #TheFlash that I'm "directing", with the cast, crew & I shooting four different scenes in the Cortex and Medical Bay at #StarLabs! I call it "directing" because neither cast nor crew need my guidance here to make something great. We shot some big little scenes yesterday that will break your heart and speed-force it back together again in that way only #TheFlash can. I love this show, so seeing how it really happens behind the scenes has been nothing short of thrilling. We start Day 3 of 8 in a couple of hours... #KevinSmith #jaymewes #centralcity #vancouver #jayandsilentbob #runbarryrun #funbarryfun

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