Paul Rudd Will Be a Baseball-Playing Secret Agent in THE CATCHER WAS A SPY

It's been really cool to watch Paul Rudd's career evolve from smaller movies like Clueless and Wet Hot American Summer to behemoths like Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War, and the best part about it has been that he's willing to keep all sorts of different projects in the mix. He's clearly graduated to the big leagues, but he still makes little comedies like They Came Together and Netflix's Wet Hot prequel First Day of Camp in between blockbusters.

Deadline announced that Rudd will be starring in The Catcher Was a Spy, the true story of Moe Berg, a baseball player who also served as a secret agent for the OSS. Here's how the outlet describes it:

Rudd will play Moe Berg, an Ivy League grad and attorney who spoke nine languages, but that wasn’t the only reason he stood out among his baseball teammates when he spent 15 years as a journeyman player for such teams as the New York Robins and Chicago White Sox. Their biggest worry might have been hitting a curveball; Berg doubled as a top secret spy for the OSS (a forerunner for the CIA), who helped the U.S. win the race against Germany to build the atomic bomb. Perhaps Berg was helped in his efforts to stay under the radar by the fact his skills were not going to make anyone forget about Babe Ruth. When Berg played for the Senators, teammate Dave Harris once famously said, “Moe Berg can speak twelve languages, but can’t hit any of them!” His story was previously developed by Warner Bros as a vehicle for George Clooney and before that, both HBO and Miramax tried but struck out.

Sounds like Rudd's the right guy to finally step into the batter's box on this project. Saving Private Ryan writer Robert Rodat wrote the screenplay based on Nicholas Dawidoff's book, and Ben Lewin — who directed the underseen The Sessions back in 2012 (then called The Surrogate) — is behind the camera on this one.

Watch: Captain America’s Evolution in TV and Film

A few days ago, Burger Fiction released a video detailing the evolution of Iron Man in film and television through the years. I suspected that they'd soon be releasing a similar video for Captain America since the two heroes square off against each other in next week's Captain America: Civil War, and now that video has arrived.

From his first appearance in 1944 all the way through his various animated shows and movies and Chris Evans' current, masterful portrayal in live action, Cap has been there hoisting the red, white, and blue shield and serving as a symbol of patriotism and justice. Enjoy:

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Featurette Highlights Black Panther Chase Scene

Buried among the plugs for Audi in this new featurette for Captain America: Civil War, you'll find some cool behind-the-scenes moments and footage of the chase we've seen in the trailers between Black Panther, Cap, and Bucky (aka The Winter Soldier). I was a little hesitant to watch something like this so close to when we're all going to see the movie — just a little more than a week away! — but it's not spoilery and does a good job of getting me hyped to see all of the amazing-looking action sequences the Russo Brothers pulled off here.

Colin Furze Made A Hoverbike!

"Who else but Colin Furze," I said to myself as I watched this video today. Of course the geek mad scientist of the Internet would come up with something like this! He really doesn't have a way to control it (that includes stopping), but I wouldn't be surprised if he's already being contacted by developers wishing to make this commercially viable!

Hell, this looks more safe than those "hover" boards...and it actually hovers!

Mads Mikkelsen Reveals His Role in ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY

Spoilers ahead for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Mads Mikkelsen was absent from the awesome first trailer for Gareth Edwards' new Star Wars film, leaving fans wondering exactly what his role will be in the film. But now he's revealed that information in an interview with Sky News:

“I read the script, and it was very beautiful, and Felicity's playing this lovely, young, strong woman, and I play her…father. That was too much, I’m sorry.”

First off, just to get this out of the way, this video shows that even the actors can get confused about the Star Wars timeline. Rogue One does not take place "before anything you've ever seen in the Star Wars universe," it takes place after Revenge of the Sith but before the events of A New Hope. Moving on.

Secondly, his admission that he's playing Jyn Erso's father is confirmation of an old rumor that he'd be playing an Oppenheimer-esque scientist. Here's what that rumor stated:

Mads Mikkelsen (Galen appears to be his name in the film) is kind of the key to the film in a way. He is a scientist that took over the Geonosian Death Star project. He solved several of the flaws the Empire could not and is sort of a revered person in the Empire for his contributions. However, Mikkelsen’s character is a Robert Oppenheimer-type character. Oppenheimer helped design the atomic bomb only to say, “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” The guilt “Galen” feels for his contributions to the Empire become too much and he defects, attempting to make things right. In order to do this, he enlists the help of his only daughter….

Mikkelsen's claim validates at least part of this rumor, so it's a pretty good bet the rest of it is true as well.

Via: The Mary Sue

Japanese Fans Share Their Opinion of Scarlett Johansson in GHOST IN THE SHELL

While there's an outcry over in the states over Scarlett Johansson being cast as the lead in Ghost in the Shell, Japanese fans don't really see the controversy! Obviously, this video could've been edited to show a bias, but it looks like very few Japanese understand why Americans don't want her in the role, and even make convincing arguments as to why she SHOULD be in the role.

What I found funny is the anime argument being used in reverse. Where I've heard "anime characters only appear white because America is predominantly white," they say "they chose a white person because it's an anime." They say it in the sense that anime characters don't look like typical people and in Japanese culture, they are the typical person. Actually pretty riveting culturally relevant stuff being said here.

Hats off to TJMY for doing this video! I was curious to the response from Japan, and now I have my answer!

Tye Sheridan is Signed To Play Cyclops in Two More X-MEN Sequels After APOCALYPSE

What does the future of the X-Men film franchise look like after X-Men: Apocalypse? For a while, it sounded like that would be Jennifer Lawrence's last movie as Mystique, but more recently she said she was "dying" to come back for more movies (and James McAvoy is game, too). While it's still unclear exactly which veteran actors will return for future adventures, we've heard that the next X-Men movie after Apocalypse might center on Jean Grey's Dark Phoenix saga, meaning that Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner is coming back for more movies. Now we know at least one more actor is signed for multiple films, because EW revealed that Tye Sheridan — the young actor playing Cyclops in Apocalypse — is contracted for two more sequels.

Jean Grey and Scott Summers go hand in hand, so it'd be crazy to think there'd be a Dark Phoenix movie without Cyclops being involved. But that whole Dark Phoenix thing is still a rumor at this point, and this is the first official word we've heard that any of the actors new to the X-franchise (Sheridan, Turner, Kodi Smit-McPhee, and Alexandra Shipp) are coming back for more. We all assumed they'd be around for a while, but now we know that's the studio's plan. There's been some talk about Apocalypse and Wolverine 3 being the end of Bryan Singer's X-Men movie-verse, but it seems like 20th Century Fox is still interested in keeping the franchise alive and moving it forward, even if some of the original cast members are eventually phased out.

Video: Timothy Olyphant Shows Conan The Difference Between Stage and Screen Acting

After watching Justified and Hitman, I never would've guessed Timothy Olyphant was such a funny dude! I guess that's why they call it "acting." The actor appeared on Conan to explain the nuances of acting in films and theater (Olyphant is currently starring in Hold On To Me My Darling on Broadway) as well as talk about all the free stuff he steals from sets. It's moments like these that make me love Conan!

John Boyega, James McAvoy, Ben Kingsley, and More Lend Voices To WATERSHIP DOWN

I've somehow never even heard of Watership Down, but I understand it had a profound impact on a lot of people when they were growing up. Now the story will be able to find a larger audience and reach a whole new generation, as the BBC and Netflix are teaming for an animated miniseries adaptation of Richard Adams' novel. Variety reports that the show will be available sometime in 2017. The outlet has a good breakdown of the story and an announcement of its impressive cast:

Set in the idyllic rural landscape of southern England, the adventure tale follows a band of rabbits on their flight from the intrusion of man and the certain destruction of their home. Led by a stouthearted pair of brothers, they journey forth from their native Sandleford Warren through the harrowing trials posed by predators and adversaries, toward a promised land and a more perfect society.
The series, written by Tom Bidwell (BAFTA-nominated “My Mad Fat Diary”) and directed by Noam Murro (“300: Rise of the Empire”), will star [James] McAvoy (“Filth,” “X-Men”) as Hazel, [Nicholas] Hoult (“Mad Max: Fury Road,” “X-Men”) as Fiver, [Ben] Kingsley (“Shutter Island,” “Iron Man 3”) as General Woundwort, [John] Boyega (“Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens”) as Bigwig, Gemma Arterton (“Made in Dagenham”) as Clover, Miles Jupp (“Rev,” “The Thick of It”) as Blackberry, Freddie Fox (“Pride”) as Captain Holly, Olivia Colman (“The Night Manager,” “The Lobster”) as Strawberry, and Anne-Marie Duff (“Suffragette”) as Hyzenthlay.

This story really seems to have shaken people to the core when they were kids, and since I've never heard of it before and don't have any basis for comparison, I think I'm just going to continue in my ignorance of this property and watch this new series with fresh eyes when it comes out next year to get the full experience for myself. I'm looking forward to seeing exactly what caused so many people to have such a strong reaction to it.

Sylvester Stallone Starring in First Television Series OMERTA

Surprisingly, Sylvester Stallone is making his television acting debut sometime soon. THR says the actor will star in Antoine Fuqua's adaptation of Mario Puzo's Omerta, which is the final book in The Godfather series. If you've never read the books, that's a bit confusing as you would assume OmertaThe Godfather III, when in fact all three stories are part of the first book.

Omerta was released after Puzo's death and follows a mafioso family in New York. Big surprise, right? They even go to Sicily! All jokes aside, Puzo basically is the godfather of the gangster genre so I'm sure whatever is being adapted will be top-notch! Sidebar: am I the only one who thinks it's crazy Sylvester Stallone is making his acting debut in scripted television just now?! I would've sworn it would have happened sooner than that!