That LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN Reboot is Inching Closer to Reality

Almost exactly a year ago, we wrote about how 20th Century Fox planned a feature film reboot for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the box office bomb from 2003 that was an adaptation of Alan Moore's well-respected comic book series. We hadn't heard anything about the new version of the film since last year's update, so I assumed the movie just fell into development hell or was abandoned altogether.

But here comes Variety, swooping in to confirm that not only is the movie apparently still happening, but it's closer to life than ever. Producer John Davis still doesn't have a director or cast in place, but he did hire a writer: Jayson Rothwell, the guy behind movies like Malice in Wonderland and the Christmas horror comedy Silent Night. That's not exactly what I'd call great news for those who had high hopes this reboot would be a massive improvement over the original movie, but hey — maybe Rothwell has the perfect approach to the story and maybe he'll turn out something awesome.

There's no word yet about how this film will differ from the 2003 version; all we have is a vague description about how the story will center on "Victorian-era literary characters such as Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde teaming to fight a common enemy."