Watch: The Philosophy of Bill Murray’s Approach to Comedy

I'm in the middle of reading Judd Apatow's book Sick in the Head, a collection of interviews Apatow has conducted with comedians and funny people over the years. During an interview with Ghostbusters star Harold Ramis, Apatow asked him what it was like to work with Bill Murray, and as part of his answer, Ramis shared this fantastic anecdote:

I've seen a total stranger come up to Bill on the street in New York: "Bill, love you on Saturday Night [Live]!" He says, "You motherfucker, I'm going to bite your nose!" He wrestles him to the ground — total stranger — and bites his nose.

I'd never heard that story before and thought it was hilarious, and it loosely applies to this video from Wisecrack about Murray's approach to comedy. It's a good watch if you're a Murray fan (and really...who isn't?).

Via: LaughingSquid