What Secret Movie is Peter Jackson Working On For Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment?

I'm thrilled Peter Jackson is finished with his disappointing Hobbit trilogy, because that means he can finally move on to other projects outside the realm of Middle Earth. And thanks to Steven Spielberg, we know he's hard at work on something right now...but we just aren't sure exactly what that movie is yet.

Spielberg gave an interview to the New Zealand version of Time Out magazine and mentioned Jackson's new film, as well as confirming that Jackson will direct a second installment in the Tintin franchise:

"Peter was so busy with The Hobbit that it took him away from Tintin and he's doing another film for my company now. It's a secret, nobody knows about it. Then after that he'll do Tintin."

We know Tintin is something both directors are passionate about and Jackson has wanted to make a sequel for years, but what is this mysterious secret movie Spielberg mentioned? We don't have any inside info about this, but there are a few possibilities. One option could be Mortal Engines, a steampunk sci-fi project Jackson was developing years ago. The plot for that sounds absolutely nuts, and you can read all about it here. It's also possible Jackson cracked the story for his adaptation of Temeraire, which he originally wanted to turn into a TV series (read all about that one here). He and partner Fran Walsh could have fit the story into a film screenplay, but frankly, it seems more likely that they'd be encouraged by the success of Game of Thrones and be even more convinced that the huge story deserves to be told across multiple seasons of television instead.

So what else could it be? There's always a chance it's a total mystery (which would be kind of fun, wouldn't it?), but the New Zealand Herald speculates that it could be a World War II RAF air raid bombing movie called The Dam Busters, or a movie called As Nature Made Him, which is "the story of Canadian man David Reimer who was raised a female after a botched circumcision when he was aged just seven months." Jackson has also mentioned wanting to direct something smaller in scope after The Hobbit, getting back to projects the size of Heavenly Creatures, so it could be something along those lines, too.

What would you like to see Jackson direct next?

Source: The New Zealand Herald, via The Playlist