Nerf Is Developing a Dart Shooting Drone!

No, it doesn't fly, but it does a whole lot of other cool s***! Geeky Gadgets reports that Hasbro is releasing a Nerf-N-Strike TerraScout RC Drone that will take your kids (or your) Nerf game to that next level. This remote controlled battle drone streams 720p video directly to the remote control! With 18 loaded bullets in tow you'll definitely be able to pester the hell out of someone until they kick it over on its side!

A price tag of $200 seems a bit steep, but you can't beat the recordable video aspect. I could imagine some cool outdoors footage being shot with that thing! Even so, that's crazy expensive for a lot of plastic!

Hugh Jackman Rocks a Grizzled Beard in WOLVERINE 3 Set Photos

Wolverine 3 is officially in production, and the first photos of Hugh Jackman in the role of Logan have surfaced from the set. This is a very different look for the character. Not only is he wearing a suit, but he's also sporting that full mountain man-style beard. 

Wolverine 3 will be Jackman's final film in the role of Wolverine, which is sad, but hopefully he goes out on a strong note. The movie is said to follow the Old Man Logan storyline from Mark Millar's comic arc. Producer Simon Kinberg gave credence that to that when he confirmed the story would take place in the future.

Jackman will be joined by Patrick Stewart who will return as Professor X, Boyd Holbrook (Narcoshas been cast as the main villain, Richard E. Grant as a mad scientist, and British comedian Stephen Merchant has been cast in a mystery role.

There are also rumors that  X-23 could be introduced in this film, and it was recently reported that the main villains going up against Wolverine in the film would be the Reavers. Wolverine 3 makes its way into theaters on March 23rd, 2017. 

What do you think of Jackman's new Wolverine look?

First Photos of Ron, Hermione and Their Daughter in HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD


Yesterday we got our first look at Harry Potter, Ginny, and their son Albus in the upcoming new play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Today we get to meet the Granger-Weasley family, which includes Ron Weasley played by Paul Thornley, Hermione Granger played by Noma Dumezweni, and their daughter Rose Granger-Weasley, who will be played by actress Cherrelle Skeete. When talking about the characters Thornley says:

"It’s 19 years later when the play begins. Ron is married to Hermione Granger and they’re now the Granger-Weasleys. Our magnificent daughter Rose Granger-Weasley is about to start at Hogwarts, which is obviously a big day for everyone."

In an interview with Pottermore, Skeete talked about her character Rose explaining:

"Rose is ambitious, obviously her mum is Hermione so she’s got a lot to live up to. I think they’re quite similar in the fact they put a lot of pressure on themselves. And she just wants to do the right thing."

Rowley added her thoughts on Rose saying:

"Rose is like her mother, but more secure, more grounded. She was born to wizards and knows her place in the world. Cherrelle plays her perfectly: bossy but deeply loveable."

It's explained that Ron is in his forties and that he's not much different from Ron we knew in his teens, "except that his feet hurt a bit more."

As for Hermione, there was some controversy with her casting because she's not the Hermoine Granger that fans have become accustomed to after all these years. The main thing that matters is that she has the soul and personality of the character that we all love and know, and I'm pretty sure that is going to be there.

The Granger-Weasley family also includes a son named Hugo, but I'm not sure why he's not present in the family portrait. Either he's not going to be a part of the story or he doesn't have a main role that would require him to be a part of the photo shoot. 

Here's the synopsis for the upcoming two-part play that was previously released:

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children. While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child makes its premiere at the Palace Theater in London’s West End on July 30th. Previews start later this month.

The Next FRIDAY THE 13th Movie Will Tell a Jason Voorhees Origin Story with His Mom

The long-running Friday the 13th horror franchise will continue with a new movie currently in development at Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes production company. The last movie in the franchise came out in 2009, and I thought it was a piece of shit. I’m a huge fan of this franchise, it’s just gone completely downhill over the years, and Platinum Dunes taking over didn't do it any favors.

It’s been six months since we last heard any news on this film production, and that was when it was announced that Aaron Guzikowski was hired to write it. Prior to that, there were reports of it being a 3D film, a found footage movie, then the found footage idea was dropped, and there was even talk of a TV series at The CW.

Now, thanks to The Reel Word, we have a new update on the film, and they are saying it will tell an origin story and his murderous mom Pamala is going to be a part of it. The site explains:

Attached to write the screenplay is Aaron Guzikowski, who earned himself wide acclaim for writing the 2013 Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal-starring thriller Prisoners. Guzikowski handed in a draft, Fuller and co. had a look at it, loved what they read and decided to start moving forward.
“Aaron’s story has great characters…You kind of have to understand Jason Voorhees, so we go back and we kind of started over and work our way forward.”
So, is this an origin story?
“Origin-ish, but it’s an origin that no one has seen before. Obviously Pamela’s there, but it’s a little bit different from what you’ve seen before.”

I came across the news on Bloody-Disgusting, and they made a comment about wanting to learn more about Jason’s father. Why the hell not?! That sounds like it would be interesting. Maybe that’s what makes it a little different than what we’ve seen before. Maybe it will even dive deeper into Jason’s family past and what life was like for the Voorhees family before that horrific summer at Camp Crystal in 1980.

This upcoming movie will be the 13th installment of the franchise. Yep, it's finally going hit number 13, and it seems like it would be the perfect number to officially end the franchise. As much as I love the character, I just think it’s time to stop. Fans will always have the original films to entertain them. 

The film is currently scheduled to be released by Paramount Pictures on Friday, January 13th, 2017. What do you think about this direction of telling a new type of origin story for the character?

The Villain for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 Reportedly Confirmed

A couple months ago a rumor surfaced that Elizabeth Debicki’s character in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 would be a villain named Ayesha. She has gone by several different names and forms in the comic book universe such as Her, Kismet, and Paragon. She is a cosmic being, who is mostly recognized as a blonde-goddess being, and she was created by the same group of scientists on earth that created Adam Warlock, so she has various superhuman abilities.

Now JoBlo confirms that Ayesha is in fact the villain from a separate source. The report goes on to offer some additional details on the character and what her significance is to the story, saying:

Now, the significance of Ayesha in GUARDIANS 2 and the greater MCU is rather huge, especially when you consider that she was created by The Enclave, a group of scientists dedicated to taking control of the world, starting with the creation of the perfect genetic beings, made to restart humanity. Their first version of this, called HIM, would later evolve into the character known as Adam Warlock, who escaped The Enclave. However, The Enclave made a second being, which became HER aka Ayesha, who also escapes and goes looking for HIM, who she considers to be her perfect mate to start a new perfect race.

There’s no word on how much of that origin will factor into Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but she will be the main villain in the story. I’m really curious to see what director James Gunn is planning for her. There’s no doubt she’s going to put up a solid fight with our favorite heroes. If this actually does turn out to be true, it would be the first main female villain in the MCU.

The site also reconfirms that that the Guardians of the Galaxy will “most definitely be teaming up with The Avengers for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War films.” They don’t know how big their role in that story arc will be, though. I imagine since Thanos is the main villain in the story, their role would have to be somewhat big. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is set to hit theaters on May 5th, 2017.

Dominic Cooper Would Return as Howard Stark If AGENT CARTER Returns


Just yesterday we reported that Hayley Atwell would do whatever to takes to get Marvel to bring Agent Carter back. At this point, the only place that could happen would be at Netflix or another streaming service. As of right now, there has been no word on if Marvel or Netflix are even considering it. They should be, because not only is Atwell willing to come back to reprise her role, but so is Dominic Cooper, who plays Howard Stark. 

The actor recently appeared at MCM Comic Con and during a panel he was asked if he would like to see the show moved to a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon. He replied: 

"I think as long as there is more story to tell and there's a place for that to continue to go, um, and someone has the idea and Amazon would be excited or whoever else, then I, it's been wonderful and very, I know that Haley and James both feel the same. The fact that people have got behind it and want to see it returned means a huge amount to them. It's always sad when a show is cancelled and you've worked so hard on it, but sometimes things do come to their own natural conclusion. That may, there may be much more story to tell ad maybe there is, and I'm sure there are people who are talking about it now. What's wonderful about Amazon and other streaming sites is that now these, whereas something like that, it may have been the end of the road completely, now there's hope that it might not be, and I'd be well up for doing more Howard Stark and I'd know they'd be up for doing more of their characters, so fingers crossed."

Agent Carter Season 2 left fans with a cliffhanger, so someone’s got to keep the series going to finish the story… right?! Hopefully, some streaming network steps in to make the fans happy and keep the adventures of Peggy Carter rolling forward. It's one of the best shows Marvel was developing, and it's sad to think that the we may never see these wonderful characters in action again.

New Details on Why STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE Is Going Through Reshoots

Yesterday we learned that Lucasfilm's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was going to go through four weeks of expensive reshoots. There was also talk of the film being "in crisis." Reshoots are normal, though, and according to a recent report, Gareth Edwards' film is not "in crisis", but it's confirmed that the movie is going to go through some extensive reshoots to help fix a few things after it was screened to executives. 

Thanks to THR and Deadline, we have some additional details on what exactly they are going to fix in these reshoots. THR reports that the studio execs felt that it "was tonally off with what a 'classic' Star Wars movie should feel like." The go on to say that the "goal of the reshoots will be to lighten the mood, bring some levity into the story and restore a sense of fun to the adventure."

As most of you already know, the story follows a team of rebels who go on a mission to steal the plans of the Death Star so that the rebels can destroy it. An inside source goes on to explain that “this is the closest thing to a prequel ever. This takes place just before A New Hope and leads up to the 10 minutes before that classic film begins. You have to match the tone!”

Sources tell THR that Edwards’ first cut was a solid showing, "but it didn’t measure up to the bar set in terms of four-quadrant appeal." The explain, “Anything less than extraordinary won’t do.” Sources with Deadline confirm all of this saying, "the first cut was lacking the edge that Force Awakens had, and the story needs to jell."

So as you can see, the tone of the film is incredibly important. There's also unconfirmed talk that some of these reshoots will include the new Han Solo behind played by Alden Ehrenreich

I'm not worried about any of this. All of the stuff they are doing right now is to make the film better. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm so excited to see how this film turns out. Lucasfilm and Disney are expected to show off some new stuff from it at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, so we have that to look forward to! 

The film stars Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, Riz Ahmed, and Forest Whitaker. There have been a lot of interesting and cool rumored details leaking out for the film involving the story and characters. You can catch up on all of that stuff here.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be released on December 16th, 2016. 


Robot Chicken’s BATMAN V SUPERMAN Parody – “Batman Has Zero F***s”

Adult Swim has released Robot Chicken's hilarious parody of Batman v Superman. It's called "Batman Has Zero F***s" and in it Batman asks Superman, "Tell me, do you bleed?" and before Superman can answer Batman goes on a profanity-fueled tirade letting him know how much that he doesn't care if he bleeds or not. Batman doesn't hold back at all when he is reinforcing this point of not caring. He gets so over the top ridiculous about it that I just couldn't help but laugh. Gotta love Robot Chicken

FX Has Ordered the X-Men Drama LEGION to Series

FX is moving forward with their new X-Men drama series Legion. They ordered a pilot episode last year that is currently in production, and the cable network seems to like what they have done so far, because according to Variety, the network has picked it up for a season of ten episodes.

There’s been a lot of mixed reaction regarding this series. Some people seem excited for it, while others just don’t care. I’m personally really curious to see how it’s going to turn out because of the level of talent involved with developing it. 

Fargo creator Noah Hawley is the brains behind the series, and that guy has done incredible things with Fargo! On top of that, it stars Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, The Guest), and that guy is an incredibly talented actor. He will be joined by Fargo alums Rachel Keller and Jean Smart, along with Aubrey Plaza, Jeremie Harris, Amber Midthunder, Katie Aselton, and Bill Irwin.

Legion centers around David Haller (Stevens); since he was a teenager, David has struggled with mental illness. Diagnosed as schizophrenic, David has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years. But after a strange encounter with a fellow patient, he’s confronted with the possibility that the voices he hears and the visions he sees might be real.

Nick Grad, President of Original Programming had this to say in a statement:

“We’ve come to expect excellence from Noah Hawley and with ‘Legion’ he has delivered another major creative achievement. Just as he did in reimagining ‘Fargo,’ he is bringing an entirely new aesthetic and sensibility to the enormously popular and richly represented X-Men world. The pilot episode is stunning, driven by incredible performances from Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza, Jean Smart, Rachel Keller and the rest of the cast. We join our producing partners at Marvel in congratulating the creative team for what they’ve accomplished and are as excited as the fans for the premiere of ‘Legion’s’ first season.”

Executive producer and head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb added:

“Marvel Television is thrilled to not only have our first partnership with FX go to series, but working with the enormously talented Noah Hawley makes it even better. From the first time we heard Noah’s vision to his exceptional script and cast through the extraordinary filming of the pilot, we knew the series would be incredible.”

If you’re wondering what Hawley’s vision of the series is, we recently posted an interview in which he talked about the series saying:

“There’s, whatever, 9,000 superhero stories right now. They’ve got all the running and kicking covered. I think my goal with this is to do something whimsical and imaginative and unexpected. Not just because I want to do something different, but because it feels like the right way to tell this story.”

You can read the full interview with Hawley here. If you’re interested in learning more about this series, then that’s something you’ll want to check out. 

The series is also being executive produced by Lauren Shuler Donner (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Deadpool), Bryan Singer (X-Men: Apocalypse), Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Martian), Jim Chory (Agents of SHIELD, Daredevil, Jessica Jones), and John Cameron (Fargo, The Big Lebowski).

With that level of talent, there’s a pretty good chance that this series could turn out to be awesome.