A Young Magician Becomes a Hero in Teaser Trailer for The Awesome Film SLEIGHT

Finally! I've been waiting to see a trailer pop up for Sleight since I first saw the movie at Sundance earlier this year. This was one of my favorite movies that I saw at the film festival and I've been looking forward to seeing it again. Now all of you get your first look at it thanks to a fun little teaser trailer that was released. 

The movie stars Jacob Latimore as Bo, "a young street magician struggling to take care of his little sister in the wake of his mother’s death. After he gets in too deep to make ends meet, Bo finds he has to turn to magic to save his family and himself from unimaginable danger."

This is what we had to say about it in our review for the film:

What really stood out to me, however, was that this movie kind of played out as a superhero movie with elements of a thriller that made it realistic. Bo used his sleight of hand and knowledge of street magic to help him outsmart cops, criminals, and anyone out to get him. But what this movie did right was his power wasn’t fighting. It was his wits. There was a fight scene in the movie, and it was awesome, and it didn’t require saving the world, and it wasn't overly orchestrated. As I watched this movie, I was reminded of the last few Marvel movies I’ve seen.  Now I loved them, but one issue I’ve had is that the world is always in jeopardy in them. In this movie, this kid develops a type of superpower that he uses for criminal ways but turns it around without the world being in jeopardy. The last few scenes of the film were very intense, but because of an internal struggle and different kinds of stakes than world destruction. This movie was more intense than any DC or Marvel superhero movie I’ve seen and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Sleight is truly a fantastic movie worth checking out when it's released in theaters onApril 7, 2017.