Artist Jeff Victor Pays Tribute to Carrie Fisher in Princess Leia Cartoon-Style Evolution


Artist Jeff Victor created wonderful Carrie Fisher tribute art that features cartoon-style Princess Leia Evolution. As you can see, it only focuses on the films of the original trilogy. The art came along with the following note:

"Heartbroken. Carrie Fisher, my favorite princess, has become one with the Force. RIP"

There have been so many wonderful tributes made for Fisher since her passing. One of my favorites came from Warwick Davis, which I included below:

Deadpool Rumored to Make an Appearance in LOGAN

We got some intriguing news regarding the upcoming Wolverine film Logan. According to The Wrap, Ryan Reynolds has shot a scene for the movie as Deadpool! This is just a rumor right now, but an inside source tells them that the Deadpool scene in Logan "will most likely become a post-credit scene."

As awesome as it would be to see Deadpool make an appearance in the movie, this doesn't seem like the kind of film he would fit into. Logan looks like a very serious and dramatic film, which isn't Deadpool's style. It seems like throwing Deadpool into the mix wouldn't work effectively, as he would bring in some hilarious humor that might break the dramatic vibe. But who knows, maybe Logan won't be as completely dramatic as the first trailer made it out to be, or maybe Deadpool will have a dramatic moment that fits the tone.

There's no information on how Deadpool's scene will play out, but if it's actually in the movie then we'll just have to wait and see how exactly the character will be included. In the meantime, how do you think the Merc with a Mouth could be utilized in the film?

See What STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE Looks Like Sped Up Every Time Someone Fires a Laser

Here's an interesting spin on Star Wars I've never seen before. A YouTuber going by the handle Lord Aussem has placed the entirety of A New Hope in a single video and sped up the footage every time a laser is fired. So every time a TIE Fighter fires at an X-Wing, Han Solo's blaster goes off, or any other laser flies across the screen, the entire movie increases in speed until it's little more than an imperceptible whirlwind. You might be surprised how quickly the whole thing goes by:

Via: LaughingSquid

Reports Indicate Carrie Fisher Had Completed Her Scenes on STAR WARS Episode VIII Before Passing

Sources are reporting that Carrie Fisher had completed her scenes in Star Wars: Episode VIII before her untimely passing. Variety says that it appears that writers will not have to address the loss of Princess Leia until the next film in the series, in which Fisher was slated to appear in. 

I'm not at all surprised that Fisher had already filmed her scenes for Episode VIII as her role was relatively small in The Force Awakens, and the film has been in post-production for awhile. I am curious as to how big her role in the series will be going forward and if writers will now have to alter the story to cope with the loss. 

Do you think Fisher's role would be substantial enough that she would need to be recast? It seems pretty difficult to continue the series without a major political figure...maybe they'll go another route? I'm trying to leave spoilers out of this, guys. Help me out. 

It’s Bryan Cranston vs. Heisenberg in WHY HIM? Parody Trailer WHY WALT?

It's been a while since I've seen a solid Breaking Bad parody (which makes sense, considering the show has been off the air for a few years now), but the new Bryan Cranston/James Franco movie Why Him? has provided the folks at Funny or Die with the material they needed to create one. By removing Franco and replacing him with meth kingpin Walter White, some fun Cranston vs. Cranston action goes down for our enjoyment. Take a look:

When a loving father (Bryan Cranston) discovers his little girl is dating billionaire drug lord Walter White (Bryan Cranston), he will go to any lengths to stop the wedding bells he sees in his daughter’s future.

Via: LaughingSquid

Brazilian Journalist Makes “Too Soon” Joke About Carrie Fisher on News Program

There are certain things you should and shouldn't do on live television. Making jokes at the expense of a recently deceased celebrity when you're not a comedian is likely one of them. Brazilian journalist Jorge Pontual appeared on television and made a very uncouth joke about the death of Carrie Fisher. The joke referred to Chewbacca's reaction to the death of the actress. 

Note: You will need to have Closed Captions on for the English dialogue. 

Don't get me wrong, I can take a joke, but there's a time and a place and his tone definitely wasn't respectful. You want to do a stand-up comedy open mic and bust that joke out? I'll probably laugh and cringe at the same time...but when you're a journalist on a CNN type news program and just finished talking about her promiscuity in a demeaning way? I'm not sure he made that joke in a light-hearted manner. 

Maybe it's a joke Fisher would have appreciated, but the death of a person is typically about the family and those left behind. I understand celebrity deaths are a non-issue to many, but there's no reason to broadcast your distaste for the deceased for the world to see. Here's hoping there's an apology down the road! 

Red Letter Media Disses ROGUE ONE in New Video Review

Red Letter Media made a name for themselves a few years ago with their epic takedown of George Lucas' Star Wars prequels, and now they're back with a new video review of Gareth Edwards' Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Using the parody persona Mr. Plinkett, the YouTubers diss the movie for its lack of memorable characters, low emotional stakes, and uninspired story.

I don't fully agree with their point about context, because at some point you have to realize this is a part of a larger franchise and not every single story can be self-contained. The problem, of course, is that this movie was hyped as a "standalone" story, and it absolutely is not. You must possess knowledge of what happens in A New Hope for any plot development here to be even remotely satisfying, and I totally agree with RLM's assessment of the murky motivations of the movie's unmemorable characters.

What do you think?

METROPOLIS Being Made Into a Mini-Series by MR. ROBOT Creator Sam Esmail

Like many of you out there, I am a huge fan of the television series Mr. Robot. Without a doubt its success is due to the unwavering vision and immaculate storytelling capability of the show's creator, Sam Esmail. Right now, Esmail can do no wrong in Hollywood. 

THR announced that Esmail is working on turning the 1927 sci-fi classic Metropolis into a mini-series. This is the best news that I have heard in a while. Metropolis is one of my all-time favorite films, and it has a ton of relevance to our world’s situation today. The marriage of Esmail and Metropolis is a match made in heaven. Here is what THR had to say on the situation:

Sources say the showrunner's exact role in Metropolis is still being negotiated as the project is in the very early stage of development. Insiders add that the studio isn't aiming to launch the miniseries for another two to three years. Should Mr. Robot stick to its tentative four- to five-season plan, that timing would potentially allow for Esmail's schedule to free up to where he could be more involved in the project. (He's been famously hands-on with Mr. Robot, even going so far as to direct every episode last season.)
Like the original film, the small-screen adaptation of Metropolis will take place in a future society where wealthy industrialists rule the vast city from high-rise tower complexes, while a lower class of underground-dwelling workers toil constantly to operate the machines that provide its power. Risking everything they know, two star-crossed lovers from opposite sides of the divide must find a way to bring down the whole system.

As sad as it makes me to think that the end of Mr. Robot is on the horizon, knowing that Esmail will be transitioning right into Metropolis makes life a little bit better. 

Apparently, the show will be shopped around, so we don’t know where it will be airing yet. What we do know is that Universal is spending an estimated $10 million on each episode.  We all know that spending big money in Hollywood doesn’t guarantee a great product, but I think that Esmail will know what to do with it. 

BTW, if you haven’t seen the original Metropolis, GO WATCH IT. If you are a movie fan, you won’t regret it.