George Miller Is Reportedly on a List of Five Potential Directors for THE BATMAN

As you all know by now, Ben Affleck has stepped down as the director for The Batman because it was too daunting a task for him to take on. He wanted to make sure that he was able to give everything he had to the character as an actor. 

There's been a lot of discussion among fans over who will replace Affleck as the director. One possible name already leaked, and that was Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves. Thanks to Forbes, we now have four other names to add to the shortlist of directors that the studio is reportedly looking at. 

Those directors include Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller, who has previously been in talks for other DC movies like the Man of Steel sequel. There's also Gavin O'Connor, who has directed films such as Miracle, Warrior and, most recently, The Accountant, which starred Affleck. The next person on the list is Denis Villeneuve, who recently directed the highly acclaimed film Arrival. Finally, there's Matt Ross, the director of Viggo Mortensen's Captain Fantastic

All of these are great and talented directors, and they each have their own unique styles which would work great for a Batman movie. If I had to choose one of these directors, though, it would have to be Miller, because I want to see what a George Miller Batman movie would be like! If he's available and willing, I hope Warner Bros. jumps on him! 

WB hasn't confirmed any of these names, and even if they are on a list there's no guarantee that they'll end up choosing one of them. It could be someone completely different. Regardless, this is a strong list of talent, so the studio is going after someone with some strong directing skills, which is a plus. 

Who would you like to see come on board to direct The Batman