Hilarious But Dark Trailer for Danny McBride-Produced Film DONALD CRIED

There aren't too many guys who walk the line of Dark Comedy better than Jody Hill and Danny McBride. Both Eastbound And Down and Vice Principals were acclaimed for their use of mixing comedy with the dramatic and the outrageous, and Donald Cried looks to capture that same feel both shows pull off so well. Here's a description for the film...

Director/writer/star Kris Avedisian expertly deconstructs the contemporary obsession with the "man-child" in this darkly funny story about former childhood best friends who reconnect decades later in their working-class Rhode Island neighborhood. Peter Latang (Jesse Wakeman) left his childhood home to reinvent himself as a slick Wall Street mover and shaker. When he's forced to return home to bury his grandmother, he loses his wallet on the trip. Stranded and broke, Peter looks to the only person he can think of to help him out—his next-door neighbor and former childhood friend Donald (played by Avedisian). The ever-eccentric Donald hasn't changed a bit, and what starts as a simple favor turns into a long and unhinged van ride into their past. Avedisian’s pitch-perfect first feature is a brilliant twist on the family-reunion melodrama and the classic buddy comedy. 

Early reviews for the film said it's an indie film at heart, but it has its moments and will keep you entertained. I have no doubt that with the guidance Avedisian had, I'll be on board with it. The film will show in theaters March 3rd. 

Give Your Wardrobe an Intergalactic Boost With This Death Star and TIE Fighter Tie

It's always useful to have a varied selection of ties in your wardrobe, and here's a new way to let your geek flag fly (with subtlety and class) at the office. ThinkGeek is selling a Star Wars-themed pin dot tie complete with Death Stars and TIE Fighters frozen in a sea of red space, and it's made of 100% silk. This officially-licensed piece looks pretty slick to me, and again, it's a nice way to class up your tie collection while not dipping into territory so ridiculous that you'd be embarrassed to wear it.

When you dress up in your Imperial best you want to have somewhere to be. You can't just look this fancy and do nothing but sit in your living quarters. No, no. You've got people to impress - hopefully Lord Vader because we aren't a fan of being on his bad side. Doesn't end well most days.

The Death Star & Tie Fighter Pin Dot Tie features a dark red tie and the Empire's bread and butter weapons - the Death Star and a TIE Fighter - in a black design. Make sure you're fighting that Rebel scum in your Sunday best. If you're going to blow up a planet, you might as well look good doing it!

You can pick one up for $54.99 here.

SW tie 1.jpg
SW tie 2.jpg

Here’s How Stan Lee Will Appear in THE DEFENDERS

Stan Lee will have a small cameo in the upcoming Netflix series The Defenders. Slashfilm reports that we should see the man who built Marvel as an NYPD police officer in a poster that reads something to the effect of "not all heroes wear capes." You can check out the picture (which we won't show here due to copyright by the photographer) right here

An in-person cameo would have been nice, but at age 94 we're seeing Lee step further and further from the public eye as he gets older and less able to travel. I'm fine with Lee retiring from Marvel film appearances in person if it means he can be more comfortable in his old age. I would hate to be working as much as he does at 94! The Defenders will premiere on Netflix mid 2017. 

Mel Gibson and John Lithgow Looking to Join DADDY’S HOME 2

After the success of Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson is making a major comeback not only as a director, but as an actor as well. It seems like studios want to work with him again. Paramount Pictures just made an offer to the actor to star alongside Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in Daddy’s Home 2. The studio has made an offer to John Lithgow to join the party as well. Only time will tell if the two actors accept the offer. 

THR points out that Gibson has not had a role in a "pure" major studio film since M. Night Shyamalan's thriller Signs, which was released back in 2002. They explain that most of his other movies between then and now "were made outside the studio system as execs and agents tried to steer clear of the actor-filmmaker." 

I guess a film like Daddy's Home 2 is a start for the actor after being avoided by the studios for years. The first film had some funny moments. Wahlberg and Ferrell make a fun comedic team. As for who Gibson and Lithgow would play in the film, the report says:

Daddy’s Home 2 will once again see the two types of father figures — the strong alpha male and the sensitive caring type — go head to head, but in this one the palette is expanding to include an older generation. If offers are accepted and deals made, Gibson and Lithgow would be that older generation.

Gibson is an insanely talented filmmaker, and his latest film Hacksaw Ridge was nominated for six Academy Awards. Personally, I'd just like to see Gibson direct more movies, but if he is starting to land big major movie roles again, I guess he's doing something right. 

I think it'd be fun to see him star alongside Ferrell, Wahlberg, and Lithgow in this movie, so hopefully he takes the gig.

This BLADE RUNNER Fan Film Looks Extraordinary

With the glut of amazing content to consume out there these days, it takes a lot for fan films to get my attention. It takes even more for a trailer for a fan film to truly pique my interest. John Fiorella's excellent Grayson managed to do that years ago, and now it's happening again with Slice of Life, a fan film set in the world of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner that looks incredibly professional and downright eerie with how closely it managed to capture some of the aspects of that cinematic world. io9 says that director Luka Hrgović and his team are looking to Kickstarter to raise the funds to complete the full 20-25 minute short film, so all we have for now is this trailer. But man, what a cool trailer. Check it out, and head to their official site for more info.

Fans Rally Around Kevin Smith to Direct THE BATMAN and the Filmmaker Responds

Last night news broke that Ben Affleck stepped down as the director of The Batman for the good of the film. I was kind of disappointed with the news because I was looking forward to seeing Affleck take on the challenge. 

The director's chair is now wide open for someone to come in and lead the film into glory or failure. After Affleck dropped out, some fans immediately started to rally behind Kevin Smith for the job. The guy has a long history with comic books and even wrote the limited series Batman: The Widening Gyre. He has also recently been directing episodes of Supergirl and The Flash for The CW.

Smith also already shared two ideas for what he'd like to see happen with the Batman solo film saying:

"I'm going to give you two versions. I was going to say Hush, because you get all the characters. In a world where DC is trying to launch the DC cinematic universe, this would be a way to do it and introduce all of Batman's rogues' gallery in one movie. So naturally, that's your money decision right here. But I'm not going to go studio, I'm going to go from the heart."

He then went on to say that he'd like to see a big screen adaptation of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and that it should be directed by Mad Max's George Miller:

"Now, this is a great combination of material and filmmaker. The man can direct....Give the story of the old Batman to the 70-year-old director who made the amazing-looking Fury Road. It's a no-brainer."

He's obviously got his own vision of what The Batman film should be, but what does he think about taking on the challenge? He took to Twitter to give three reasons why it's impossible for him to direct it. He said:

"I'm flattered. But 3 things make me directing Batman impossible: 1) Haven't spoken to Ben in years. 2) I made @YogaHosers, 3) Common sense."

All valid points, but I would be curious to see what Smith would do with a big budget Batman movie. I doubt Warner Bros. shares that curiosity, though, and would never risk that kind of money on him. The thing is... what if he gave fans a completely badass Batman movie? I guess we'll never know. 

BACK TO THE FUTURE Trilogy Recapped as a Rap Song

Great Scott! The Warp Zone has recorded a rap song recapping Robert Zemeckis's beloved Back to the Future trilogy. I know you've all seen these movies a hundred times, but you might get a kick out of hearing Alan Silvestri's classic theme sampled for a rap song, as well as a variation of Huey Lewis and The News' iconic pop hit "The Power of Love" playing out under the verses.

Via: GeeksAreSexy

ROGUE ONE Star Diego Luna Set to Star in SCARFACE Remake as Director Antoine Fuqua Drops Out

Universal Pictures' remake of the classic gangster film Scarface has had a bit of a shake-up as director Antoine Fuqua has dropped out of the project. According to Variety, the reason is because Fuqua was getting pressure from Sony Pictures and Denzel Washington to get moving on developing The Equalizer sequel quickly. This caused some scheduling conflicts, so Fuqua had to drop out even though he tried to figure out a way to make it work.  

Universal wants to get Scarface into production by spring, and they are currently meeting with potential directors to replace Fuqua. No names have been revealed on who any of these directors might be, but it looks like they have found their leading man.

Inside sources say that Rogue One star Diego Luna is attached to star in the movie. Luna is a solid actor, but let's face it, he's no Al Pacino. Personally, I don't know why they're remaking Scarface in the first place. The original 1983 film is a classic, and I don't know if a remake is something that these fans will warm up too. Scarface had a huge cultural impact on people. 

Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter wrote the most recent draft of the script, and the film is described as a "reimagining of the core immigrant story told in both the 1932 and 1983 films. The new film will be set in Los Angeles and will focus on a Mexican immigrant."

What do you all think of Luna taking on the lead role in the film? Do you think he's a good choice?