DOCTOR STRANGE Honest Trailer: Yeah, It’s Basically Just IRON MAN Again

The team over at ScreenJunkies has released their newest Honest Trailer, and this one turns its eye (of Agamotto) on Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange. Yes, the film has some issues which have been discussed ad nauseam at this point, mainly that some of the character arcs resemble those in 2008's Iron Man. But I really enjoyed the film despite those surface-level similarities, and it seems like even though they poke some fun at the film, the ScreenJunkies team largely dug the movie as well.

In Space, No One Can Hear You Drink: Check Out These ALIENS Tiki Mugs

Last year, Mondo released a set of Gremlins-themed Tiki mugs. Well, they're keeping the Tiki mug theme alive, but this time, they're blending Polynesian-influenced art with one of the most iconic action sequels of all time: James Cameron's classic Aliens.

Aliens Ceramic Tiki Mug (Blue). Approx. 8" in height, Material: Ceramic. Artists: Michael Bonanno, Tom "Thor" Thordason, Tiki Farm. Expected to Ship Summer 2017. $28

Aliens Ceramic Tiki Mug (Blue). Approx. 8" in height, Material: Ceramic. Artists: Michael Bonanno, Tom "Thor" Thordason, Tiki Farm. Expected to Ship Summer 2017. $28

Aliens Ceramic Tiki Mug (Hive). Features a Matte Black Finish, with Silver Teeth and Nails, and Green Interior. Available from 12PM CST on 3/28 through 12PM CST on 3/3. Approx. 8" in height, Material: Ceramic. Artists: Michael Bonanno, Tom "Thor" Thordason, Tiki Farm. Expected to Ship Summer 2017. $32

Aliens Ceramic Tiki Mug (Hive). Features a Matte Black Finish, with Silver Teeth and Nails, and Green Interior. Available from 12PM CST on 3/28 through 12PM CST on 3/3. Approx. 8" in height, Material: Ceramic. Artists: Michael Bonanno, Tom "Thor" Thordason, Tiki Farm. Expected to Ship Summer 2017. $32

Aliens Ceramic Tiki Mug (Acid Blood). Features a Dark Green Finish. Limited to 200. Approx. 8" in height, Material: Ceramic. Artists: Michael Bonanno, Tom "Thor" Thordason, Tiki Farm. Expected to Ship Summer 2017. $42

Aliens Ceramic Tiki Mug (Acid Blood). Features a Dark Green Finish. Limited to 200. Approx. 8" in height, Material: Ceramic. Artists: Michael Bonanno, Tom "Thor" Thordason, Tiki Farm. Expected to Ship Summer 2017. $42

These hand-glazed mugs hold 16 fluid ounces of liquid, and Mondo has some more specs for you if you're interested:

The mug comes in five different glazeways, three of which will be available for pre-order today. We'll have the regular Blue version; the Hive variant featuring a matte black finish, silver teeth and nails, and green interior (available for 72 hours); and the Mondo Exclusive Acid Blood variant featuring a dark green finish (limited to just 200 pieces). 
The brown glaze variant will be exclusive to the Alamo Drafthouse (which you can order in the next couple of months), and the Xeno Bone version will be an event exclusive available at a later date. More details to come.

The Blue, Hive, and Acid Blood versions are all on sale today as of 12pm CST. These things are pretty freakin' awesome, and it seems like if you're a big Aliens fan, you're going to want to grab these ASAP.

Marvel Casts HELL ON WHEELS Star Anson Mount as Black Bolt in THE INHUMANS Series

Hell on Wheels star Anson Mount has been cast in the lead role of Black Bolt in Marvel's upcoming cosmic superhero series The Inhumans. Black Bolt is the enigmatic, commanding King of the Inhumans, who has a voice that's so powerful the slightest whisper can destroy a city.

For years Vin Diesel was linked to this role when Marvel was making the movie. With this TV series happening now, though, I don't think we'll be seeing that movie anytime soon, if ever. 

I don't know if any of you have watched Hell on Wheels, but it's a great show worth checking out, and Mount does a solid job in it. He's no Vin Diesel, but I think he'll do a great job in the role of Black Bolt. When talking about the actor, Jeph Loeb, Head of Marvel Television said:

"Anson loves the challenge of playing a character who will only communicate silently. His enthusiasm mixed with his imposing almost regal persona made it easy to see why he is our Black Bolt."

Showrunner Scott Buck added:

"Black Bolt is a character whose deep complexity must be conveyed without uttering a single word, and I’m very excited to have Anson on board to bring him to life."

Mount joins the previously cast Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones), who is playing Maximus, Black Bolt’s brother who's described as a clever and charming Inhuman who harbors an intense desire to wear the crown himself.

Inhumans will explore the never-before-told epic adventure of Black Bolt and the royal family. Feature director Roel Reine (Death Race 2, The Marine 2, The Lost Tribe, The Scorpion King 3) is set to helm the first two episodes of the series, which will be shot in IMAX and premiere in IMAX theaters on Labor Day weekend. The series will then start its eight-episode run on ABC on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017. All eight episodes are expected to run on the network over consecutive Tuesdays, which means that the finale will air on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017. 

Video: Conan O’Brien Shares Fond Memory of Bill Paxton

In the wake of the death of Bill Paxton, Conan O'Brien shared a cool story about an experiencce he had with the actor and a producer on his show. I won't spoil the story for you, but the clip involves an incident where Conan and his producer ran into Paxton a few years ago at a play and involves the film Tombstone. It's a unique and heartwarming moment Paxton created and, as Conan states, a shining example of why so many are saying he was one of the nicest men in Hollywood. Check it out below. 

James Cameron’s AVATAR Is Being Adapted into a Cutting-Edge New Game

As director James Cameron is developing his next four Avatar sequels, he and his Lightstorm Entertainment production company are also teaming up with Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment to develop a cutting-edge new game based on the franchise. This is the same studio behind the awesome game The Division. They've even released an announcement video showing us what we can expect from the game. It even features interviews with the talented people involved with developing it, including Cameron, who says:

"What impressed me about Massive were the group’s passion for this project, and the power of its Snowdrop engine. With the power of [Snowdrop], and the team’s passion and obsessive focus on detail, we know they’re the right group to bring the beauty and danger of Pandora to life."

The game will offer players complete freedom to explore the world of Pandora in new and different ways. Massive and Lightstorm are currently looking for people to join their team to work on the game. If you're interested and you've got the skills, you can check out the list of open positions here.

With the amount of work and detail that Cameron puts into his films, I have no doubt that he will expect nothing less than greatness from this game, so fans of the films can expect something pretty spectacular. 

The four Avatar sequels currently in development will all be filmed simultaneously. Avatar 2 is expected to be released in December 2018. That will be followed by the sequels being released in December 2020, 2022, and 2023. There's no word on when the game will be released but I'm sure it will happen in conjunction with one of the movie release dates.

Stephen Moyer Will Lead Fox’s Marvel Mutant Based Pilot

Stephen Moyer has been picked by Fox to headline their upcoming pilot based within the X-Men universe. The drama focuses on the regular parents of mutant children and their attempt to escape the hostile government attempting to round up all mutants. True Blood veteran Moyer has been tapped to play the father of the family, Reed. Reed is described as an ambitious lawyer trying to keep the balance between a busy work life and time with his family. 

I'm a fan of the casting! I loved Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton and would love to see him in a Marvel series. Moyer will join Blair Redford and Jamie Chung in the cast for a project that is slowly taking shape with every headline it gets. Let's hope that the series is not only good, but it doesn't get the Fox cancellation that literally every sci-fi series that comes to the network seems to get much too soon. 

Captivating Trailer for Netflix’s Doc FIVE CAME BACK Focuses on How WWII Changed Hollywood


Netflix has released the trailer for a fascinating new three part documentary called Five Came Back. It focuses on how World War II changed Hollywood and features directors like Steven Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro diving into this subject matter. 

Netflix put out an extensive press release with tons of details on what the doc will entail and I'm completely captivated by the film's subject matter. I love the history of film and the history of WWII and seeing a doc focusing on how these two things affected each other is film geek candy! Here are the additional details:

The movie is an adaptation of the book Five Came Back: A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War written by Mark Harris. It's tells "the extraordinary story of how Hollywood changed World War II – and how World War II changed Hollywood, through the interwoven experiences of five filmmakers who interrupted their successful careers to serve their country, risk their lives and bring the truth back to the American people: John Ford, William Wyler, John Huston, Frank Capra, and George Stevens. To guide viewers through the different personalities, interweaving chronologies and globe-trotting locales, the Five Came Back team turned to the voices of five modern cinematic masters: Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Guillermo del Toro, Paul Greengrass and Lawrence Kasdan. Three-time Oscar-winner Meryl Streep provides the narration for Five Came Back.
“Film was an intoxicant from the early days of the silent movies,” says Spielberg in the opening moments of Five Came Back. “And early on, Hollywood realized that it had a tremendous tool or weapon for change, through cinema.” Adds Coppola, “Cinema in its purest form could be put in the service of propaganda. Hitler and his minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels understood the power of the cinema to move large populations toward your way of thinking.”
Tracing the ways patriotism and industry existed side by side, and the role Hollywood played in mobilizing and shaping the consciousness of a divided America, Bouzereau and his team gathered over 100 hours of archival and newsreel footage; watched over 40 documentaries and training films directed and produced by the five directors during the war; and studied 50 studio films and over 30 hours of outtakes and raw footage from their war films.
The stories in Five Came Back reverberate with meaning. We are still living through their coda.
Says director Laurent Bouzereau, “These filmmakers, at that time, had a responsibility in that what they were putting into the world would be taken as truth. You can see a lot of echoes in what is happening today. It became clear as we were doing this series that the past was re-emerging in some ways, including the line we see that separates cinema that exists for entertainment and cinema that carries a message. And politics is more than ever a part of entertainment. I find it courageous of filmmakers then, as with artists today, to speak up for those who don’t have a platform.”
“It’s the hardest thing to convey to young, contemporary audiences – even if you understand it intellectually, you don’t understand viscerally that you had to wait a really, really long time for news,” says writer Mark Harris. “We’re in a context now where we have five different ways of knowing what is making news this morning. But you’re truly in another universe when you’re talking about the 1940s. There were newspapers and radio, but visually, the movies were the only way people could see the war.”
“Five Came Back is a wholly immersive journey through film history and a sweeping look at the vital role storytellers play during our most tumultuous times. This rare vantage where we witness these titans of cinema forego their lucrative careers and embrace a new form of filmmaking, the documentary form, in the name of patriotism is absolutely breathtaking,” says Lisa Nishimura, Netflix VP of Original Documentary Programming. “This series is an added dimension to Netflix’s slate of diverse content, a cinephile’s dream that will also introduce a new generation of viewers to these legendary directors and their classic films.”
In conjunction with the launch of Five Came Back, Netflix will also present 13 documentaries discussed in the series, including Ford’s The Battle of Midway, Wyler’s The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress, Huston’s Report from the Aleutians, Capra’s The Battle of Russia, Stevens’ Nazi Concentration Camps, and Stuart Heisler’s The Negro Soldier.
Directed by Laurent Bouzereau and written by Mark Harris, Five Came Back is an Amblin Television, Scott Rudin and IACF Production in association with Passion Pictures and Rock Paper Scissors Entertainment. The series is executive produced by Steven Spielberg, Scott Rudin, Barry Diller, Angus Wall, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank, Eli Bush, Jason Sack, Linda Carlson, Jason Sterman, Ben Cotner, Adam Del Deo and Lisa Nishimura. Producers are Bouzereau and John Battsek.

The three part documentary will premiere on Netflix on March 31st. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think!

No…One…Sings “Gaston” Like Josh Gad in This BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Clip

Disney is gearing up for the release of its live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, and as we approach its release date, we're starting to see more and more snippets of the movie make their way online. We've already gotten a glimpse of Emma Watson singing "Belle" in one clip, and now the studio has released a new clip of Josh Gad's LeFou belting out the iconic "Gaston" song from the tavern where the macho douchebag (Luke Evans) hangs out.

"Gaston" is my favorite song from the animated movie, so it's strange to hear a new version that isn't perfectly in line with all of the tiny intricacies of the original. A couple of lyrics have changed and Gad does a nice job of selling them, but I'll always look at this movie with a bit of side eye and consider the original to be the legit version of this story. What do you think about this version of "Gaston"?

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on March 17, 2017.