No…One…Sings “Gaston” Like Josh Gad in This BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Clip

Disney is gearing up for the release of its live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, and as we approach its release date, we're starting to see more and more snippets of the movie make their way online. We've already gotten a glimpse of Emma Watson singing "Belle" in one clip, and now the studio has released a new clip of Josh Gad's LeFou belting out the iconic "Gaston" song from the tavern where the macho douchebag (Luke Evans) hangs out.

"Gaston" is my favorite song from the animated movie, so it's strange to hear a new version that isn't perfectly in line with all of the tiny intricacies of the original. A couple of lyrics have changed and Gad does a nice job of selling them, but I'll always look at this movie with a bit of side eye and consider the original to be the legit version of this story. What do you think about this version of "Gaston"?

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on March 17, 2017.