Stephen Moyer Will Lead Fox’s Marvel Mutant Based Pilot

Stephen Moyer has been picked by Fox to headline their upcoming pilot based within the X-Men universe. The drama focuses on the regular parents of mutant children and their attempt to escape the hostile government attempting to round up all mutants. True Blood veteran Moyer has been tapped to play the father of the family, Reed. Reed is described as an ambitious lawyer trying to keep the balance between a busy work life and time with his family. 

I'm a fan of the casting! I loved Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton and would love to see him in a Marvel series. Moyer will join Blair Redford and Jamie Chung in the cast for a project that is slowly taking shape with every headline it gets. Let's hope that the series is not only good, but it doesn't get the Fox cancellation that literally every sci-fi series that comes to the network seems to get much too soon.