Artist Has Created Weaponized Versions of Brand Logos

Brand logos are usually cool in some small ways. The manage to get people interested in a product or service that are selling at least, so that's... something, right? But artist Tom Galle has managed to bring it up a notch by turning those brand logos into weapons.

This instantly makes me think of corporations and brands being put in a pit to duke it out like in a Gladiator. The brands he makes weapons for include McDonalds, Facebook, Nike, and even Mercedes. It is pretty creative how they are all used. Maybe these corporations have soldiers and ninjas that wield these weapons on the underground.

My favorite is the Nike swoosh logo being transformed into a knife. I hope to see more in the future. Check out below the weapons. And if you are one of the soldiers who uses these weapons, please don't come after me to silence me. 

Check out Tom Galle's website here