Jamie Lee Curtis Shares a New Promo Photo From The Upcoming HALLOWEEN Sequel


As I've been sitting here writing today watching all of the Halloween films, Jamie Lee Curtis shared a new promo photo for the upcoming Halloween sequel that put a gleeful smile on my face. I freakin' love the Halloween franchise and with everything that I've heard about the upcoming David Gordon Green and Danny McBride sequel, It's hard not to be excited about it.

The photo features Jamie Lee Curtis posing with Michael Meyers. It's the perfect Halloween day treat! The sequel is said to ignore every sequel in the franchise. Apparently, it's being treated as a direct sequel to the original John Carpenter film.

So far, the most exciting aspect of the film for me is that Curtis will be back as Laurie Strode. I'm really curious to see how they plan on continuing her character's story in this alternate storyline that's being developed. One thing we do know is that the story will involve a mother and daughter dynamic as Judy Greer has been cast as her daughter, Karen.

The Halloween sequel will be released in theaters on October 19, 2018. Happy Halloween everyone!