Brandon Routh Joins Cast of ANASTASIA


For those that don’t know, there is a live-action Anastasia film in the works. The story of Anastasia Romanov will be re-imagined and have some time travel involved. Czar Nicholas, Anastasia’s father, will be played by Brandon Routh. Routh is known for his roles in Superman Returns, Chuck, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and Legends of Tomorrow. He’s a good actor and I’m interested to see if he can pull off being Russian.

Routh will be appearing next to Emily Carey who will play Anastasia, Amiah Miller who will play an American who befriends Anastasia, and Aliyah Moulden who will be an ‘80’s popstar. The film will take place in 1917, but when Vladimir Lenin threatens the Romanov family, Anastasia escapes through a portal that takes her to the year 1988. I’m not sure if this sounds amazing or terrible. The 1988 portion was filmed last summer with the 1917 portion being filmed starting in April. I’m interested to see how director Blake Harris’ take on the story of Anastasia plays out.

Trailer For Alicia Vikander and James McAvoy’s Deep Sea Thriller SUBMERGENCE

The first trailer has been released for Alicia Vikander and James McAvoy's upcoming film Submergence. The movie seems like a romance film, but each of the characters are on their own separate thrilling adventures. Here's the synopsis:

Danielle Flinders (Alicia Vikander) and James More (James McAvoy) meet by chance in a remote hotel in Normandy where they both prepare for a dangerous mission. They fall in love almost against their will, but soon recognize in each other the love of their lives. When they have to separate, we find out that James works for the British Secret Service. He's involved in a mission in Somalia to track down a source for suicide bombers infiltrating Europe. Danielle 'Danny' Flinders is a bio-mathematician working on a deep sea diving project to support her theory about the origin of life on our planet. Soon, they are worlds apart. James is taken hostage by Jihadist fighters and has no way of contacting Danny, and she has to go down to the bottom of the ocean in her submersible, not even knowing if James is still alive…

The movie was directed by German filmmaker Wim Wenders and it opens in select US theaters on April 13th. I really like both of these actors, which is the only reason why I'm interested in seeing this movie. I'm just not sure if this is going to be a good movie or not. 

MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD Review: An Approachable Entry To A World Of Monsters


World has been the initial descriptor of Capcom’s latest entry to the Monster Hunter franchise, which was recently released a few days ago. The game, as its subtitle describes it, contains a pretty massive environment, from the expansive areas to explore, the diverse flora and fauna surrounding it, and most importantly, the giant beasts that roam around it. World pretty much sums up what Capcom is trying to achieve with this new game. 

As someone who hasn’t played any of the previous installments in the franchise, I’d say that Monster Hunter: World offers a kinder approach to novices who are just trying out the game as I did. However, this does not mean that World is simpler than its predecessors, the game still retains the core elements of previous titles, that highlighted a gameplay loop that revolves around management of resources, crafting of items, upgrading of weapons and armor, looting materials, and of course, hunting down monsters. Although a story-driven narrative has not always been part of the franchise’s focus in this game and in the past (excluding Monster Hunter Stories of course), Capcom has attempted to create a balance between story and gameplay. 



Monster Hunter: World revolves around the mysterious phenomenon known as the Elder Crossing, where elder dragons migrate and navigate the seas in search for the land only known as the New World. In pursuit of further understanding the Elder Crossing, the guild has formed the Research Commission, where they send large fleets of hunters to the New World. 

The player’s character, a member of the elite Fifth Fleet, is in pursuit of the gigantic elder dragon known as Zorah Magdaros. The player will then be transported to Astera, the base of operations of the hunters, that also mimics the villages from previous titles. In Astera, the player will be able to explore several locations such as the departments that make up the Research Commission, a training area to test out the game’s several weapons available, a Canteen for the hunter to refuel, and the Smithy, where the player can bring in items and materials to upgrade weapons and craft equipment. 



Just as with any RPG games, the first few minutes, or hours, if you’re that person, will be spent in the character customization menu. Monster Hunter: World offers a decent amount of customization with several facial presets, the ability to choose your hunter’s gender, hairstyle, clothing, and voice prompts. The one thing I loved about the character customization in this game is that, if sometime mid-game, you realized that you didn't like how your character's looks turned out, you can still change some features afterwards. Although mid-game alterations are limited, and won’t give you the full options as it did in the beginning, but at least it will lessen the chances of you restarting the game just to change you character’s aesthetics. 

For first time players and veterans alike, the first few hours of Monster Hunter: World will introduce you to a wealth of tutorials and information, which can be extremely overwhelming at first. However, instead of just bombarding the player with text-based tutorials, as it did in previous titles, Capcom introduced a Handler, who will be the player’s companion that gives out tons of helpful information and tips, to help you navigate a new area, and reach zones that will be more complex as you progress in the game. The first time I encountered the Handler, I found her a tad bit annoying, however, her vocal cues and the wealth of information she has with her, definitely made my first few quests and expeditions easier than remembering everything from the text tutorials. 


However, when going on a quest or an expedition, the Handler will not accompany you as you explore the area, instead she will just be staying in the nearest camp grounds, tracking your progress, and giving out vocal instructions when needed. Traversing by yourself in the expansive environment in the game may seem daunting at first, but, Worlds also introduced a helpful new addition, in the form of scout flies. The scout flies are these green floating insect-things that will follow your hunter during exploration. They are extremely helpful as they will point you to any item that you’ll encounter along the way. Whether it be some wild honey, several herbs, or an assortment of monster bones, the scout flies has you covered. Besides taking you to the nearest loot, the scout flies are also helpful in pointing you to your next objective, or even track down monsters you are hunting. The introduction of the Handler and the scout flies is definitely a step from Capcom to make the game more appealing to a wider audience by making tutorials and navigation easier, without compromising the complex features of a gameplay loop that veteran players of the game love about the franchise. 

Among the many changes Capcom has implemented with Monster Hunter: World, the most noticeable one is the absence of the Hunter Arts, previously introduced with Monster Hunter: Generations. Instead, the game aims to focus on the player’s ability to use their respective weapon of choice’s combos, to inflict the greatest damage to a monster. Among the 14 weapon types available in the game, such as giant longswords and the familiar sword and shield among many others, the bowguns are probably the most appealing weapon for players who are more keen to a third person shooter playstyle. However, as powerful as some bowguns appear to be, players will still have to be strategic in using the correct weapon for a certain monster, as these beasts have different strengths and weaknesses. Making use of bombs, traps, and monster dung, will still be essential in effectively taking down a monster, which also makes hunting accessible and effective, no matter what weapon you use. 


The environment in Monster Hunter: World, is the biggest and most diverse world in the history of the franchise. The transition from day to night is absolutely breathtaking that it distracted me when I saw the sunset in the Ancient Forest for the first time. Once you have been transported to a specific location, there will be no loading screens, unless you transfer to another area, which makes hunting seamless as you no longer have to wait just to explore. 

I also recommend that as you explore your way in several areas, it is best to pick up whatever items you can find, as these materials will be essential with the crafting system. Monster Hunter: World does not impose a traditional leveling system in the game. Instead, you strengthen your character by upgrading your armor and weapons, with items you find in the environment, especially materials that you can loot from monsters. The stronger the monster, the better the material you’ll get to upgrade your equipment. 

Crafting an armor or weapon can seem like a chore at some point since you will have to do quite a bit of research. When you are trying to piece together a certain equipment, the game allows you to put the materials you need that you don’t have on a wishlist. Afterwards, you may dig further by collecting and examining drops from certain monsters, which will tell you the information you’ll need to obtain the exact piece of material on your wishlist. 

download (5).jpg

Playing the game alone, can be challenging but very doable. The satisfaction you get from singlehandedly slaying a tough monster, or completing a quest alone, will definitely make for an exciting play through. The multiplayer integration in this game is seamless as Monster Hunter: World blurs the line between single and multiplayer style of play. The game lets you start an online session where you can be alone at first, until other players join you to assist. The most interesting feature when it comes to multiplayer is when you start a quest alone, and you find yourself in need of help, you can send out an SOS signal to friends or nearby online players, where they can make some sort of a rescue party to assist you. 

However, if you want to start an online session with just your friends, it can be a bit tedious as you’ll have to set up a multiplayer session via the console dashboard, or by sharing a 12-digit code to your friends. Although this will only take you a few minutes to do, it can be annoying given the fact that playing with strangers is more easy and seamless than playing with your own friends. It is also important to note that when you’re playing with other players, (a maximum of four in a team), the difficulty will slightly increase compared to playing alone. This is understandable as the game will have to scale up depending on how many players are in the game. Besides, this definitely make hunting with friends more fun and challenging. 

Monster Hunter: World is definitely the best looking Monster Hunter game thus far. Although when compared to other games in the market, there are still older titles that will be a little more pretty than World, but only slightly as the vast ecosystems, combined with the rich detail of the monsters makes playing the game a visual treat. 



There is definitely a lot of changes in Monster Hunter: World. However, the game was still able to retain a lot of features that veteran players of the series will still be able to recognize and enjoy. World is still the complex game that is expected from a Monster Hunter title, just as its predecessors were known for. Although, the introduction of the Handler and the scout flies makes the game more approachable to beginners in the franchise. 

Although the continuous gameplay loop and lack of focus on the plot may not be for your cup of tea, World is still able to compensate for this by making the  hunting experience better with the vast open areas and the absence of multiple loading screens that makes exploration a fun experience. At some point the crafting system in the game can be a bit tedious, but fulfilling the items in that wishlist to create that powerful weapon or armor is a good enough incentive to hunt a specific monster or loot the area for the materials needed. Lastly the seamless multiplayer integration adds to the fun experience as the player can cooperate with friends or strangers to make quests and expeditions a little bit easier. 

In the end, Monster Hunter: World will not be for everyone. However, the several changes makes the game more approachable and appealing for beginners, but at the same time, keeping the complexity that its core fans loved in previous titles. You may love it or not, but it’s definitely worth giving it a chance to find out. 


Fox Appears to Have Pulled GAMBIT from Production Schedule


Just a few weeks ago, we learned that Gambit lost its director. This loss moved the release of the film from February 2019 to June 2019. Unfortunately, it appears the movie has suffered a larger blow as Fox seems to have removed it from their production schedule. It’s been reported that the film was going to try to start production as early as March 2018, but it looks like they may be struggling to find a new director. It’s also reported that this summer is when the film will be filmed but in Montreal instead of New Orleans. Montreal is where X-Men: Apocalypse was filmed, and I think it would be a huge waste to not film in New Orleans. It just seems wrong to film a movie about the “Ragin’ Cajun” anywhere outside of New Orleans. Channing Tatum is still set to star as Gambit in the film and rumor still has it that it will be a heist film and I’m sure it will have plenty of comedy. If it doesn’t, it’s doing something wrong.

I’m beginning to wonder if this film will actually happen or not. Then again, maybe with Disney buying out Fox, that’s for the best? Perhaps Gambit will make his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we’ll get to see him team up with Ant-Man for the ultimate heist.

Source: CBM

Awesome Action-Packed Clip From BLACK PANTHER and New International Trailer


Well, so far that buzz surrounding Marvel's Black Panther has been extremely positive. Critics are loving the film and you can read what some of them are saying about it here. Reading all of the hype has definitely got me even more excited to see the movie! 

While the rest of us wait to see it for ourselves, we have a new action-packed clip from the film, which I've heard is just a taste of one of the best fight sequences that we've seen in a Marvel movie yet. The scene features T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and his team trying to negotiate a deal with Klaw (Andy Serkis). But, as you'd expect, things take a turn for the worse and things escalate into a big fight!

I've also included a new international TV spot for the film that features some more really cool and exciting new footage.

After the death of his father, T’Challa returns home to the African nation of Wakanda to take his rightful place as king. When a powerful enemy suddenly reappears, T’Challa’s mettle as king — and as Black Panther — gets tested when he’s drawn into a conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk. Faced with treachery and danger, the young king must rally his allies and release the full power of Black Panther to defeat his foes and secure the safety of his people.

Black Panther also stars Michael B. Jordan, Daniel Kaluuya, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, Angela Bassett, and Forest Whitaker. It's set to open in theaters on February 16, 2018.

Thanks to The internet, A Father Will Get To Name His Son Goku

I’m sure you’ve seen those posts made by mostly guys saying stuff like “If I get X Likes then my wife will let me name our child (insert character name from their fandom).” I’ve seen this a lot with Spider-Man. I don’t know why people want to give their kids ridiculous names, but they do. Well, one of these posts garnered over 1 million Likes and the wife has agreed to hold up her end of the bargain. Her son's name will be Goku (from Dragon Ball Z) Sanchez. I hope for the kid’s sake that he gets a normal middle name that he can go by. I will admit Goku is a better name than some I've heard, but that still does not make it great. If you could name your child after a character with a crazy name, what would it be?

Trailer For DEEP BLUE SEA 2 Features Technologically Advanced Sharks… What Could Go Wrong!?

I'm sure you all remember Samuel L. Jackson's 1999 shark film Deep Blue Sea. Some say it featured one of the most surprising and unexpected deaths in movie history. Right as Samuel L. Jackson is about to give a big inspiring speech, from out of nowhere, a Shark jumps out of the water and eats him. I thought it was a fun flick, and now there's a sequel that, of course, looks even more ridiculous than the first movie.

20 years after the first film, we are getting Deep Blue Sea 2, which follows shark conservationist Dr. Misty Calhoun (Danielle Savre), who is "invited to consult on a new, top secret project run by pharmaceutical billionaire Carl Durant (Michael Beach). When science meddles with the time-tested process of nature and nurture, the outcome can be deadly."

Basically, there's a group of great white sharks that have been enhanced through technology and can basically be controlled using remote controls. I love that they are so confident that nothing can go wrong that some dude has no problem shoving his whole arm into the mouth of one of these sharks. It's the perfect time for their little experiment to fail and turn into a disaster as the shark become completely uncontrollable. 

WIll I be watching the film? You're damn right I will! It looks like good ol' stupid fun with lots of bloody shark carnage. Deep Blue Sea 2 was directed Darin Scott (Caught UpA Housekeeper’s Revenge

Deep Blue Sea 2 will be released in July 2018. Check out the trailer.

The Full Trailer For Duncan Jone’s Sci-Fi Film MUTE Has Arrived!


Here it is! The first full trailer for director Duncan Jones' long-awaited sci-fi noir film Mute has arrived and it's so damn intriguing! I've been looking forward to seeing this movie ever since Jones first started talking about it and it looks like it turned out to be a seriously fantastic movie. I love what I'm seeing in this first trailer and I'm so excited about seeing how exactly this story is going to play out. 

The movie has a great cast that includes Alexander SkarsgårdPaul Rudd, Justin Theroux, and newcomer Seyneb Saleh. Here's the synopsis:

Berlin, the future, but close enough to feel familiar: In this loud, often brutal city, Leo (Alexander Skarsgård) – unable to speak from a childhood accident – searches for his missing girlfriend, the love of his life, his salvation, through dark streets, frenzied plazas, and the full spectrum of the cities shadow-dwellers. As he seeks answers, Leo finds himself mixed up with Cactus Bill (Paul Rudd) and Duck (Justin Theroux), a pair of irreverent US army surgeons on a mission all their own. This soulful sci-fi journey from filmmaker Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code, Warcraft) imagines a world of strange currencies in which echoes of love and humanity are still worth listening to.

Mute is a Netflix original film and it's set to be released on February 23rd. Watch the trailer and tell us what you think!

4-2: The History of Super Mario Bros.’ Most Infamous Level


Youtuber Summoning Salt released a fascinating video about the history speedrunning the original Super Mario Bros game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The video chronicles how many people combined over the course of several decades came together to create the most efficient path for the speed run of the game. It's an interesting part of gaming history that not a lot of people know about. 

In short the video is about the level 4-2 one of the most famous in game, and how by using a couple of very complicated tricks speed runners were able to trick the game into thinking that Mario was several frames ahead of where he was supposed to be. Normally in the game Mario is 112 pixels across the screen but by bumping into different objects in a certain way it could propel players farther along the level. The reason this is important is because back when the game was developed it only allowed one warp zone to be loaded into the game at once, and 4-2 was unique because it had a section of the level with 2 different warp zones back to back. By manipulating the position of Mario in the level players could essentially glitch themselves into the fast warp zone by using these methods.

It's a really interesting video. Whether you are into speed running or not I would give it a watch. It's crazy how only a couple frames of animation can make all the difference in a world record speed run. 


Apparently THE WONDER YEARS Was Cancelled Because of a “Ridiculous” Sexual Harassment Claim Against 16-Year Old Fred Savage


For those of you who have ever wondered why the classic series The Wonder Years was canceled, actress Ally Mills, who played Norma Arnold in the series, said it due to a sexual harassment scandal involving 16-year-old Fred Savage, which she says was "completely ridiculous."

This is the first time anything like this has been talked about regarding the show. While talking to Yahoo, Mills explained: 

“When we shot the series finale … nobody knew whether or not The Wonder Years was going to be renewed. And that’s because of a completely ridiculous sexual harassment suit that was going on against Fred Savage — who is, like, the least offensive, most wonderful, sweet human being that ever walked the face of the Earth.”

The sexual harassment lawsuit was filed in 1993 by a 31-year-old costume designer named Monique Long. It wasn't just against Fred Savage, though. It was also filed against 20-year-old Jason Hervey, who played Wayne Arnold. Long alleged that the actors "verbally and physically harassed her, and because of that, she claimed, she couldn’t do her job properly and was fired." Representatives for the show and for the actors denied these allegations years ago. Mills went on to recall:

“So I just thought [the lawsuit] was a big joke and it was going to blow over. It’s a little bit like what’s happening now — some innocent people can get caught up in this stuff; it’s very tricky. It was so not true. It was my dresser, and I don’t care if she’s listening — I probably shouldn’t be telling this, but I don’t care because it was so long ago and it’s gotta be over now.”

Mills went on to claim that she “wasn’t allowed to talk” about the lawsuit back then, she also said that it made her upset, and added that, “We had a gag order on us, and I wanted to scream on television, ‘This is ridiculous!’”

The lawsuit ended up being dropped after an out-of-court settlement was reached. Mills wasn't too happy about that because it made the people involved look guilty.

"I just thought this was a joke. You know, they bought her off, which really made me mad. That was incorrigible that the network did that; they should never have paid her off. They wanted to avoid a scandal or something, but it made them look guilty. You know, you don’t pay someone off when there was no crime, you just fire the girl.”

I wasn't expecting that to be the reason The Wonder Years was canceled! What a shame to end a great series on such a sour note.