Leland Chee Teases the Return of More Star Wars Legends Characters

Leland Chee is a Creative Executive at Lucasfilm and he recently sent out a tweet regarding what used to be the "Star Wars Extended Universe". The Extended Universe is now called "Legends" since it was de-canonized and Chee sent out a tweet recently teasing the return of some of these beloved characters. The executive didn’t go into details about which characters they were looking to bring back, but he does point to the return of Tag and Bink in Solo: A Star Wars Story as a sign that anything is possible. I personally hope they bring Revan back into the canon. What Legends character do you want Lucasfilm to bring back?

Watch HBO’s Fantastic New Full Trailer For ANDRE THE GIANT


HBO has finally released the trailer for Andre the Giant, the documentary film about the life and career of one of the most iconic and beloved wrestlers in WWE history. The film explores Andre’s childhood in France, along with his long career in WWE and his short time working in TV and film. 

André René Roussimoff was born in 1946 in Grenoble, France. In his early teens, he exhibited signs of gigantism though he was not diagnosed with acromegaly until his twenties. He began his training in Paris at 17 and eventually became known in wrestling circuits around the world. In 1973, Andre joined the organization now known as World Wrestling Entertainment, where he became a superstar and rival of WWE legend Hulk Hogan.

Executive Producer Bill Simmons describes Andre as “the ultimate unicorn” and “a true legend.” He said:

“Everyone who ever crossed paths with him has an Andre story — and usually four or five. I’m delighted to join forces with [director] Jason Hehir and WWE so we can capture Andre’s amazing story once and for all.”

You will be able to watch Andre the Giant when it premieres on HBO on April 10. In the meantime, check out the trailer below:

New CAPTAIN MARVEL Set Photos and Brief Video Surface of Brie Larson in Costume


Some new photos from the set of Captain Marvel have surfaced along with a brief clip of video footage. In the video, we see Brie Larson as Captian Marvel shaking someone's hand and shocking him to the ground. 

When we got our first look at Captain Marvel earlier in the week, some fans were upset about the color of the suit. Some of those fans still are and don't seem to understand that this is just an early version of the suit that is set in an early part of the story. However, we will see her wearing her classic suit at some point of the movie and I can't wait to see what that suit looks like!

While we wait, here is a link to the additional photos and the video footage:

Captain Marvel is being directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck who directed Mississippi GrindThe most recent script comes from Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Tomb Raider). The film also stars Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Ben Mendelsohn as the villain, and Jude Law as Doctor Walter Lawson, a.k.a. Mar-Vell.

The story of the film follows Carol Danvers, an Air Force pilot whose DNA is fused with that of an alien during an accident. The resulting alteration imbues her with the superpowers of strength, energy projection, and flight. 

The movie is set to be released on March 8th, 2019.

Check Out Henry Cavill And Angela Bassett In New Photo From MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT


We're getting another look at Henry Cavill and his co-star Angela Bassett in a brand new photo from Mission: Impossible Fallout. Cavill is seen sporting the infamous mustache that caused so many technical problems in the reshoots for Justice League. 

Mission: Impossible Fallout follows Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his IMF team (Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames) after a mission gone wrong. Cavill, Bassett, and Vanessa Kirby also join the cast. We expect to see our first trailer for this movie during the upcoming Super Bowl.

Director Christopher McQuarrie, who helmed Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, is writing and directing this sequel.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout opens in theaters on July 27, 2018.


Monster Hunter: World, Capcom’s shiny new game, has been out for a few days now. The Japan based publisher has just announced that it will be introducing iconic characters from Street Fighter V, Ryu, and Sakura, into Monster Hunter: World. Players will be able to acquire armor sets in Worlds that they can reskin in order to look like the two fighters from the Street Fighter franchise. 

The announcement, via the Capcom Unity blog, also mentioned that PS4 players that have a Street Fighter V save file on their system, will be able to access Ryu ahead of its release to everyone else. 

“In just a few weeks, we’ll be featuring the quest to get Ryu’s set as an exclusive early opportunity to PS4 players that also have a save data file from Street Fighter V (including Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition),” Capcom explained in their blog. 

Specifically, players with the Street Fighter V save data will be able to receive a quest in Worlds that will be called ‘Down the Dark, Muddy Path.’ This quest will allow players to get SFV Tickets as a special reward item, upon completion of the quest. Once the player has the SFV Tickets, along with other necessary materials, all they have to do is head to the Smithy and he’ll craft you a special Ryu armor set. 

Although the release date for the armor sets (for those who do not own Street Fighter V), has not yet been revealed by Capcom, the company said that everyone “won’t have to wait much longer.” Capcom promised that two new Event Quests will be available soon for all players on the PS4 and Xbox One that will let them acquire the SFV Tickets required to craft both Ryu and Sakura’s armor sets. Check out some images of the armor sets below:


Who’s ready to hunt down some monsters as Ryu or Sakura? How is your Monster Hunter: World experience? Watch out for our upcoming review of the game soon! 


Thrilling Trailer For The American Indian Revenge Film MOHAWK

Thrilling Trailer For The American Indian Revenge Film MOHAWK 1

I've got a thrilling trailer for a great looking film that is worth checking out called Mohawk. The film comes from We Are Still Here director Ted Geoghegan, and the story is set during the War of 1812. It follows a young Mohawk warrior embarking on a journey of revenge as she hunts down the American soldiers that are after her. As you might imagine, the movie looks like it's gonna be pretty brutal. I'm really excited about this movie and I can't wait to check it out!

After one of her tribe sets an American camp ablaze, a young Mohawk warrior finds herself pursued by a contingent of military renegades set on revenge. Fleeing deep into the woods they call home, Oak and Calvin, along with their British companion Joshua, must now fight back against the bloodthirsty Colonel Holt and his soldiers – using every resource both real and supernatural that the winding forest can offer.

Mohawk stars Kaniehtiio Horn (Hemlock Grove), Justin Rain (Fear the Walking Dead), and Eamon Farren (Twin Peaks: The Return) along with Noah Segan (Looper), Jonathan Huber (from the WWE), Robert Longstreet (I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore), and Sheri Foster (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt). Geoghegan co-wrote the script with Grady Hendrix.

Mohawk will be released on March 2, 2018.

Tom Cruise Shares New Footage of Him Breaking His Foot Filming MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT


We've seen the still frame of Tom Cruise just before he broke his foot while filming Mission: Impossible Fallout, now we have a video breakdown of how it happened. Honestly, it doesn't look as bad as I thought it did...but damn.. it still had to hurt! Check out the video below where Cruise and his co-stars weigh in on the whole experience.

There are still no story details for the film, but it also stars Henry CavillVanessa KirbyRebecca FergusonSimon Pegg, and Jeremy Renner. I imagine we'll see a trailer drop sometime in the near future. Mission: Impossible Fallout is slated for release on July 27, 2018.

According to Maisie Williams GAME OF THRONES Season 8 Will Premiere in April 2019

It was recently confirmed that Games of Thrones Season 8 wouldn't premiere until 2019. Well, thanks to Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, we now know the month, and that month is April! While talking with Metro in a recent interview, she said:

"We wrap in December and we air our first episode in April [2019]. That’s a four-month turnaround for these huge episodes. There’s a lot that goes into the final edit. You would not want to rush this season at all. We owe it to our audience and our fans to really do this final season to the best of our abilities."

She also goes on to talk about what she is hoping to see happen with Arya at the end of the story:

"I’ve always said I wanted her to find peace. The things that have been driving her through her story have been very bitter and twisted and aggressive. I would love for Arya to find her true self again and let go of this anger and revenge that’s accompanied her on this journey. I’d love for her to be happy."

I hope that happens for Arya as well, but this is Game of Thrones we're talking about here. It's hard to think that anyone will ever find peace. I can't help but think that this whole thing is going to play out like some kind of twisted greek tragedy or something. 

What do you think? What do you hope the ending will be like? Do you think Arya will actually find peace?

All I know is that there is going to be an all-out war of chaos and devastation next season. That's what everything is leading up to!

Sundance Review: Charlize Theron Has a Mental Mom Breakdown in Jason Reitman’s TULLY

Other than a little teaser trailer that was released recently, I didn't know much about director Jason Reitman’s latest film Tully. The movie has a fantastically talented cast that includes Charlize Theron, Ron Livingston, Mark Duplass, and Mackenzie Davis. They were all great in their roles, but Theron once again shined and gave yet another amazing performance. She’s such a damn good actress!

As you know, Theron has been doing a lot of badass action films recently like Mad Max: Fury Road, Furious 7, and Atomic Blonde. But Tully is nothing like those films. It's the complete opposite. In this movie, she plays a middle-aged mom barely hanging on and trying to hold it together!

Theron plays Marlo, a mother of three kids who is gifted a night nanny by her brother after having a baby girl. She doesn't want to take advantage of it, but there comes a breaking point for her and she ends up making the call. Marlo and the night nanny, Tully, end up forming a very strong relationship and Tully begins to help get Marlo’s life back in order. There is an interesting twist to the story that I won’t get into, but it definitely makes for a fascinating movie. It's almost like a modern-day Mary Poppin's story.

This movie definitely isn't for everyone, but it's a well-made film. I tend to enjoy Jason Reitman's films and I was able to connect with this one because I have three kids of my own and I know what it has been like for my wife and I. This is a movie that people with kids can definitely relate to. If you don’t have kids, this movie might want to make you hold off on having kids a little longer. 

The film had a good mix of sad and depressing drama and light, fun humor that will make you laugh... if you can relate to what the characters are going through. 

The script for the film was written by Diablo Cody (Juno, Young Adult) and if you dig her style, whether you have kids or not, then you’ll probably enjoy this film. 


New TV Spot For Jennifer Lawrence’s RED SPARROW – “You Are Very Dangerous”

We've got a new promo spot for Jennifer Lawrence's upcoming spy thriller Red Sparrow. The spot offers some new footage from the film which follows a young woman who is trained to be a seductive and deadly assassin for a secret Russian intelligence service. The movie looks like it's gonna be great and I'm excited about watching it!

The film is based on the book by Jason Matthews and here's the synopsis:

Dominika Egorova is many things. A devoted daughter determined to protect her mother at all costs. A prima ballerina whose ferocity has pushed her body and mind to the absolute limit. A master of seductive and manipulative combat.
When she suffers a career-ending injury, Dominika and her mother are facing a bleak and uncertain future. That is why she finds herself manipulated into becoming the newest recruit for Sparrow School, a secret intelligence service that trains exceptional young people like her to use their bodies and minds as weapons. After enduring the perverse and sadistic training process, she emerges as the most dangerous Sparrow the program has ever produced. Dominika must now reconcile the person she was with the power she now commands, with her own life and everyone she cares about at risk, including an American CIA agent who tries to convince her he is the only person she can trust.

Red Sparrow was directed by Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games) and it also stars Joel Edgerton, Matthias Schoenaerts, Charlotte Rampling, Mary-Louise Parker and Jeremy Irons

Red Sparrow hits theaters on March 2, 2018.