Hans Zimmer Will Come Out of Retirement To Score X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX

A couple of years ago, the great composer Hans Zimmer announced that he was “retiring” from superhero movies. He provided the scores for The Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and many more. Thankfully, it seems he’s coming out of his self-imposed retirement to score X-Men: Dark Phoenix. This announcement was made by accident by Evan Peters who was talking to HappySadConfused at Sundance. He said:

[The set] was actually very tame. Simon directed this one, and came in very prepared, very professional. It was a different energy on set and everything got done like clockwork. It was very seamless. Everybody was a little bit more level-headed, so it was a very pleasurable, light experience. I think the film is gonna be incredible. Hans Zimmer’s scoring it—I don’t know if I was supposed to say that or not. Simon has surrounded himself with incredible people, and Simon knows this world better than anybody, so it was just cool to see him—he’s so happy and in his element in that world, and also being able to direct and guide everybody in this way. I was very happy for him and I think it’s gonna be great.

My excitement for this film has just jumped up a few notches. I love Zimmer’s scores. Batman Begins has one of my favorite musical scores from a film, so I’m excited to hear what he does with Dark Phoenix. You can listen to the podcast and the talk about Dark Phoenix starts around the 28-minute mark.

This Version of The Walking Dead Theme is So 1980’s

The Walking Dead has a pretty cool, ominous, intense opening theme. It fits perfectly for a show about a post-apocalyptic world where you don’t always know if you’re going to live to see tomorrow. What if this show had come out in the 1980’s though? We most certainly would have more mullets in the show and more denim. I’m not sure if those are negatives or positives, but we also probably would have had a slightly different sounding theme song. Synthesizers were huge back in the 1980’s and GentleBruce has done a synth version of this haunting theme and it might be more haunting than the original. What do you think Carl would’ve looked like in the 80’s?

Trailer For DEAR DICTATOR with Michael Caine, Seth Green, and Jason Biggs is Hilarious

Contrary to what many movies would have you believe; high school didn’t suck for me. I wasn’t a jock, or a popular kid by any means, but it still didn’t suck. However, I still really enjoy teen high school movies like Mean Girls and John Tucker Must Die. Dear Dictator seems to be another high school teen movie that I am going to love and we finally have a trailer for it! Before we get to the trailer though, here’s a quick synopsis:

A notorious dictator finds refuge with a single mother and her teenage daughter after a coup. While hiding out in the suburbs, he teaches the teen how to start a high school revolution by taking down the popular students.

Sounds great, right? Well then you throw in the cast of Jason Biggs, Michael Caine, Seth Green, Katie Holmes, and Odeya Rush and things get even better! Dear Dictator is set to come out March 16, 2018, and I’m excited.


If you’re a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura, you may be excited to hear that Monica Rial and Jason Liebrecht will be back for the English dub of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card. Rial will be Sakura and Liebrecht will reprise his role as Syaoran. These voice actors first played these roles for the dub of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. This announcement was made in a fun video from Funimation that features the actors playing Go Fish with the Clow Cards. Funimation’s simuldub for Clear Card starts on January 24, 2018, and I’m excited to see it!

Sundance Review: JULIET, NAKED is the Rom-Com We’ve All Been Waiting For

JULIETTE, NAKED-social.jpg

Based on the novel by Nick Hornby, Juliet, Naked tells the story of Annie (played by Rose Byrne) and her boyfriend Duncan (Chris O’Dowd) whose one main quirk is that he is obsessed with a now MIA musician named Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke). Duncan runs an online blog/forum about Tucker and obsesses over his music, specifically one particular album titled “Juliet”.

At her wit's end, Annie one day infiltrates the online forum and posts a negative comment, to which she receives an email applauding her honesty from none other than Tucker Crowe himself. The two begin emailing back and forth, mainly sharing regrets that they haven’t lived their best lives up to this point. Their exchanges are innocent and platonic, but shortly after Duncan and Annie break up, Annie finds herself frantically picking an outfit and hopping on a train to meet Tucker, who is visiting his daughter in nearby London.

Rose Byrne shines as the quick-witted yet awkward lead and Ethan Hawke is as charming as ever as the washed-up rockstar who’s really trying to be a better person. And it’s impossible not to like Chris O’Dowd, even when he’s being an ignorant jerk. I’m not big on romantic comedies, especially not any made outside the 1990s, but this movie was great. It’s nothing flashy. It’s simple, sweet, and really enjoyable. Plus, despite its suggestive title, they keep the mushy stuff at a minimum. Some may be disappointed by that, but I appreciate a movie that leaves the audience wanting more.


Physics Girl Talks Breaking Wine Glasses with Your Voice

We’ve all seen in movies and TV shows that when people sing a high pitch and glass or glasses break. Do you know how or why that happens though? In short, it’s not about hitting a high frequency but hitting the correct frequency for a long enough period of time. The Physics Girl YouTube channel explored how this happens and some explanations behind it using science. I love that there are awesome YouTube channels that explain things with science! One of the nice things about Physics Girl is that she uses simple analogies and explanations for most people to understand. Have you ever broken anything with your voice?

Video Catches You Up on Who Thanos Is

Are you excited for Avengers: Infinity War? Of course, you are, who isn’t? Well, then you know Thanos is going to be the big bad guy and has been teased since The Avengers came out in 2012. But who is Thanos? If you don’t know, or just want to brush up on your Thanos knowledge, Screen Rant has you covered. They recently published a video that explores the history of the character including how he came to be, how he was “inspired by” DC’s Darkseid, and how he’s changed over time. It’s a little over 5 minutes, so it’s not too long and gets you caught up on who the big bad will be in Infinity War. I’m sure they’ll once again change a few things to better match the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but you’ll get the gist of his history.

Here’s Viggo Mortensen Speaking Seven Different Languages

It doesn't take much to convince the GeekTyrant audience Viggo Mortensen hung the moon, but here's something that should impress even his most stringent critics. Check out this video of Mortensen speaking seven different languages, and not just going through the motions, but speaking as if he truly understands what he's saying in each one! How anyone can do that and have room for any other talents is amazing to me, so I guess what I'm saying is I think Mortensen is amazing. Let us know in the comments if you think he is as well:

Show Your Hogwarts House Pride with This Adorable Clutch


Do you have some fancy parties and galas to go to this year? Are you a big Harry Potter fan? Show off your pride in whichever Hogwarts house you belong to with these stylish clutches over at ThinkGeek. The clutches are styled to look like the uniforms of a Hogwarts student from each of the four houses. I love the tagline for this clutch: “For keeping your cash safe when it’s not at Gringotts.” It’s not just good for carrying money though. You can use it for your phone, eReader, makeup, and more. It comes with a 13 Inch chain drop to make carrying it a little easier and is made out of faux leather with a polyester liner. To make things better, this is an officially licensed product. It is available for Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Slytherin, so all houses have equal representation.

Free Lootcrates Are Coming For PUBG Players On The Xbox One

download (5).jpg

PUBG Corp. has revealed recently that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has reached over 4 million players on the Xbox One. As a treat for Xbox One fans, the developer is celebrating this milestone by giving away Battle Points for Xbox players to use on loot crates. 

Xbox One players will get a total of 30,000 Battle Points that they can use on in-game cosmetic items, given that they have purchased the game and created a character before the cut off, which will be by 12 AM PT/3 AM ET /8AM UTC on January 31. 

Veteran players of PUBG knows just how far 30,000 worth of Battle Points can go. Usually, when a player wins a solo game, they get rewarded with 1,000 BP. With 30,000 BP, players can already buy six crates in a week, that would cost around 21,700. Of course, if you want your money to go further, it would be best to wait for the weekly reset instead of buying all 6 in one week. Instead you can buy one per week and it would get you 42 boxes for your 30,000BP, however, it will take 42 weeks to do so. 

PUBG Corp is definitely changing its tune when it comes to loot crates as compared to the many controversies PUBG has faced last year with its loot crates system. Last July, fans showed their disappointment when real money keys were required to open certain crates. This outcry from fans quickly prompted a personal apology from the game’s creator Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene. Lastly, earlier this year, PUBG has published the drop rates of certain cosmetic items in the game, that received tremendous backlash from the gaming community, which resulted to critics claiming how PUBG is crossing the line between mirco-transactions and gambling. 

How will you spend your 30,000 Battle Points from PUBG to celebrate the game reaching 4 million players on the Xbox One?