Getting your $$$$ Worth – Inexpensive Games with Amazing Replay Value


When players fork out cash for games they generally want to make sure that they are getting something that is going to give them hours and hours of story, gameplay and memorable experiences. Not some “flash in the pan” game that finished before we even know what the game is about.

Players want games that are going to allow them to invest time into the game and feel like they are getting something for it. Either from the story unfolding, added customization or unlocking additional tiers of difficulty. Developers work achievements in a way to sort of accomplish this, but I feel that developers use them as a crutch in many instances to hide lack of actual replay value of a game.

This list is in no particular order and is by no means all-inclusive. It covers a number of games that either has inherent built-in mechanics that make the game have a ton of replay potential or have huge communities that generate additional content for them, that add to the replay value of a game.

Any Elder Scrolls Game


Price: $15 – 60 depending on which game and version you purchase

This is an easy one, with many of them having hundreds of hours of gameplay, easily, and that is before you even complete the main quest. Couple that with a massive modding community and you have the recipe for a never-ending adventure of exploration and dragon killing. Mods range from things as small as new playable races and skill tweaks to amazing remakes of older games in the series or all new content that is in many cases the equivalent (or more) of what you would get form a DLC, and usually free! To be clear, I’m only talking about the non-MMO RPG games.



Price: Free to play

Free-to-play, expansive and constantly adding new content?! Where do we sign up? Normally a game like Warframe wouldn’t make a list like this; as action games tend to have a limited repertoire that limits replay possibility. What makes Warframe different is the fact that its levels are procedurally generated. That’s right, every mission map is random (and with few if any issues/bugs that arise from this).

Hand of Fate Series


Price: $20 – 30 depending on the version

Now, I have yet to play the second game in the series, but I have little reason to think it is any different from the first, at least in regards to playing style. Part Action RPG, part card game, Hand of Fate is an interesting mix.

 In hand of fate you are going on an adventure (to defeat specific enemies, at least in the first game), what makes it interesting (and adds an amazing amount of replay value) is the deck of cards, which you build (mostly) is what decides what happens and what enemies you fight. The cards are dealt out like a playing board, face down when landing on a card you flip it over and face the consequences of its actions or its boons (usually with a few choices and chance mini-game, something akin to a four-card monte).

Anything Made with Valve’s Hammer Editor


Price: Free to Play or Free (if you already own core games like Half-Life 1 or 2),  $5-10 Depending on which games and maybe more expensive in the future with newer stuff added.

Specifically games in the Half-Life series and Team Fortress 2, but this engine has a huge modding community (and perhaps the oldest in modern iterations).  A community constantly pumping out new maps, weapons, and full conversion mods. Once again, the vast majority of this (probably in the realm of 99%) is free.

What games have you been playing forever, which never gets dull?


Check Out the Extended Trailer for SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER

Yesterday, Square Enix revealed an extended trailer for the upcoming game Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which sets the game’s tone and overall vibe. However, the trailer did not show much on what the actual gameplay will be like, but it gives players a general idea on what to expect in the game, which doesn’t look good for Lara. The short preview showed Lara Croft passing through a dark jungle, contemplating on a question, “What will I become.”  the game would put Lara in the position of saving the world from a Maya apocalypse. 

Shadow of the Tomb Raideris being developed by Deus Ex studio Eidos Montreal, which took over the development of the franchise from Crystal Dynamics. The good thing about the upcoming game is that it will launch across all platforms simultaneously, which was not the same as the last two entries. In other Tomb Raidernews, the box art and first batch of screenshots for the game were revealed a couple of days ago via an Amazon listing which you can check out here

Shadow of the Tomb Raiderreleases on September 14th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 


Jimmy Kimmel Turned INFINITY WAR Into a Romantic Comedy

If you have not seen Avengers: Infinity War yet, I highly recommend you do. If you’re seeing it this weekend, watch this video and then turn off your internet. I highly recommend you just become a hermit until you’re able to see the film. The less you know, the better it will be. Messing around with trailers is nothing new. Darth Blender is growing famous for his animated clip trailers like the one for Venom. It’s also been touched on before that a Marvel movie will be a romantic comedy by SNL. Fox is making an X-Men horror film and Marvel’s recent films have all had a lot more influence than just comic books. Black Panther definitely had some spy movie aspects and political intrigue film aspects. Spider-Man is a coming of age teen movie. Why not have a romantic comedy? The lovely folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live have edited clips from the Infinity War trailers to create Love Infinity.

This In-Depth Video Essay Re-Examines THE HOBBIT Trilogy and Everything That’s Wrong With It

For the record, I actually loved Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy. I'll admit, it wasn't perfect and stretching the story out of the course of three films may not have been necessary, but I enjoyed it! I loved Peter Jackson's vision of Middle Earth and I am one of those fans that would gladly take everything I could get.

There was a lot of hype build up for this trilogy, but it seemed to fall flat with most audiences. There definitely seemed to be a lot of frustration with the adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkiens classic novel, which ended up weaving in several other story threads from other books and adding new characters, which I personally didn't have any issues with.

Anyway, whether you are a fan of The Hobbit trilogy or not, I have a fantastic video essay series for you to watch from Lindsay Ellis, who embarked on an adventure of her own to give us an in-depth dissection of the adaptation, and even though she sets out to try to give it "a fair shake", it really ends up breaking down everything that is wrong with it.

There are three videos in the series and you can watch them all below.

FAMILY GUY Boasts Harvey Weinstein And Kevin Spacey Prediction On Emmy Mailer

Family Guy was alerting the world to the problem of Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein long before they made the news for shocking revelations of sexual misconduct, and they're reminding everyone in their Emmy mailer. Deadline posted a picture of the mailer the voting staff for the award show received, and it's sure to make just a few Hollywood executives sweat:

Upon opening the DVD, there is a mirror that will show the person who opens the DVD their reflection! Pretty genius and a hilarious joke, but also low-key terrifying to some Hollywood celebrity with skeletons in their closet. You gotta love Seth MacFarlane and his sense of humor.

This $100 AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Baseball Cap Is Pretty Awesome

If you're looking for the coolest piece of clothing to emerge out of the Avengers: Infinity War merch, look no further. Ok, maybe cool is stretching things just a bit, but there's no denying the charm of this leather hat from New Era stitched to resemble the Infinity Gauntlet of Thanos. Additionally, there's some pretty awesome art on the inside of the hat that is certainly worth checking out. Take a look below, and if you're interested enough to buy this $100 hat, pre-order it right here

capcap.jpeg infinitywarballcap2.jpeg

Survey Reveals Very Few Baby Boomers Are Aware Of Premium Theater Options

A recent survey of the AARP showed that a bulk of the Baby Boomer generation is completely oblivious to the addition of recliner seating and dining options offered by theaters despite the fact they regularly attend the movies. Interestingly enough, Variety reported that less than half of the generation interviewed at Cinemacon was aware of the features, and while only 15% of the unaware tried it after discovering, 76% enjoyed it!

The second half of this story makes a lot of sense, as I feel like when I tell people around this age the miracle of recliner moviegoing I usually get the same response:

"I couldn't do that. I'd fall asleep."

So while I didn't do a survey to prove my point, I would imagine many of the older generation don't want to spend a premium to risk sleeping through a film, or they're just stuck in their old ways of moviegoing and don't see the need to change things up. Do you know any baby boomers who go to recliner theaters?

A Girl Asked The Rock To Prom, And He Turned Her Down, But Made It Up In An Awesome Way

Asking a celebrity to the prom doesn't work that often, so I'm guessing the high school student who asked Dwayne "The Rock," Johnson to her prom didn't exactly expect the actor to respond. Because he's The Rock though, he totally did, and while he didn't go with the girl to prom, he did send her a very special message via her school intercom. Check out the video below, and then check out her reaction and tell me The Rock isn't one of the best actors in Hollywood today: