Teaser Trailer Released For The Live-Action NARUTO


Bleach is in the news a lot lately for its live-action movie, but it’s not the only one getting live-action adaptations. Everyone’s favorite ninja, Naruto, is coming to life as well. Naruto has been adapted into a kabuki play. With how bold and over-the-top the medium has a history of being, it sounds pretty perfect for Naruto which, like a lot of other anime, goes over-the-top fast with all of the stunts the ninjas perform. Sadly, we don’t know anything about the story being told in the kabuki play, but we have recently gotten a teaser to show us some of the costuming and it looks perfect. We get to see Minosuke Bandou dressed as Naruto and Hayato Nakaruma in Sasuke’s clothes. The show will premiere in August in Tokyo at Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre. If you were able to go see it, would you?