Jon Bernthal is Set to Return to THE WALKING DEAD Next Season!

In a very unexpected turn of events, Jon Bernthal will return to The Walking Dead next season! I've heard rumors that this might be the case, but now TV Line has confirmed those rumors to be true and he will be reprising his role as Shane in one episode.

After Bernthal's character was killed off in Season 2 of the series when he was fatally stabbed by Rick (Andrew Lincoln), he returned once more in Season 3 as a figment of Rick’s imagination. I assume that will be the same way that Shane appears again in Season 9. 

With Season 9 being the last time we will see Rick on the series, I imagine that Shane's appearance will play into his final days on the days of Rick and he'll most likely show up on the Andrew Lincoln's final episode with the series.

I didn't like that they killed Shane off so early in the series, but Bernthal has been keeping busy! He's been involved with a. lot of. great film and TV projects of the years and it's cool to see that he's willing to come back to The Walking Dead one last time.

How do you think Shane will play into the story?