The Live-Action BLEACH Film Will Have a US Premiere Event

Bleach will be shown in the US! Sort of. Anime NYC and Japan Cuts 2018 have teamed up to bring a special premiere of Bleach at Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film at New York’s Japan Society in New York. The event will take place on July 28, just eight days after the Japanese premiere. The premiere will start at 7:45 PM and include a Q&A Session with the director, Shinsuke Sato. If you are interested, you can purchase tickets now!

Sadly, there’s yet to be any further information regarding a wider release in the US, but this does give fans like me hope that it won’t be too far out. The event will feature the film with English subtitles, and it is revealed to be 108 minutes long. I was expecting a longer movie, but here’s hoping they still get all the important stuff in without rushing it.