Thanos’ Finger Snap Also Wiped Out Animals, So a Bunch of Kids lost Their Pets!


When Thanos snapped his fingers at the end Avengers: Infinity War, wiping out half of the population of the entire universe, I never thought about the animals being affected. But, according to Kevin Feige, they totally were.

At the end of an interview with Birth.Movies.Death, Feige was asked to clarify if animals were affected by the snap and the Feige enthusiastically said:

Yes! Yes. All life.

That means there were some poor kids out there playing with their pet puppies and kittens when all of a sudden they faded away into ash right in front of their eyes. That's got to be a pretty traumatic experience for any kid. 

Over the time since I've watched Infinity War, I couldn't help but also think about all the families that were affected by this event. The parents who lost their kids and the kids who lost their parents and siblings. The whole thing was already super depressing before I found out that the animals were also affected! 

That Thanos wasn't messing around and he truly is an evil bastard. But, what if what he did actually worked and made the universe a better place?