Genndy Tartakovsky Wants to Make a CG Animated SAMURAI JACK Movie

It sounds like Genndy Tartakovsky maybe isn't ready to give up on Samurai Jack. During a recent interview with CB, he says that he likes the idea of making a CG animated Samurai Jack movie. I love this franchise and it would be so cool to see Tartakovsky get to make a film. Traditional animation or CG, I don't care, he's just such a great character, and I bet that Tartakovsky could give us another great cinematic story. During the interview he said:

"Yeah. That's something I had talked about, doing a feature that's just as artistic as the TV show, but in the CG medium. And, then I started to get ideas of how to do that, how to take advantage of it... And so, it could easily be done, but I feel like, now that I've finished Jack, I probably will try to do something original."

Now, I know he says that he's finished with Jack, but you have to remember after Hotel Transylvania 2 was released he said he was done with that, and then he went ahead a made a third one after having a change of heart. He got a chance to revive Samurai Jack in 2017 with another season and I thought it turned out pretty great. 

The filmmaker is currently working on a new film project, though. He just won't say what it is right now. When asked about it, he said:

"I can't share. But I'm working on something."

Tartakovsky has been looking for something new, different, and original to dive into and it will be interesting to see what it turns out to be. I've enjoyed all of his work so whatever he's doing I'm sure will turn out great. Maybe after he's done with that, he'll want to work on a Samurai Jack film.