Mondo Reveals Their First GHOSTBUSTER Print Ever and It Will Be Available at Comic-Con


It's crazy to think that after all these years, Mondo has never released a Ghostbusters print, but it's true! These guys have released print for every freakin' classic movie you can think of, but Ghostbusters is nowhere to be found in their archives. That all changes this month with the reveal of a Ghostbusters print created by artist Tom Whalen. Check out all the details below and tell us what you think!

The print will be available to purchase at San Diego Comic-Con this week and it will be available in two editions. First is a 36 x 24 inch, glow in the dark variant in an edition of 200 that’ll be exclusively available at Mondo’s booth (number 435) Saturday, July 21 at San Diego Comic-Con.

mondo-reveals-their-first-ghostbuster-print-ever-and-it-will-be-available-at-comic-con2 mondo-reveals-their-first-ghostbuster-print-ever-and-it-will-be-available-at-comic-con3

Second is a 36 x 24 inch regular version in an edition of 375, which will go up on Mondo’s website at the same random time the variant goes on sale July 21st at the convention.


Mondo will also be releasing a set of Ghostbusters pins that will be made available on Wednesday, July 18th. These were also design by Whalen. 


Source: io9