Bruce Willis Says DIE HARD is Not a Christmas Movie!

A lot of fans of Die Hard consider the film a Christmas movie. It always tends to end up on people's lists of favorite Christmas movies. I always watch Die Hard during the holiday season! However, Bruce Willis doesn't feel the same what about it.

During the taping of Comedy Central's Bruce Willis roast, the action star had something to say about the matter. Apparently, towards the end of the taping, Willis addressed the fans, specifically stating that:

"Die Hard is not a Christmas movie, it's a goddamn Bruce Willis movie."

Later on, the actor was approached and asked how he thinks fans would respond to the statement. He simply said, "We’ll see."

I 100% agree that Die Hard is a Bruce Willis movie! You can't argue with that! But, it can also be a Christmas movie as well, so regardless of what Willis says, Die Hard is staying on my list of favorite Christmas movies!

What do you think about what Willis had to say? Do you consider Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Source: Vulture