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Players who are not so keen with tips and objective markers will be happy to know that in-game guidance in Shadow of the Tomb Raider is optional and can be toggled off. The game’s developers released details on Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s difficulty and accessibility options. 

In the game, the difficulty settings are split into three categories—combat, exploration, and puzzles, together with easy, medium, and hard levels for each category. Players have the freedom to tweak those settings at any point in the game, making the experience highly customizable depending on the player’s preference. Of course, players who are looking for a challenge can play the game in “Deadly Obsession: difficulty. 

The exploration difficulty focuses on guiding players from falling on challenging climbs, making base camps pre-lit for Lara to quickly identify, and remove those white markers that are usually found in the environment. The puzzle difficulty, on the other hand, allows players to add or remove visual cues that make objects glow, indicating key items that are relevant to solving puzzles. You can check out the other accessibility options available in Shadow of the Tomb Raider below as details in Square Enix's blog post. 

  • Optional Y-Axis Inversion
  • Toggling On and Off Vibration
  • Reducing Camera Shake
  • The option to center the camera horizontally so that it is ‘soft locked’ on Lara’s back, requiring the use of only one stick for movement. The other stick can still be used to move the camera if desired. 
  • The option to tap rather than hold the left trigger to aim down the sights
  • The option to hold buttons press prompts rather than repeated tapping
  • The option to push the stick directionally for crank control prompts rather than rotate
  • Closed Captioning: Display additional or interpretive information such as sound effects, musical cues, and other relevant audio transformation

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is scheduled to release on September 14 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 


What Marvel Movie Will Win The “Outstanding Popular Film” Award at the Oscars? BLACK PANTHER or INFINITY WAR


Yesterday The Academy of Arts and Sciences announced a new award category at the Oscars. That award is the "Outstanding Popular Film" award, which will celebrate the movies that audiences really care about. I still think that this is a perplexing move for the Academy that a lot of other people think is ridiculous. 

If they now have a category called "Outstanding Popular Film", a friend of mine suggested that the Best Picture award be renamed "Outstanding Motion Picture That Clearly No One Really Cares About".

Anyway, the new award will allow Marvel films to be nominated for an Oscar. An award I'm sure that they'll be nominated for every year from here on out because they are some of the most popular films being released! 

This means that next year Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War will most likely end up being nominated. The question I pose to you is which one of these Marvel movies would win!? Both of them were great Marvel films, but for me, Infinity War was the superior film.

Now sound off below and let us know which of these films would win in the Oscars new popularity contest!

Wild Trailer For Simon Pegg’s SLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ – “Surviving School Can Be a Bloody Nightmare”

The first trailer has just been unleashed for Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's horror comedy adventure film, Slaughterhouse Rulez, and it looks awesome! I completely forgot that this film was being made until this trailer popped up and now I can't wait to see it! It looks like it's filled with all kinds of wonderfully bloody gore, violence, and funny comedy. When previously talking about the film, Pegg told Digital Trends:

“It’s about a private school in the UK which sells off parts of its land to a fracking company, and the fracking company then unleashes a subterranean monster that terrorizes the school. It’s a big metaphor for the UK privatizing things, and it’s mixed up with some ridiculous, sloppy horror.”

This movie is going to be an absolute blast, especially for horror fans! Here's the synopsis:

Welcome to Slaughterhouse, an elite boarding school where boys and girls are groomed for power and greatness...and they’re about to meet their match. This ancient and ordered world is about to be shaken to its foundations - literally - when a controversial frack site on prized school woodland causes seismic tremors, a mysterious sinkhole, and an unspeakable horror to be unleashed. Soon a new pecking order will be established as the pupils and teachers alike become locked in a bloody battle for survival…

The movie is set to come out in the UK on October 31st. As of now, no U.S. release date has been announced. The movie also stars Asa Butterfield, Finn Cole, Hermione Corfield, and Michael Sheen. Watch the trailer and tell us what you think!

Patrick Wilson Set to Star in Roland Emmerich’s WWII Action Film MIDWAY

Patrick Wilson is the latest actor to join director Roland Emmerich's World War II action thriller Midway. He will join the previously cast Woody Harrelson, Mandy Moore, and Luke Evans.

The film is an epic telling of the Battle of Midway, a turning point in the Pacific theater of World War II. The story follows the real soldiers and aviators who pulled off the unbelievable to turn the tide of the war in June 1942.

Wilson will play Edwin Layton, "the rear admiral in the U.S. Navy who was a key intelligence officer during WWII." Harrelson is playing Admiral Chester Nimitz, "one of the leaders who lead the American naval fleet to victory in a foray that involved aircraft carriers, destroyers and cruisers." Evans will play Commander Wade McClusky, "who would go on to win a Naval Cross for his role in Midway."

This film has put together such a great cast, and that is one of the reasons why I have any desire to seen this movie. I hope that Emmerich makes a decent movie but I'm not expecting much.

Wilson will next be seen in the James Wan-directed Aquaman and he just signed on to star in In The Tall Grass, the adaptation of the Stephen King and Joe Hill penned short story.

Source: Deadline

Fangoria Announces New Horror Comedy SATANIC PANIC and it Involves a Pizza Delivery Girl and Satanists

Fangoria has announced a new horror film project that they are producing called Satanic Panic and they've hired Chelsea Stardust to direct it. The horror comedy actually has a fun premise as it is about "a pizza delivery girl at the end of her financial rope who has to fight for her life — and her tips — when her last order of the night turns out to be high society Satanists in need of a virgin sacrifice."

The film is being produced by Dallas Sonnier (Bone Tomahawk) and this is what he had to say in a statement:

"Our movie screams for a female director’s vision, and we had a blast getting to know several truly talented candidates. With Chelsea at the helm, I feel strongly that we have a future horror comedy classic on our hands that will be celebrated by Fangoria audiences who crave wickedly entertaining, boundary-pushing movies."

Casting for the movie is already underway and principal photography is set for October in North Texas. I'm not familiar with any of Stardust's work but she worked for producer Jason Blum for several years, and then she branched out to start her directing career, working for Crypt TV on several short films. She most recently wrapped production on the genre film All That We Destroy.

The first film that Fangoria is releasing is Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, which is being released on August 17th. You can watch the most recent trailer for that film here.

I'm excited about the horror films that Fangoria is looking to develop! 

Source: Deadline

Interesting Trailer For Netflix’s Supernatural Shape-Shifting Series THE INNOCENTS

Netflix has released a trailer for a new supernatural series called The Innocents. It actually looks like a pretty intriguing show where one of the main characters, a runaway teen named June, has the ability to shape-shift. Of course, there's a dash of teen romance involved with the story and if that doesn't do it for ya, maybe the fact that Guy Pearce has a key role in the series will. The series actually looks really good and worth checking out. It's something to fill the supernatural horror void while we wait for Stranger Things Season 3 to be released. 

When teenagers Harry and June run away from their repressive families to be together, they’re derailed by an extraordinary discovery – June’s ability to shape-shift. As the star-crossed lovers struggle to control this strange new power, a mysterious professor reveals that June is not alone: there are more shifters out there like her, and he promises to cure June and reunite her with the mother who deserted her three years ago. But as their journey becomes increasingly fraught with danger, Harry and June’s love for each other is tested to breaking point and they’re faced with a choice: keep their innocent dream alive, or embrace that their lives have changed and risk everything.

The Innocents premieres on Netflix on August 24, 2018.

Ben Schwartz Will Voice SONIC THE HEDGEHOG in the Upcoming Film Adaptation

Ben Schwartz has been cast to provide the voice of the title character in Paramount Pictures’ film adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog. He will join the previously cast James Marsden, Tika Sumpter, and Jim Carrey who will be playing the villain, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik.

The movie is being directed by Jeff Fowler, who received an Oscar nomination for his 2005 animated short Gopher Broke. The Sonic the Hedgehog movie will include a blend of live-action and CG elements.

Schwartz is a fun comedic actor and voicing Sonic will be another great role for him to take on. This isn't his first time he has voiced a cartoon character either. He’s currently Dewey Duck on Disney Channel’s reboot of Duck Tales and provides the voice Leonardo in Nickelodeon’s new Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

Neal H. Moritz is producing the film alongside Deadpool director Tim Miller. Paramount Pictures will release Sonic the Hedgehog on November 15th, 2019. 

Source: Variety

Sony Announced This Amazing Looking Translucent PS4 Pro To Celebrate 500 Million PlayStations Sold

Ever since the release of the first PlayStation back in 1994, Sony’s home-console line has been a staple in the homes of most gamers. Now, 24 years later Sony unveiled a translucent PS4 Pro to celebrate the 500 million PlayStation consoles sold. 

 Photo: Sony

Photo: Sony

This special PlayStation 4 Pro sports a 2TB internal hard drive and is scheduled to go on sale on August 24, 2018. The console is priced at $499.99, and there will only be 500,000 units available. Design-wise, the system is embodied in a blue translucent casing that lets players see the inner workings of the PS4 Pro. Moreover, a commemorative copper plate is placed in front, embedded with a unique limited edition number. The PS4 Pro will also include a matching DualShock 500 Million Limited Edition controller, that can also be purchased separately for $64.99. Besides the matching console and controller, the 500 Million Limited Edition will include a PlayStation Camera, Vertical Stand, and mono headset. 

 Photo: Sony

Photo: Sony

A couple of weeks ago, Sony was proud to announce that the current generation PlayStation 4, was able to push around 82.2 million units sold to date. 

What do you think of the unique 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro? Will you get one? You can check out the official unboxing video of this console below.


Nudity May Lead to a R-Rating For Joaquin Phoenix’s JOKER

Joker is one of two Joker movies in development right now at Warner Bros. and it is the one coming from director Todd Philips and actor Joaquin Pheonix. Some new information has surfaced saying that due to some nudity from smaller female roles, the film will likely get an R rating.

Considering this film is said to focus on the Clown Prince of Crime when he was a failed stand-up comic that performed in strip clubs, it makes a lot of sense for this to happen. Of course, the rating is not confirmed, so we could get a PG-13 version with underwear instead of full nudity.

An R rating would also help differentiate Joker from Jared Leto’s The Joker which is said to be aiming for a PG-13 rating. I’m just going to go on a limb and say most of you want this film to get the R rating.

The film also stars Frances Conroy, who will play the Joker's mother and Zazie Beetz would play a single mother who catches the interest of the man who will become the Clown Prince of Crime. Robert DeNiro is also going to be in the film as a talk show host.

The studio describes the story as being an "exploration of a man disregarded by society [that] is not only a gritty character study but also a broader cautionary tale."

Phillips will co-write and direct the film which is set to be released on October 4th, 2019. For some additional details on the story click here.

Source: Geeks WorldWide

The Baby Hitler Deleted Scene From DEADPOOL 2 Has Been Released Online

A lot of people have heard about the baby Hitler scene that was deleted from the final cut of Deadpool 2. I know a lot of people are curious to see how that scene plays out and now you have your opportunity to watch it! The controversial scene in which the Merc' With the Mouth travels back in time to kill baby Hitler has been released online. It shows you how Deadpool planned to change history. Co-writer Paul Wernick previously talked about the scene, saying:

"I think it was cut just because, it was at the very, very end, and it left the audience with this, 'Oh?' It's like, 'Sure, it's baby Hitler, but it is a baby. It's kind of weird to watch that!' Instead, the post-credits scenes attached to Deadpool 2 are some of its most hilarious and un-missable moments which definitely won't be stirring up the controversy such a scene might have... We are Deadpool but there is a line we can't cross."

Watch the deleted scene below and tell us what you think!