Filmmaker John August Wants to Make it Easier to Watch Older Movies

Have you ever wanted to watch an older movie, but couldn’t find any kind of digital copy? No streaming, no digital purchase or rent, it was as if you were crazy for thinking the movie existed. Well, that’s what happened to screenwriter John August who recently tried to watch The Flamingo Kid from 1984. He couldn’t find the movie available digitally anywhere. Normally, people would just complain and sigh. August has decided to do something about it though. He posted on his personal site his plan and I’ll try to sum up.

First, August has created a crowdsourcing document called “Missing Movies” for people to add film titles. Before you go and start adding random titles, please make sure that they are indeed unavailable via streaming, rental, or purchase digitally. The list currently boasts over 300 unique entries and is growing on an almost daily basis. Films like Willow, Cocoon, and True Lies are already on the list.

Of course, making a list of films is not going to do anything in terms of getting these films available. That’s why August is wanting to do more. He is a member of the Academy and has already started discussing this with other members and mentioning that this is indeed a form of film preservation. He’s also wanting to talk to directors like Ron Howard and James Cameron to get them to start pushing for this digitization too.

There is a bit more that August discusses, and it’s a lot more detailed, so go read the whole article on his site. I do want to share the last part that addresses everyone saying to just go download torrents.

This “Real-Life” Homer Simpson Rendering Will Give You Nightmares and Matt Groening Reacts To It

Have you ever wondered what Homer Simpson would look like as an actual person? Many people have, I'm sure, although no imaginings have been as horrifying as this one by Miguel Vasquez! The artist rendered a real-life copy of the character and as you'll see below, the results are wild:

I think we have a new candidate for "Evil Homer." TMZ caught up with Matt Groening recently and asked him what he thought about this "real-life" Homer art and Groening was also unsettled by it! He said:

"Oh my God. Wow. Wow, that... well, that's the next movie, there you go, yeah. We're gonna do it exactly like that. That's the way to do it. That's exactly how I see Homer in my nightmares."

AMERICAN HISTORY X Director Tony Kaye is Looking to Cast a Robot in His Next Film

Tony Kaye’s film 1st Born is being released later this year and Kaye is already planning the cast for his sequel, 2nd Born. In a controversial move, the director of American History X has decided he wants to cast an actual robot with artificial intelligence. He plans to teach the AI different acting methods and techniques. Deadline reports the following is Kaye’s goal:

The idea, which originated from Kaye and producer Sam Khoze, is to forgo the use of computer-generated effects in favor of a physical A.I. robot as an actor, who they are hoping will get SAG recognition.

The story of 2nd Born centers on a young married couple, "Iranian born Ben and American Kate, whose complicated first pregnancy forces their extended family, from differing backgrounds, to find common ground for the sake of the baby"

This acting robot is expected to join several of the cast members that are expected to return for the sequel. What are your thoughts on using artificial intelligence for acting?

Chucklefish Announces INMOST, A Puzzle-Platformer To Release In 2019

Chucklefish Games, publisher of the hit-indie title Stardew Valley, has announced a new project called Inmost, which is set to release sometime in 2019. 

Inmost is an “atmospheric, story-driven puzzle platformer” that is developed by Hidden Layer Games. The game puts players in control of three playable characters that will each have their own personality and gameplay but has a one dark and interconnecting story. 

“Set partly in an old abandoned castle, you’ll need to explore every nook and cranny, avoid detection, slice your way through enemies and spring deadly traps in order to escape the evil that lurks within,” says Chucklefish in a blog post. “You may even discover a secret passage if you look close enough. Inmost feels ghoulishly atmospheric to play and features some truly beautiful pixel art design. You can really tell that each pixel has been placed with the utmost love, care and attention to detail.”

Inmost is slated to release sometime in 2019. Currently, there is still no confirmation on which platforms the game will be released to. 


Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder May Have Actually Gotten Married While Shooting BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA

Here's an interesting bit of movie trivia that Winona Ryder recently dropped. According to her, she and Keanu Reeves might have actually been married for real while shooting Bram Stoker's Dracula back in 1992. 

In the film, Reeves’ character Jonathan Harker and Ryder’s character Mina Harker get married in a scene set in Romania, and as it turns out director Francis Ford Coppola ended up using a real Romanian priest to marry them.

While promoting their upcoming film Destination Wedding, Ryder and Reeves talked to Entertainment Weekly and reflected on this moment. Ryder said:

"We actually got married in Dracula. No, I swear to god I think we’re married in real life. In that scene, Francis [Ford Coppola] used a real Romanian priest[...] We shot the master and he did the whole thing. So I think we’re married."

Reeves' initial reaction is pretty funny because he plays along as if it's a joke saying, “It’s lovely to see you again" making fun of their long separation as a couple. But then Ryder presses him and Reeves asks, "We said yes?" Then Ryder says:

“Don’t you remember that? It was on Valentine’s Day.”

To which Reeves replies:

"Oh my gosh, we’re married."

Of course, they never got any official legal documentation, so this marriage isn't legally binding, but maybe in the eyes of whatever religious order that priest belonged to, Reeves and Ryder should be celebrating 26 years of marriage!

Christian Slater Believes MR. ROBOT Season 4 Will Be its Final Season


It sounds like the incredible series Mr. Robot may be coming to an end soon. This is seriously one of the best shows on TV but all good things must come to an end. While talking to Collider about the fourth season of the series, Christian Slater says that it could be its last.

"Yeah, Season 4, and I believe that will be the last season. (Show creator) Sam [Esmail] always said it was going to be somewhere in that zone, and he didn’t want to go further than what he could creatively contribute to that storyline. So, I think that Season 4 will be it. I think they’re in the writers’ room, as we speak, putting it all together, but I have no idea what it’s gonna be, or if I’m gonna be floating in and out of scenes. I have no idea, so we’ll see what happens."

Whatever Esmail and his team are planning, I'm confident that they will end the series on a high note. After all, they've done such a great job telling this story of an anarchic caper to crush the world order for three seasons. 

Mr. Robot Season 3 definitely set up the characters for a conclusion in the upcoming season and it'll be interesting to see how their stories come to an end. By the end of Season 3, Elliot and Mr. Robot seemed to have a stabilized partnership as they are looking to take down Whiterose and get out from under the Dark Army's grip.

Amazon’s LORD OF THE RINGS Series is Expected to Shoot in New Zealand Which is Middle Earth

In my mind, New Zealand is Middle Earth so it's good to hear that Amazon Studios is reportedly looking at shooting their upcoming Lord of the Rings series there. I'd actually be pretty disappointed if they didn't shoot the series in New Zealand! Peter Jackson establish that land as Middle Earth when he shot his Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films there. 

Star Trek 4 writers JD Payne and Patrick McKay are currently writing the series. What we know about the series at this point is that it will explore new storylines preceding J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring. This is what Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke had to say about the show:

"We are really excited to move right into the next phase of the development process, which is building the world. I think you can know that we’re not remaking the movies, but we’re also not starting from scratch. So, it’ll be characters you love.
"It’s not a remaking of the movies, and it’s not a whole new thing. It’s something in between. It’s not, ‘Oh, it’s Lord of the Rings but you don’t recognize anything in it,’ but it’s not totally familiar to you either. So it’s original."

It was also rumored that the series could focus on a young version of Aragorn, which is a concept that I love, and I hope that's the direction they take the series. 

The character is the last Chieftain of the Dúnedain and a direct descendant through many generations of Isildur, the last High King of both Arnor and Gondor. Aragorn would become the greatest man of his time, leading the Men of the West against Sauron's forces, helping to destroy the One Ring, and reuniting the Kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor.

As for Peter Jackson's involvement, the last we heard, he was helping put together a creative team for the series, but beyond that, he probably won't be very involved with the series. 

The series is expected to premiere sometime in 2021. There are plans for five seasons and they will be made on a budget of over $1 billion.

Source: Omega Underground

Director David Leitch Rumored To Be Returning To Helm DEADPOOL 3

We really don't know what is going to happen to the Deadpool franchise after Disney takes over Fox. We've heard that Disney is open to an R-rated Marvel brand, but that could very well change once the deal is 100% closed. 

Regardless, Fox is moving forward with their X-Force film, which is coming from writer and director Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods). We don't know much about any plans beyond that, but most fans assume that there will eventually be a Deadpool 3 and now there's a rumor from GWW saying that Deadpool 2 director David Leitch could be returning to helm the third film and if that's true, I have no issues with that.

I loved what Leitch did with the sequel and I'd like to see what he and the creative team would come up with for a third Deadpool movie.

Ryan Reynolds previously shared his thoughts on Deadpool 3 and explains that he wasn't even sure if the movie would happen. If it did happen, though, he explained what his vision for it would be.

"I don’t know that there would be a Deadpool 3. I really don’t. I feel like the character, in order for him to function properly within his own universe, you need to take everything away from him. I don’t think that you can keep doing that. I do see him as being a part of X-Force, obviously. I would love to see him in a team-up sort of thing, like a mano a mano or a great female character from the X-Men universe. I just think if you’re going to do another Deadpool solo film, you’ve got to really, like, get that budget down to nothing and just swing for the fences, and break all kinds of weird barriers, and do stuff that no one else can do."

I like Reynolds' outlook on the character and how to handle him. As for Leitch, in an interview with Den of Geek, he said he would love to work on another Deadpool movie!

"I would love to work with Ryan [Reynolds] and Rhett [Reese] and Paul [Wernick] and Simon [Kinberg] again. We just had a really good time and I love this world, and I love this universe, and I love the character that he’s made so endearing to the fans, and so I would be grateful to work on something again. It just depends on time and place, so we’ll see what happens."

So, if Deadpool 3 is going to happen, it wouldn't be surprising to see Leitch jump back on board to tell another Deadpool story. 

IRON FIST Season 2 Will Attempt to Make Danny Rand More Relatable to Audiences


The first trailer for Iron Fist Season 2 was released last week and the upcoming season looks better than I was expecting. Iron Fist has been the weakest character in these Netflix Marvel series, but they are hoping to change the way fans feel about him in Season 2.

Finn Jones talked to CBR about the upcoming season, and when talking about Danny Rand, he explains that they attempted to make the character more relatable. 

"Well, Danny at the end of Defenders, the last thing Matt said to him before he [died], was that he wanted Danny to protect his city. As we see in the episode of Luke Cage, he’s protecting downtown and Luke is protecting uptown. So when we see Danny first in Season 2, he is taking that responsibility very seriously. He’s on the streets, being the vigilante, protecting the streets of downtown New York whilst also he has just moved in his Colleen, his girlfriend.
"So he’s kind of at that age, and I’m sure some of you know the experience, you know, when you’re just hitting your early 20s and you’ve just got this new job and you’re moving in with your girlfriend for the first time and everything is just finally finding its balance, but with that comes new kind of challenges. I think it’s totally relatable. Danny is in a very relatable place for a lot of audience members because of that, trying to balance those things."

The new showrunner of the series, Raven Metzner, also talked about some of the changes that were made for Season 2, with how they took it from the setting of the corporate world to the gritty ground level.

"I think that Season 2 we took a holistic approach to creating a season of television which we really wanted it to feel to be on the streets of New York. So, in that way, the world of the show is different and that’s a big scene change comparatively because we’re not in the Rand Corporation. We’re out on the streets of New York. We brought a really talented D.P., Niels Alpert. Fantastic! Again, it’s all about the — that’s the cool thing about this medium, is it’s the collaboration. So it’s all about the throughline through, so our D.P. learned a lot about action from our stunt coordinator and vice versa and working with the actors and their relationship with those department heads. So it feels like a whole and it’s interesting and new."

Iron Fist Season 2 premieres on Netflix on September 7th. Do you think there's a chance that this second season of the series will be good?

Princess Leia Confirmed to Appear in The STAR WARS RESISTANCE Animated Series


Last week Disney XD released the first trailer for Lucasfilm's new animated series Star Wars Resistance and for the most part, fans seemed to like what they saw. Now we've got some cool additional news regarding the series to share with you. 

It's been confirmed that Princess Leia will appear in the series and the character will be voiced by Rachel Butera. The actress announced the news herself in the following Twitter post:

There's no word on how big of a role Leia will have in the series, but it will still be great to see more of Leia's story told in the series. We know that Poe and Leia have a close working relationship in the Star Wars universe so it will be interesting to see if they explore that a little more in the series. 

When the show was first announced, we learned that it would revolve around a character named Kazuda Xiono, who is described as "a young pilot recruited by the Resistance whose mission is to spy on the growing threat of the First Order." We also knew that Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) and Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie) would be a part of this new Star Wars adventure. The press release goes on to reveal: 

“While undercover, Kaz works as a mechanic and lives with Poe’s old friend Yeager, a veteran pilot who operates a starship repair shop run by his crew: Tam, Neeku and their old battered astromech droid, Bucket. Kaz soon finds himself in over his head with his newfound friend BB-8 as he’ll have to compete in dangerous sky races, keep his mission a secret from his newfound family, and avoid the danger of the First Order.”

When previously talking about the series, creator and executive producer Dave Filoni talked about the inspiration behind it:

"The idea for Star Wars Resistance came out of my interest in World War II aircraft and fighter pilots. My grandfather was a pilot and my uncle flew and restored planes, so that's been a big influence on me. There's a long history of high-speed racing in Star Wars, and I think we've captured that sense of excitement in an anime-inspired style, which is something the entire team has been wanting to do for a long time."

The rest of the voice cast includes Christopher Sean (Days of Our Lives), Suzie McGrath (East Enders), Scott Lawrence(Legion), Myrna Velasco (Elena of Avalor), Josh Brener (Silicon Valley), Donald Faison(Scrubs), Bobby Moynihan (DuckTales), Jim Rash (Community) and Rachel Butera(Tammy's Tiny Tea Time). Here's the synopsis:

Resistance fighter Poe Dameron tasks young pilot Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono with spying on the First Order. At the time, little was known about the secretive organization and its strength.

In order to fulfill his mission, Kaz travels to the space station Colossus, which is being used by many ships as a port to refuel and do repairs. However, there are also dangerous races taking place there. After Kaz bragged with his piloting skills at his arrival there, he is soon drawn into one of the races…

The first season of Star Wars Resistance will run for 22 episodes, and the first episode will be titled "The Recruit." The show will make its debut in October on Disney XD.