Fun Trailer For the Fan Made Stormtrooper Film BUCKETHEADS

I feel bad for Stormtroopers. Everyone picks on them simply because the good guys in Star Wars have plot armor. It looks like some other fans have a love for Stormtroopers since they’re making a fan film about a squad of troopers.

The film is called Bucketheads: A Star Wars Story (I hope they don’t get into legal trouble for that name) and we’ve got a short teaser trailer for you. Mass Effect fans will be excited to learn that Mark Meer is set to be in the film. 

Every side has a story worth telling. Bucketheads is an independent Star Wars short film about a squad of storm troopers caught behind enemy lines. Discover the story of Nova Squad on December 8th right here on the Transmute Pictures YouTube channel.

Bucketheads comes from Transmute Media and will be screened at DragonCon before being released online December 8th, 2018.

Wesley Snipes and Marvel Have Been Discussing a BLADE Project For a Couple Years

Years before Marvel Studios launched their MCU brand, Wesley Snipes starred in the R-rated 1998 film Blade, which spawned two sequels. The first couple films were actually pretty badass. We have yet to see the character make his MCU debut, but there's a chance that one day it will happen.

There's been talk about Blade jumping into the MCU for years. Snipes has been interested in reprising the role for a long time and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige even said it could happen someday. When recently talking about the possibility of another Blade film, the actor told Vice that Marvel and his team have been discussing the possibility for the past couple of years: 

"All the main execs [at Marvel] and my team, we've been discussing for the past two years. Everyone's enthusiastic about it, everybody gets it. But they got a business to run and they gotta square the things that they gotta figure out before they can get to it, I guess. In the meantime, we got a business to run and our own slate of things to do."

If this happens I doubt it will happen anytime soon. Snipes went on to say that there are two projects that could presumably fit into the Marvel world, and that the next time we see Blade, it will make what came before look like child's play. He's obviously got some ambitious plans for the character.

A few years ago it was rumored that Marvel's Blade movie could focus on the character's daughter, Fallon Grey. For those of you who have not heard of Fallon:

"Blade’s daughter is 16-year-old Fallon Grey. She’s a sort of ‘anti-Peter Parker.’ She’s popular, she’s well-liked and it seems like the world is her oyster. But, the expectations that come with being so damn perfect are starting to break her down, and that’s before she learns she’s the heir to a Daywalking-Monster-Stabbing-Empire."

This is a story that Snipe's Blade could be worked into if Marvel decides to take things in that direction. Who knows, though. Marvel has got a lot of big plans and I imagine that Blade isn't near the top of their list at the moment. I hope one day that we do see a new Blade film or even a series. It would be fun to see Snipes back as Blade and I think the fans would love it. 

If Marvel Studios did move forward with a Blade movie, what would you like to see them do with it?

Hugh Jackman’s Presidential Campaign Falls Apart in First Trailer For THE FRONT RUNNER

Hugh Jackman takes on the role of 1988 Democratic presidential nominee Gary Hart in the Jason Reitman directed film The Front Runner. The film tells the story of the rise of Hart, who could've been the president of the United States, and how his presidential campaign completely fell apart due to a scandal. That scandal involved an affair he was having with actress and model Donna Rice. The press went wild with the story and he wasn't ever able to get a handle on it so he dropped out of the race and never tried running again. 

When talking about the film with EW, Reitman said:

"It was a moment in which the Hart campaign, The Washington Post, the Miami Herald, and Hart himself were trying to make decisions in real time with not enough information and no sense of how much the landscape had changed forever.
"This is a movie with a dozen different points of view. And you can already see in the trailer, you’re going to be observing this story from every perspective.
“When I heard the Gary Hart story for the first time, I couldn’t believe it had happened. And I couldn’t believe no one had made a movie about it yet."

This certainly looks like a fascinating film and it looks like Hugh Jackman once again delivers an incredible performance. The movie also stars Vera FarmigaJ.K. SimmonsMamoudou Athie, Molly Ephraim, Steve Zissis, and Sara Paxton.

The film is based on Matt Bai’s All the Truth is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid, and it takes us into "the backrooms where truths are drawn out and painful decisions are made."

The Front Runner will debut at the Telluride Film Festival and play TIFF, before opening in theaters on November 7, 2018.

DC Universe Launch Date and Pricing Information Confirmed

The DC Universe streaming service has been in the works for a while and it seems like a lot of DC fans are excited about subscribing to it. There's going to be a lot of great content made available on it both old and new and now we have confirmation on the launch date and pricing. 

It was announced on the first episode of Kevin Smith's DC Daily series that DC Universe will officially launch on September 15th, 2018 which is also the previously announced Batman Day. 

As far as the pricing goes, membership subscriptions will cost $7.99 a month or $74.99 a year. That's not a bad price and I personally think what we will be getting on the service is worth the price. 

You can find all of the details of what the service entails below. Will you be signing up for DC Universe?

With membership, DC Universe offers all-new original live-action and animated series, classic TV series and films, a curated selection of digital comic books, breaking news, an expansive DC-centric encyclopedia, and access to exclusive merchandise. Fans will also be able to connect with others in the DC community, earn premium rewards, and participate in sweepstakes and contests.
Craig Hunegs, president of Warner Bros. Digital Networks, said: “Developing new ways for consumers to access some of our most popular and iconic brands and franchises as well as exclusive new content whenever they want, on the devices they choose, is one of our studio’s top priorities. The DC Universe platform gives fans a place to tailor their experience and build a direct relationship with DC in a way they never could before.”
“DC Universe is so much more than a streaming service. It’s a welcoming place for everyone to immerse themselves in their own level of DC fandom, with the epic characters, stories, and experiences they have come to expect from DC. We are investing in and creating original, high-quality shows including the new Titans series, and curating the most beloved nostalgic content, while at the same time elevating the comic reading experience to new heights. Nothing this robust has ever been offered to fans before,” added Jim Lee, chief creative officer and publisher at DC Entertainment.
Fans can sign up today for an opportunity for beta access, opening this August. Beta access will give members a chance to test the new digital experience and provide feedback on the early version of the service before it goes live later this fall.
TitansDoom PatrolSwamp ThingYoung Justice: Outsiders, and Harley Quinn are currently the all-new original live-action and animated series in development for DC Universe. From Warner Bros. Television, Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol are set to debut in 2019, following the live-action adventure series Titans which premieres later this year. Warner Bros. Animation is also developing a slate of animated TV series based on existing fan favorites, like Harley Quinn and the third season of Young Justice: Outsiders. Both animated series will debut in 2019.
On top of the original content, some of DC’s most beloved superhero films will be available at launch including all four original Superman movies, an assortment of animated films including Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Green Lantern: First Flight, and Wonder Woman. Classic TV shows will also be available, including the first two seasons of Batman: The Animated Series and the original Wonder Woman series in HD.
A curated selection of thousands of DC comics will be available to DC Universe members from a library that includes decades of comics creations. Some of these comics include the 1938 Action Comics that introduced Superman to the world as well as Detective Comics #27 which was the first introduction of Batman in 1939. Other titles include Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s iconic Justice League, Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing, and Harley Quinn, written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner.
Dan DiDio, publisher at DC Entertainment, commented: “We wanted the DC Universe comic reader to be a blend of art and technology that would further enhance fan’s experiences of the live-action and animated programming on DC Universe. This hand-curated selection from our decades of comic creations gives fans a thematic digital longbox to carry with them on the device of their choosing or lets them watch exclusive video content on a big screen followed by the comic that inspired it.”
Members will find themselves part of a community within DC Universe where they can rate, create, and share their own personalized playlists. Fans will be able to personalize their profile and select their own avatar as well. The forum allows for posting information, finding friendship, and sharing their DC passions in a moderated space.
Fans will also have the opportunity to explore news, interviews, and previews in daily video segments that help keep members up-to-date. The DC encyclopedia allows fans to contribute bios of hundreds of DC characters and places. Members will also have chances tow in premium rewards, including game unlocks, first-chance access to pop culture events, exclusive experiences, and more.
Finally, members will have exclusive access to all-new six inch Justice League Animated action figures from DC Collectibles, based on designs from the fan-favorite animated series starting in fall 2018. Members will also have access to a wide range of exclusive, curated, and hard-to-find DC merchandise from a variety of licensing partners before anyone else.
DC Universe, which will be available in the U.S. at launch on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, web and mobile web, will be managed by Sam Ades, general manager and senior vice president at Warner Bros. Digital Networks.

New Clip From YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS Features Nightwing in Action


A new clip has been released for the upcoming animated series Young Justice: Outsiders. It features Nightwing and Oracle infiltrating a secret metahuman lab run by the mysterious Bedlam.

I've been such a huge fan of this Young Justice series and I've got high hopes for its return. So far I've liked what I've seen, especially with that five-minute long trailer that was released during Comic-Con. That definitely stirred up some excitement among the fans!

The superhero line-up also includes Static, Kid Flash, Robin, Wonder Girl, Spoiler, Blue Beetle, Thirteen, Arrowette, Arsenal and Beast Boy. Here's the synopsis:

In Young Justice: Outsiders, the teenage Super Heroes of the DC Universe come of age in an animated world of super-powers, Super-Villains and super secrets. In the highly anticipated new season, the team faces its greatest challenge yet as it takes on meta-human trafficking and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy. Equally praised by critics and viewers for its impressive visuals and rich storytelling, Young Justice reached more than 25 million unique viewers in each of its two seasons on Cartoon Network. This passionate fan support set the stage for the new third season.

The series is being executive produced by Sam Register (Teen Titans Go!, Justice League Action) and Brandon Vietti (Batman: Under the Red Hood, Superman Doomsday) and Greg Weisman (Star Wars Rebels, Gargoyles) will also produce.

Young Justice: Outsiders will be coming soon to the DC Universe digital service.

DESTINY 2 And GOD OF WAR 3 Headlines September’s List Of Free PS Plus Games

Sony announced recently the latest roster of free PS Plus games for players subscribed to the service. September’s list is comprised of awesome games and possibly Sony’s biggest lineup as of yet.

First is Destiny 2 for the PlayStation 4. The game will be available earlier than the rest as PS Plus subscribers can now play the game for free starting today. Sony revealed that the reason for the game’s early release is for players to take advantage of the 24-hour free trial of Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Forsaken

Also for the PS4 is God of War III Remastered by Santa Monica Studios. The games put players in the role of Kratos as he makes his way from the depths of Hades to Mount Olympus as he seeks revenge against the gods. God of War III Remastered will be available to download beginning September 4. 

You can check out the full list of PS Plus games for September:


  • Destiny 2
  • God of War III


  • Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition (Cross-Buy with PS4 and Vita)
  • QUBE Director’s Cut (Cross Buy with PS4)

PS Vita

  • Sparkle 2 (Cross-Buy with PS3 and PS4)
  • Four Play (Cross-Buy with PS4)

What do you think of September’s list of free PS Plus Games? Which one will you download first?


New IRON FIST Season 2 Featurettes Focus on The “Wicked” New Fight Choreography


Marvel and Netflix really want you to know that the fight sequences coming to Iron Fist Season 2 are going to be badass and a lot better than what we got in Season 1. They've released two new featurettes for the series that focus on the fight choreography that has been composed by the new stunt coordinator Clayton Barber (Black Panther). 

There's a lot of new footage shared here and they actually show off some impressive stuff, so maybe we'll actually get some decent action scenes this season. They do say that every episode in Season 2 will have a standout action sequence, so that's something to look forward to! We also get a new look at Typhoid Mary (Alice Eve) in action while fighting Danny Rand (Finn Jones) and Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick). 

Here's the synopsis that was released for the second season:

Iron Fist Season 2 features Danny Rand (Finn Jones) as he fights against the criminal element corrupting New York City with his kung-fu mastery and ability to summon the awesome power of the fiery Iron Fist.
Season 2 furthers the transformation of Danny , a character with a fish out of water coming of age story making his way in a harsh new world, battling to work out who he is. This season, Dann y has promised that with Matt Murdock gone, he will step up and protect his city. But a sinister plot twist threatens his very identity and he must conquers his villains to protect the town and people he holds close to his heart.

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 is set to premiere on September 7th, 2018. 

Things Get Crazy and Creepy in The “Middle of The Night” Trailer For RIVERDALE Season 3


I didn't mean to get completely hooked on Riverdale, but to my surprise, I totally did. The show is a lot better than I expected it to be and I really do enjoy the dark world that they've thrust these characters into. Needless to say, I'm pumped up for Season 3! 

The CW has released the new promo spot for Riverdale Season 3 and it teases some of the strange and mysterious craziness that awaits these characters. The next season teases baby sacrifices and a cult and they seem to be leading to something very dark and sinister. 

New episodes of Riverdale premiere Wednesday, October 10th at 8/7c on The CW.

New Character Photos For DC Universe’s TITANS and a Premiere Date


For those of you who are excited or curious about DC Universe's upcoming Titans series, we've got a series of new photos featuring the main characters. They include Robin (Brenton Thwaites), Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), Raven (Teagan Croft), and Starfire (Anna Diop).

When the first trailer was released it was torn apart by a lot of fans. It was definitely a lot darker than a lot of people expected but in an over-the-top kind of way, which kind of turned a lot of people off. Regardless, I'm am curious to see how this series turns out. I hope it turns out better than what the trailer was trying to sell us. 

Titans follows a group of young soon-to-be superheroes recruited from every corner of the DC Universe. In the action-adventure series, Dick Grayson emerges from the shadows to become the leader of a fearless band of new heroes that includes Starfire (Diop), Raven (Croft) and others.

It was also announced that Titans would make its big debut on Friday, October 12th! Here are the new photos for you to check out! 

new-character-photos-for-dc-universes-titans-and-a-premiere-date2 new-character-photos-for-dc-universes-titans-and-a-premiere-date3 new-character-photos-for-dc-universes-titans-and-a-premiere-date4

Steven Spielberg’s Masterpiece SCHINDLER’S LIST Will Get a 25th Anniversary Re-Release


In honor of the 25th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece Schindler’s List, Universal Pictures will re-release the film in theaters with digitally remastered 4K picture and Dolby Atmos sound. 

This film is hailed as being "one of the most significant endeavors in the history of cinema." It tells the powerful true story of Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson), who saved the lives of more than 1,100 Jews during the Holocaust. 

It is the triumph of one man who made a difference and the drama of those who survived one of the darkest chapters in human history because of what he did.  Meticulously restored from the original film negative in pristine high definition and supervised by Spielberg, Schindler’s List is a powerful story whose lessons of courage and faith continue to inspire generations.

The movie won seven Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director. Co-starring Ben Kingsley and Ralph Fiennes, the film also earned Oscars for composer John Williams, screenwriter Steven Zaillian and director of photography Janusz Kaminiski, as well as art directors Allan Starski and Ewa Braun, editor Michael Kahn and producers Spielberg, Gerald R. Molen and Branko Lustig.

If for some reason, you've never seen this film, this is the perfect opportunity for you. The movie will get a limited theatrical engagement on December 7, 2018, in theaters across the United States and Canada. Here's the 25th anniversary trailer that was released.