Disney’s JUNGLE CRUISE Has Wrapped Production and Here’s a Video Featuring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt

Director Jaume Collet-Serra has just wrapped production on Disney’s upcoming adventure film Jungle Cruise, which is based on the classic and charming Disneyland ride. A video has been released to celebrate the occasion and it features Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt thanking the crew for all their hard work.

"It’s very bittersweet to have something so uniquely special come to an end — but myself and my one and only virtuoso, Emily Blunt proudly say, that’s an official wrap of our epic Disney's @JungleCruise."

The story is set in the early 20th century and takes place in the Amazon jungle. Johnson is playing a boat captain in the story "who takes his sister (Blunt) and her brother (Whitehall) on a mission to find a tree believed to possess healing powers. Wild animals and a competing German expedition figure into the proceedings." Giamatti is said to be taking on the role of a crusty harbormaster.

Jungle Cruise also stars Paul GiamattiJesse PlemonsEdgar Ramirez, and Jack Whitehall. There is no release date yet. Are you excited for Jungle Cruise?

The ScreenX Theatrical Experience is Coming to America

ScreenX is a new movie theater format that you can experience and its growth in the US is just starting. ScreenX comes from a Korean organization known as CJ Group and they’re the ones that made 4DX. If you like 4DX, you may really like ScreenX as well. This format is also something that more casual viewers who don’t want their chairs to move or deal with water and fog can try out. Regal Cinemas has teamed with CJ Group to bring ScreenX to American audiences after great success abroad.

The idea behind ScreenX is that you become enveloped more in the film. Instead of one screen, there are now 3. The action will all still take place on the center screen, but images will fill out screens on both walls to really immerse movie goers. For example, you could be watching Avengers: Infinity War and during the fight in the Wakandan forests, the side walls would show images of trees to add to the picture while you see Steve Rogers kicking butt in the center.

I don’t know that I’d enjoy it, but I know plenty of people who will love this idea. If you love this idea and 4DX, there are reports of the two merging.

Source: ComingSoon

I Present To You The Inflatable Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Inflatable Costume


If you're looking for a great Star Wars costume for Halloween this year that is also kind of creepy. You might want to consider this inflatable Han Solo frozen in carbonite costume. The adult-sized costume includes a battery-powered inflation fan, a freaky Harrison Ford mask, and gloves that complete the frozen effect.

If it's always been your dream to be captured in carbonite, we have the costume for you! This one-of-a-kind adult-sized Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Inflatable Costume includes a battery-operated fan, gloves, and a mask.

If you want one, you can purchase it at Entertainment Earth for $60.

han_solo_carbonite_costume_1.jpg i-present-to-you-the-inflatable-han-solo-frozen-in-carbonite-inflatable-costume3

This Video Shows Ground-breaking AI Technology That Recreates Faces Based On Crude Animations

AI just took a big leap forward in terms of animation, as a new technology demoing animation to recreation video synthesis is truly impressive. At first, I thought the video on the left of these people talking was the animation the computer was creating. I thought it was pretty cool, but not completely out of the realm of what artificial intelligence can do. Then I noticed some of the people looked weird, and that the people ON THE RIGHT are actually the computer recreations based on the crude animations! It’s wild to watch, even if you don’t fully understand it. I especially like the bit where the car is recreating surroundings based off images in real-time, and could see that being a cool feature for cars if fully developed in the future. Check out the technology below, and let us know what you think!

Patrick Fabian Reveals Where He Thinks Howard Is In BREAKING BAD


It’s impossible to talk about Breaking Bad when discussing Better Call Saul, even if the actor the press is speaking to wasn’t in the original show. Variety recently asked Patrick Fabian where he thinks Howard is in the Breaking Bad timeline, and the actor’s response offered a couple different suggestions:

My gut tells me he’s not dead. People love to direct message me and say how do you think he’s going to die. This is just pure imagination, but I imagine that Howard gets involved somehow and get burned one more time — he either removes himself from the situation or just sort of fades away. I don’t see a violent end for Howard. But I don’t know. Maybe Gus Fring needs a lawyer! I will say this. I keep insisting to Giancarlo that I have the best suits in the show and he keeps insisting that he does. So we’ll have to see them in the same frame of film. That would be interesting, I think.

It sounds like Fabian doesn’t have any idea what’s going to happen to Howard down the stretch, although he’s hoping the lawyer finds some way to stay alive into the Breaking bad years. I’m hoping he doesn’t just fade away, even though the story seems to be fading away from him more and more. Will you miss Howard if he’s no longer on Better Call Saul in later seasons?

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan’s WHEN HARRY MET SALLY Almost Has a Very Depressing Ending

When Harry Met Sally is one of the greatest romantic comedies ever made. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan were perfect in this movie, which told the story of two people who went from being friends to being in a heavy romantic relationship and after going through some challenges the two end up together at the end. They got their happy ending, but that always wasn't the case. Director Rob Reiner revealed in an interview that the two main characters almost didn't up together. The original ending had the two characters just going their separate ways.

"I was single for ten years and making a mess of my personal life, in and out of relationships and not being able to make anything work. The first draft of the script --- or the draft we were going to shoot --- Harry and Sally weren't going to get together. They meet each other years later and then walk separate ways."

He was obviously in a dark place and wasn't seeing life in a way that displayed all sunshine and rainbows. In every screenwriting class and workshop that I ever took, they say "write what you know" and at the time, he was obviously going through some rough days.

Nora Ephron is credited for writing the script for the film, but the initial story and the main plot points came from Reiner and Crystal. While talking to EW, the filmmaker went on to say that he met the woman who he would eventually marry while working on the film and it was because of that relationship that caused him to rewrite the ending into something happy that would make audiences feel good.

I'm glad he changed the ending because I love that ending! You can watch it below if you need a little reminder.

New Casting and Character Details For Netflix’s Sci-Fi Space Exploration Series ANOTHER LIFE

Netflix recently announced the addition of eight more actors who are set to join Katee Sackhoff, Selma Blair, Blu Hunt in the new sci-fi drama series, Another Life. The new players include A. J. Rivera (Grandfathered), Alexander Eling (Shadowhunters: Mortal Instruments), Alex Ozerov (The Americans)Jake Abel (Dirty John), JayR Tinaco (Rake), Jessica Camacho (The Flash), Barbara Williams (Mayans MC) and Lina Renna (The 100). Here’s the synopsis:

Another Life centers on astronaut Niko Breckinridge (Sackhoff) who is focused on searching for alien intelligence. She leads a crew on a mission to explore the genesis of an alien artifact. As Niko and her young crew investigate, they face unimaginable danger on what might very well be a one-way mission.

Deadline also provided descriptions for each characters that the actors will play below:

Rivera will play Bernie Martinez, the Salvare’s microbiologist and part-time chef. He is an understated super-brain with a crazy green thumb and an ability to turn even the most cardboard-tasting MRE into something you’d get in a Michelin-rated restaurant. That, plus his barrage of jokes is a form of currency on The Salvare.

Eling is Javier Almanzar, a former hacker on board The Salvare as an expert in computer engineering. He doesn’t pull punches and, though he doesn’t say a lot, he always speaks his mind. Quick to perceive offense, this quality reveals his tendency to wear his impoverished childhood like a badge.

Ozerov will portray Oliver Sokolov, one of The Salvare’s engineers. His family fled the floods of one of the world’s many water cities and – untethered on land – he’s discovered and built an entire life online. But what happens when he’s forced to live in reality, gazillions of miles away from the Earth?

Abel will portray Sasha Harrison, the son of the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Sasha grew up in wealth, enjoying every luxury. He never wanted to go into space, but finds himself on The Salvare as the government’s representative and diplomatic liaison. With any luck, the PR from this mission will fast-track his political career and help land him in the Oval Office one day.

Tinaco will play Zayn Petrossian. Zayn is the ship’s medic, and since in the future medicine is a whole lot more holistic than it is now, ze is also the ship’s shrink. Ze is extremely logical, intuitive, and curious. As chief medic, ze must confront hir worst fears of losing those people ze’s grown closest to.

Camacho is Michelle Vargas. Michelle says it like it is, which you think would help her in her job as The Salvare’s communications expert. The problem is, she’s aggressive, she complains a whole lot, and she can rub people the wrong way. She’s also exciting to be around, because you never quite know what’s going to come out of her mouth.

Williams will play General Blair Dubois. Dubois is a General with the United States Interstellar Command, in charge of United States’ response to the Artifact. She is career military, with years of combat experience. If she was younger, she might well have been leading The Salvare mission, rather than leading the teams on the ground. All the scientists around her may be in awe of the Artifact, but she is preparing for the best and expecting the worst.

Renna will portray Jana Breckinridge-Wallace. Jana is a wonderful mix of both her parents, Niko Breckinridge (Sackhoff) and Erik Wallace (Chatwin) – adventurous and brave, intelligent and curious. She struggles to find normalcy at home with one parent in space and in perpetual danger.

Does this sound like a sci-fi series you’re excited about watching?

Here’s One Final Ride On The JURASSIC PARK Ride At Universal Studios Hollywood


Jurassic Park: The Ride is getting taken down at Universal Studios: Hollywood, ending the era of a 22 year ride. Jurassic Park fans will get a Jurassic World attraction in 2019, although it's safe to say there are quite a few people who will miss this ride once it's gone. If you're one of those people and you didn't get a chance to ride it one last time, check out this video which does one final run-through:

Via: InsideUniversal