2 BROKE GIRLS Writers Get Put Pilot Ordered for New Series by Fox

Fox is looking for a new comedy, so they’ve ordered a put pilot for a new series from Michelle Nader and Morgan Murphy. Nader and Murphy were both writers for the CBS series 2 Broke Girls as well as different types of producers. The show will be called Danny Issues and Variety describes it as this:

Titled “Danny Issues,” the show follows two flawed sisters who are reunited with their ne’er-do-well father after the loss of their mother, leading all three to realize that sometimes what they thought was the problem is actually the solution.

If you don’t know what a put pilot is, I’ll do my best to explain it. A put pilot is a pilot that is guaranteed to air. Fox is not just going to screen the Danny Issues pilot and then decide if it’s up to snuff. If they decided not to air it, they would be hit with some big penalties. We’re going to see the show and it will probably air in 2019 although no official date has been provided.