THE QUIET MAN Releases On November

Square Enix revealed that The Quiet Man, an action-adventure that will mix live-action video with gameplay, is set to launch next month. The game was initially announced during Square Enix’s E3 conference and will feature a narrative-focused game from Human Head Studios, known for the original 2006 game, Prey.

The game’s trailer shows clips from both the live-action sequences and in-game footage. It was not explained how gameplay will be presented in The Quiet Man, but it is worth noting that the game’s combat system is designed by Tatsuro Koike, the same man who directed the fight sequences in the Yakuza games.

The Quiet Man will launch on November 1, for the PlayStation 4 and Steam, and is priced at $14.99.




Mario Kart VR initially made an appearance in Japan and London and has now made its way to the US. Fans in the country can now experience the cartoonish karting action, complete with a physical vehicle, pedals, and a steering wheel. The VR Zone Portal is currently in Washington DC’s Union Station as of the moment.

However, the VR Zone in the US will not be as large as the attraction in Tokyo and Osaka but will still allow players to select several VR games including, Mario Kart VR, Argyle Shift, and Ski Rodeo. The machine and all three games are available on a first-come-first-served basis and will not require any reservation.

In Mario Kart VR, racers will be sporting an HTC Vice headset and will be playing in first person. Players can use virtual items such as balloons and sash weapons including green and red shells via specific hand gestures. Players who would like to experience the VR Zone Portal has until 2019 to play the game.


Melee’s Best and Brightest to Compete In The Big House 8

This Friday, thousands of Super Smash Bros. enthusiasts will converge upon Detroit’s Cobo Center for the last Smash supermajor of the year, The Big House 8. The Big House is one of the most long-running major series in the Smash scene; from its origin as a Midwestern regional-level qualifier for Apex 2012, it has accrued its fair share of legends, ongoing narratives, and cachet.

This year, former Big House champion Adam “Armada” Lindgren will not be a contender for the Midwest’s biggest trophy. The Big House 5 winner announced his retirement from singles play two weeks ago; however, he will still be in attendance at this weekend’s event to compete in doubles and interact with fans.

Armada’s absence puts two competitors front and center in the race for the year-end No. 1 ranking. While Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma has won a smattering of smaller majors and boasts winning records over every active elite-level player, he also has more losses outside the Big Six than any of his peers. On the other hand, William “Leffen” Hjelte has an Evolution Championship Series title under his belt, and has winning records over every elite player except for Hungrybox and Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman (who will also be absent at The Big House 8). Though The Big House is not the last tournament of consequence this year, a first-place finish at the year’s last supermajor would be quite the feather in either contender’s cap.

That isn’t to disregard Joseph “Mang0” Marquez’s chances at victory. After all, the three-time The Big House champion has won every even-numbered iteration of the tournament series so far. Though Mang0 has stumbled over the last few months, it hasn’t been that long since he showed up at Smash Summit 6 to defeat both Hungrybox and Armada on the same day. If he can pull out the stops again, he might be able to edge out a victory at The Big House 8.

The last two contenders for The Big House 8’s Melee trophy are both members of Panda Global: Justin “Plup” McGrath and Zain “Zain” Naghmi. The former was ranked No. 2 on the Summer 2018 Melee Panda Global Rankings on the strength of his stunning Genesis 5 victory in January and a solid string of second-place finishes at smaller events in the first half of the year. Though Plup’s summer has been relatively quiet, he’s shown that he has everything it takes to win The Big House 8.

As for Zain, the patient and precise Marth main demonstrated his ability to win majors at Shine 2018. With Armada and Mew2King not in contention, Zain has beaten everyone who stands in his way at The Big House. Could this be his first supermajor victory? It just might happen.

To catch the action at this weekend’s event, tune into the stream on VGBootCamp this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!


THE WITCHER Author is Demanding 16 Million Additional Payment from CD Projekt RED

CD Project RED’s The Witcher, which is based on the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, is now becoming a Netflix series. Now, the Sapkowski is demanding additional payment from the developer, amounting to a whopping $16.1 million.

The news was first reported by Eurogamer who revealed that the studio received a demand from the author asking for additional royalties. Sapkowski previously mentioned before that he “regretted” rejecting CD Projekt RED’s original offer that grants him a percentage of overall profits from the game franchise. Instead, the author agreed to a lump sum payment, as he did not anticipate how successful The Witcher would become as a video game.

Now, CD Projekt RED responds to the original demand explaining that it legally acquired the copyright to Sapkowski’s work and have paid all dues stipulated in the original agreement.

“In the Company’s opinion the demands expressed in the notice are groundless with regard to their merit as well as the stipulated amount. The Company had legitimately and legally acquired copyright to Mr. Andrzej Sapkowski’s work, i.a, insofar as is required for its use in games developed by the Company. All liabilities payable by the Company in association therewith have been properly discharged.”

Although CD Projekt RED firmly rejected Sapkowski’s plea, the studio revealed that they are open for a fair agreement saying, “However, any such resolution must be respectful of previously expressed intents of both parties, as well as existing contracts.”

You can check out the demand letter released by CD Projekt RED here. What are your thoughts in this situation? Should Sapkowski stick to the initial deal? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Will The NS Glasses Bring A True VR Experience To The Switch?

ns-glasses (1).jpg

Virtual Reality headsets have been out for quite some time now but are more catered to players on the PC and PlayStation 4. Of course, the very idea of the Switch having its own VR headset is exciting at best and the NS Glasses hopes to capitalize on bringing this idea into reality.

The NS Glasses is being developed by a Canadian company called exklim and describes their product as the “world’s first [VR] headset for Switch.” Unfortunately, just as Nintendo Life pointed out, this description is only partly true because even if its design appears similar to a VR headset, the technology behind it is not.

The accessory features a locking contraption to keep the Nintendo Switch secured in its place, and even has vents to prevent the console from overheating. It is described to have a “comfortable” face pad and adjustable headband and will be compatible with every single Switch game in existence.

nslasses3 (1).jpg

The only problem here is that the Switch itself was never designed to be VR capable, which is problematic for players hoping for a true VR experience on the console. To compensate, the NS Glasses uses a “color switching technology” to extract specific color shades, and provide the impression of 3D visuals inside the headset. If the 3D technology works as the manufacturer claims it to be, then it’s probably more similar to the 3DS 3D effect rather than a genuine VR experience. Nonetheless, it’s still a cool concept, which may or may not take off.

Players who are interested in getting the NS Glasses can pre-order it early and receive a 50% discount ($50 USD). What do you think of the NS Glasses? Do you think it has potential? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


LIMIT THEORY Has Been Canceled Six Years After A Successful Kickstarter

The upcoming sandbox space simulator Limit Theory has been officially canceled. The game went into development after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The game’s developer, Josh Parnell revealed that his exhausted from working on the game for so long and is drained physically, emotionally, and financially.

“Not in my darkest nightmares did I expect this day to ever come, but circumstances have reached a point that even my endless optimism can no longer rectify,” Parnell revealed last Friday. He is now planning to release the game’s source code for people to tinker around with but claims that “it’s not a working game.”

Unfortunately, the game’s development took longer than expected and began leaking money as Parnell resorted to using his personal savings, and is now exhausted. “Every year that passes sees me becoming more desperate to make good on the dream with which you all entrusted me, but each such year I grow less and less capable of doing so as my mindset falls further away from that bright, beautiful hope that powered me from the beginning,” Parnell said in Friday’s announcement. “I am not what I once was.”

The cancellation of Limit Theory is a sad ending to what was once a successful Kickstarter campaign. Parnell launched the crowdfunding campaign last November 2012 “to show people exactly how much one can accomplish with a small budget and immense power of procedural generation.” Limit Theory was able to rake in $187,865, which is $50,000 past his Kickstarter goal.


Here Is RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2’s Second Gameplay Trailer

Last night, developer Rockstar Games teased via Twitter that the second gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 is set to release today. Keeping to its word, the game’s latest footage titled “Gameplay Video Part 2,” is now available and showcases how the world of the game allows players to embark on several adventures to engage with.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, players can do tons of activities such as robbing trains, having personal moments with members of your gang and other inhabitants of the world, and so on. The latest preview showcases a few small activities that can customize your character such as dressing up, grooming, bathing, and other tasks such as eating, going on duels or bounty hunting.

The new Dead Eye system was also briefly showcased in the video where the ability allows players to paint targets and identify critical points. The first gameplay trailer for the game debuted last August and gave an in-depth view of the upcoming title. Players were shown the vast landscapes Red Dead Redemption 2 is set in, which will include swamplands, cities, small farm towns, and many others.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is set to release on October 26 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while its online mode, Red Dead Online, will launch as a beta in November.


Analyst Predicts The PlayStation Classic To Sell Millions This Holiday Season


The PlayStation Classic has been a hot topic in gaming right now ever since Sony’s announcement earlier this month. The upcoming mini console will include 20 pre-installed classic games, and although only five were revealed during the announcement, several fans have already pre-ordered in preparation for the launch in December.

Now, analyst Michael Patcher spoke with GamingBolt and believes that the PlayStation Classic will sell millions this holiday season, which will depend if Sony will be able to keep up with the demand.

“There has been a lot of support for the Nintendo classic hardware, so I presume Sony will see similar success,” Patcher said. “They should be able to sell ‘millions’ (around 1-2 million) without any problem if they choose to make that many. It’s priced right, and the game lineup is pretty good for that price. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell 2-3 million this holiday and a similar number per year as long as they choose to keep manufacturing.”

There are still tons of unanswered questions surrounding the PlayStation Classic such as the rest of the games that will be available at launch. You can check out the 15 games we want to see on the PlayStation Classic here.

Will you be picking up the system once it's released on December 3?


THE GARDENS BETWEEN Now Available To PS4, Switch, And PC


Last week, indie developer Voxel Agents officially launched its newest title, The Gardens Between, which is a puzzle-adventure game that allows players to manipulate time to guide friends and explore the world of mysterious garden islands.

The game revolves around protagonists Frendr and Arina who found themselves in a garden filled with things from their childhood. The game also gives importance to the decision that players make, as you will be asked to choose between things you must let go and things you must keep.

The Gardens Between is now available on Switch, PS4, Steam, and Mac App Store for $19.99.


Nintendo Shuts Down Unofficial MARIO KART Races In Tokyo

 Photo: MariCar | Facebook

Photo: MariCar | Facebook

The MariCar attraction in Tokyo, Japan previously allowed local residents and tourists the opportunity to embark on a real-life Mario Kart race around the city. The attraction even went as far as to drop “weapons” on one another, which did not please Nintendo at all.

Nintendo then filed a lawsuit claiming that MariCar’s attraction was damaging to its Mario Kart franchise. Now, Kotaku reported that the Tokyo District Court ruled in favor of Nintendo, and ordered MariCar to stop using Nintendo-themed costumes in its attraction and now has to pay ten million yen ($89,000) in damages.

Of course, Nintendo has every right to protect its intellectual property that MariCar used to earn profits without Nintendo’s consent. It’s a shame though that people won’t be able to see these Mario Kart races in Tokyo anymore. I was fortunate enough to witness a race earlier this year during my visit to Tokyo, and let’s just say that it was the highlight of my trip, being a Nintendo fan.