VAMPYR Is Getting A Story-Focused Mode Plus A Few ‘Optimization Tweaks’

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It appears that developer Dontnod isn't done with Vampyr just yet as the studio just released an update that aims to introduce optimization tweaks to the game. During Vampyr's release last June, PC players encountered performance issues despite playing on high-end hardware, so hopefully, this will get addressed in the update. You can check out the full patch notes of the update here.  Furthermore, Dontnod also announced a future update this summer that will introduce two modes and more improvements to the game. 

Regarding the two new ways to play, Dontnod announced that they will include a narrative centered mode called Story Mode that aims to immerse players on the game's narrative by "de-emphasizing combat." The second mode, on the other hand, called the Hard mode will make combat more challenging and will slow player progression by lessening XP for killing enemies. This means that players will have to be creative and should prioritize sucking blood from innocent NPCs instead.

Together with the news on the upcoming update, Dontnod also announced that Vampyr will be 25 percent off on Steam until July 30. So if you haven't decided if you want to pick up the game, you can check out our full review of Vampyr here


SURGEON SIMULATOR CPR Is Heading To The Switch This Fall


The Switch is no stranger to getting games that are not usually associated with a Nintendo system. This fall, Switch owners can now live their dreams of becoming a surgeon as Surgeon Simulator CPR is headed to the console. 

In celebration of the game's 5th anniversary, developer Bossa Studios is releasing a port of the game, complete with all the previous iterations of the infamously challenging simulator. CPR for the Switch will feature motion controls and HD rumble support. Players will also have access to all original operation and the eye and teeth transplants from the original A&E. Moreover, players will get their hands on the highly-classified Alien Autopsy operation. 

To make things more exciting, the Switch version of the game will now feature a co-op mode. Players can just hand a joy-con to a friend and work together on an operation for a drop-in, drop-out gameplay. 

As of now, Bossa Studios is yet to reveal the exact release date of CPR to the Switch, but a Fall window was promised by the studio. 

Surgeon Simulator is currently available on the PC, PlayStation 4, PSVR and iOS devices. 


NO MAN’S SKY Is Climbing The Charts Two Years After Its Release

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It has been 22 months since No Man's Sky was released and had a disappointing launch as pre-release promises never lived up to the final product. However, in a promising turn of events, Hello Games released the latest update for the game called Next, and things are starting to look better for No Man's Sky. 

As of now, Steam's roster of the top 10 most-played titles now includes No Man's Sky and is currently beating mainstay games such as Team Fortress 2, Football Manager 2018 and ARK: Survival Evolved. After the release of Next, people started playing No Man's Sky again, which is impressive given its lousy reputation at launch. 

The launch of Next made No Man's Sky the game that players wanted it to be when it was released two years ago. As of this writing, the game was able to rake in 60,448 concurrent players on Steam, which is a massive improvement as the game previously struggled with 2,000 concurrent players per month prior to the release of Next. The game's creator, Sean Murray said that No Man's Sky is "one of the most-played games in the world this week." It is worth noting that current statistics still does not include PlayStation 4 and Xbox One statistics, but its performance on Steam is proof enough. 

What do you think of the latest update for No Man's Sky? Are you playing the game again? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


Southern California Melee Tournament Organizers Step Down After Controversy Sparked By Transphobic Comments


A few days ago, the Super Smash Bros. Melee community was dealt its second controversy in as many weeks, thanks to a salvo of transphobic comments made by the tournament organizer of a prominent weekly event.

On July 18, Alex Wallace, a prominent tournament organizer and co-founder of streaming/tournament organizing group The Balcony, posted the screenshot below in the SoCal Melee Community Facebook page.


Wallace was taken aback at the apparent transphobia displayed by Kenny Harisis, who was one of the organizers running a large SoCal weekly, known as Training Mode Tuesdays at the time. To ensure that she didn’t misinterpret his intentions, Wallace contacted Harisis, but he simply doubled down on his statement, prompting her to post his message in the SoCal group and demand a boycott of the weekly until Harisis stepped down from his leadership position.

The controversy expanded when the tournament’s head organizer, Cary “Vro” Zhang, seemingly ignored his colleague’s actions, allowing him to continue to run the Training Mode Tuesday event in the week following the revelation of his transphobic comments. As a result, he was lambasted by his local community, prompting him to tweet out a public apology and temporarily step down from his leadership position after forcing Harisis to do the same.

At the moment, the future of Training Mode Tuesdays and its organizers is unclear—but there’s no doubt that this is a victory for those who want to make the Smash community a safer space for women, LGBTQ community members, and other marginalized groups. Thanks to public pressure, one of California’s largest locals is once again open to all.


Oddest Of The Odd Creates An Epic FORTNITE Fan Film


The best fan film for Fortnite has finally been made! The incredible film crew over at Oddest of the Odd have put together one of the best fan films to be made and it features one of the most popular games available today.

While there has recently been an Uncharted fan film, starring the popular actor Nathan Fillion, it is likely why this Fortnite fan film is going unappreciated. Sometimes the name of who is involved can out shine the talent of others. Either way, both films are great, but in my opinion, this Fortnite video is hands down the better of the two.

While maintaining the core purpose and community of the Fortnite fan base, YouTube film makers Oddest of the Odd bring a comical and exhilarating experience that truly shows what an in-game match would be like in real life.


The SOUL CALIBUR VI Character Roster Continues To Grow

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As we continue to get closer to October 19th, which is when Bandai Namco will release Soul Calibur VI on PC, PS4, and XB1, more and more characters are revealed. Just a couple weeks ago we were shown this pretty impressive character reveal of Talim.

It seems are a lot of returning characters and only a handful of new ones for the next chapter in the Soul series. After all, returning characters with improved mechanics and combinations is what players prefer in fighting games. Earlier this week we were given another badass character reveal trailer, this time for Voldo.

I'm personally excited for Soul Calibur VI and testing my skill against some of the new characters, like Geralt, but also interested in learning some more lore through the game. It makes me wonder how many more characters we can expect.

Soul Calibur games always hold a wide variety of combat styles and character options. What else is missing that Bandai Namco can add to this well-balanced fighting game without making it unfair? Who else would people want to see added to the roster? While I'm happy with Kilik as my primary, it would be interesting to see someone from Mortal Kombat make it in, like Scorpion or Raiden.

Which character do you think would be an excellent addition to the Soul Calibur VI roster?


FORTNITE’s Guided Missiles Are Making A Return


Epic games just revealed that the controversial guided missiles are making a return to Battle Royale mode after it was removed back in April. 

The guided missiles first made an appearance after Fortnite expanded its arsenal of hilarity in March, and players quickly discovered that it was possible for them, to ride the missiles. Of course, given their vast power, the missiles became too much and were removed from the game. 

Now, Epic revealed in Fortnite's latest developer update video that the missiles are making a return to the game. Epic's senior designer Andrew Bains said in the video that:

"When the guided missile first made its way to Battle Royale, we loved all the fun, and crazy moments it provided. But after its release we shared the same concerns as the Fortnite community at large: it's hard to compete against a near-endless barrage of highly effective explosives."

The controversial missiles underwent drastic changes while it was out of the game and will now feature a reduced movement speed, limited turning radius, damage, and damage radius. Moreover, the default ammo cap is now set to 12. Epic's goal in this update is to make missiles a handy "scouting tool" rather than a weapon of mass destruction. 

As of now, there is still no exact date on when these missiles are going to return to Battle Royale, but Bains suggested that they will be part of Fortnite's "next item release." 


DREAM ALONE Review: A Dark Platformer With Mystery

Finding a unique way to blend platforming and horror that is fun, challenging, and puts players on the edge of their nerves is a difficult task. Facing that mix of genre is WarSaw Games with their latest game, Dream Alone.


A young boy who lives in a town, recently plagued with the mysterious illness that is causing everybody to fall into a coma, sets out to find a way to save everyone; especially his parents. Facing danger in multiple forms, he must overcome the challenges ahead if he hopes to be successful in this adventure.


Featuring only two mechanics, move and jump, players must learn the patterns of enemies and various dangers in each level in order to progress. There is no special actions a player can take to aid them, so timing will be the only answer.

Enemies range from small to tall and always have a pattern. The challenge is finding how far and high you can jump then using the environment around you to ensure you can get past them.

download (26).jpeg

There is a few power ups and abilities that can aid you, but they are for the platforming and puzzle solving aspects. From providing a temporary portable light to creating a doppelganger to let you be in two places at once, each ability will be used throughout the game.

The first and main ability let's you go into an alternate reality where the landscape is a bit different, the danger feels raised, and dead bodies are seen variously around the background. It doesn't help with the enemies in any way, but players will find themselves using this often to find their way to the end of the level.

Graphics and Sounds

Visually, the game has a mid-90's/early-00's horror art style with characters and enemies that could have been approved by Tim Burton. The graphic level isn't amazing, but it does well to provide the atmosphere.

The music and sound effects were all matching well. Either blending in or reacting to the changes in the environment, the sounds used helped with the games overall atmosphere.

What Could Be Better

The movement felt a bit off and didn't make the game feel as smooth as it could of been. The overall character control needs to be improved when it comes to the movement.

The story wasn't very impressive with an ending that lacked the ability to grab my attention. This game may have benefited by being a silent game that doesn't tell the story seeing as the gameplay is the main factor that holds any interest in Dream Alone.

Final Verdict

Dream Alone is a somewhat challenging and a pretty interesting puzzle platformer. While there are aspects that could have been better, the fun that the confusing and dark gameplay provides is the reason you will want to try this game out.


The Horror Game HELLO NEIGHBOR Is Now Available On Mobile

Developer TinyBuild is releasing the stealth horror game Hello Neighbor to both iOS and Android mobile devices. Right now, the first act of the game is for free, which you can try out before buying the full game for $15. Getting the mobile version of the game is a deal compared to the PS4 and Xbox and will be $10 more on the Switch. 

Players can download the game now on both App Store and Google Play right now. For iOS devices, the game supports iPhone 6s, iPad 5 (2017), iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 or newer. On the other hand, support for Android devices include the devices mentioned in the developer's tweet

Hello Neighbor puts players at odds with the disturbed next-door neighbor and will put them on a mission to sneak into his house, discover secrets, and avoid getting caught. The game was initially released to the PC and Xbox and was later released on the PS4 and Switch. 


Check Out This Choir Who Performed The CIVILIZATION 4 Theme Song On America’s Got Talent


Fans of Civilization 4 will be familiar with Baba Yetu, the official theme song of the game. The song is the work of composer Christopher Tin, who won a Grammy for the song making Civilization 4 the first-ever video game to win the highly-coveted music award. 

Now, in an episode of America's Got Talent, Baba Yetu was sung in front of the judges by the Angel City Chorale. Of course, its unlikely that the panel would be familiar with the song from Civilization 4, but that didn't hinder their love for the performance. In a wild turn of events, the Golden Buzzer was pressed, which means that the chorale will make it through the live show.

As far as I can remember, this is the first time that a song written for a video game ever made it to America's Got Talent or any other talent show out there. I may be wrong, so let me know in the comments below if this has happened before. 

What do you think of Angel City Chorale's rendition of Baba Yetu from Civilization 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.