We've got another TV spot to share with you for Ant-Man and The Wasp. This one amusingly finds a way to tie into Avengers: Infinity War and teases that everything has been "leading up to this!" Then we see that Scott Lang isn't a big fan of the little desk that he's been given in the office. There's a few other bits of new footage including one of a ship traveling through the quantum realm. Check it out!

From the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes a new chapter featuring heroes with the astonishing ability to shrink: “Ant-Man and The Wasp.” In the aftermath of “Captain America: Civil War,” Scott Lang grapples with the consequences of his choices as both a Super Hero and a father. As he struggles to rebalance his home life with his responsibilities as Ant-Man, he’s confronted by Hope van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym with an urgent new mission. Scott must once again put on the suit and learn to fight alongside The Wasp as the team works together to uncover secrets from their past.

The mission will focus on Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne going into the quantum realm to save Janet Van Dyne, which is what I'm most excited about seeing.

Peyton Reed is directing Ant-Man and the Wasp and it stars Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, Evangeline Lilly as Hope van Dyne, Michael Douglas as Hank Pym, Michael Pena as Luis, David Dastmalchian as Kurt, T.I. as Dave, Randall Park as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Jimmy Woo, Laurence Fishburne as Dr. Bill Foster, Michelle Pfeiffer as Janet Van Dyne, and Hannah John-Kamen as The Ghost.

Ant-Man and The Wasp will be released in theaters on July 6th, 2018.

A Classic STAR WARS Character is Rumored to Be Returning For STAR WARS: EPISODE IX

There's a new rumor regarding J.J. Abrams' Star War: Episode IX that some of you might be interested in reading. The report comes from Fantha Tracks who says that they've heard from two independent sources that a classic Star Wars character will be returning for this final chapter of the trilogy. Possible Spoilers ahead:

According to the report, Billy Dee Williams will finally make his triumphant return to the Star Wars franchise and Lando Calrissian. If this is true, it would be super exciting! Here's what they say:

"We were asked by our original source to verify this with another independent source before we ran with it. We did that, confirming that this is indeed correct (and before anyone asks, we’re not going to name our sources because that’s not how this works). Filming on Episode IX starts next month, so expect to see official confirmation of this exciting casting very soon."

I know this is just a rumor, but I was hoping that we'd see Lando make an appearance in this latest saga trilogy. It kinda makes sense for him to return for this third one. Lucasfilm has already killed off Han and Luke, and with Leia not returning Lando is the one other big character from the original trilogy to bring back. Hopefully, J.J. Abrams doesn't end up killing him off as well. 

Before this rumor broke, there was speculation that Williams, who is 81-years-old, would be returning to the role because he has changed up his exercise and eating habits. Some fans think that he's doing this to prepare for the role.

Do you hope to see Lando take on a role in the story for Episode IX?

Chris Hardwick Pulled From AMC Series’ and Comic-Con and He Responds to His Ex-Girlfriend’s Abuse Allegations

Last week, Chris Hardwick's ex-girlfriend, Chloe Dykstra, posted an essay detailing the sexual and mental abuse she claims to have endured from Hardwick. 

The allegations are pretty serious and the Nerdist website ended up removing Hardwick's name from the website, which he hasn't been a part of for some time. This was followed by some writers leaving Nerdist in the wake of the allegations.

These allegations are already destroying his career as THR is now reporting that AMC has pulled his series Talking with Chris Hardwick and I also heard The Talking Dead. Hardwick also won't be moderating any panels at Comic-Con either. AMC released the following statement:

"We have had a positive working relationship with Chris Hardwick for many years. We take the troubling allegations that surfaced very seriously. While we assess the situation, Talking with Chris Hardwick will not air on AMC, and Chris has decided to step aside from moderating planned AMC and BBC America panels at Comic-Con International in San Diego next month."

Not long after Dykstra's allegations against Hardwick went viral, he released a statement of his own. So now we have his side of the story. He says:

"These are very serious allegations and not to be taken lightly which is why I’ve taken the day to consider how to respond. I was heartbroken to read Chloe’s post. Our three year relationship was not perfect—we were ultimately not a good match and argued—even shouted at each other—but I loved her, and did my best to uplift and support her as a partner and companion in any way and at no time did I sexually assault her.
"When we were living together, I found out that Chloe had cheated on me, and I ended the relationship. For several weeks after we broke up, she asked to get back together with me and even told me she wanted to have kids with me, ‘build a life’ with me and told me that I was ‘the one,’ but I did not want to be with someone who was unfaithful."
"I’m devastated to read that she is now accusing me of conduct that did not occur. l was blindsided by her post and always wanted the best for her. As a husband, a son, and future father, I do not condone any kind of mistreatment of women."

Regardless of what he says here, there are a lot of people on Twitter that don't believe him. A lot of people are siding with Dykstra, which is totally understandable and obviously, some fans are siding with Hardwick. But, here we have two sides to a story and only when a thorough investigation is completed will we know the truth of what happened. Dykstra claims to have proof of the things that Hardwick did to her, which I'm sure investigators will obviously want to look at. 

Things definitely aren't looking good for Hardwick, though. Even if it turns out that he's not guilty of these accusations the damage is already done. If he is guilty, well then... he's screwed.

Source: Deadline

Lucasfilm is Reportedly Developing at Least Nine STAR WARS Films at the Moment


Apparently, Lucasfilm is neck deep in the Star Wars films that they are currently developing. According to voice actor, Tom Kane, who is involved with the franchise there are nine films in development. and also says there are no plans for a Yoda solo film. In case you're wondering, though, Kane is the voice of Ackbar in The Last Jedi and also provides the voice of Yoda when Frank Oz isn't around to do it. 

Kane made an appearance recently at All Star Comic Con, and Aaron Goins, who is the host of a Star Wars podcast offered up the information:

It's really not that surprising to learn that there are nine films in development, though. Rian Johnson is developing three of them, Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are developing multiple films, then there's Episode IX, and a few other Star Wars Story films for Boba Fett, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and more.

Regardless of the hate that The Last Jedi received and the box-office disappointment of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Lucasfilm is pressing forward and they are going to continue to keep pumping out Star Wars movies. Personally, I'm excited about what's to come! 

Our of all the projects that we are aware of, what are you most looking forward to seeing?

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Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Origin Film Shooting Location and Start Date Revealed

DC Entertainment is apparently getting really close to starting production on director Todd Phillips' Joker origin movie. Martin Scorsese is producing the film and Joaquin Phoenix is set to take on the role of the Crown Prince of Crime. 

According to Omega Underground the film, which is said to be set in the 80s, might start filming as soon as September, and the say that the film will be shooting in New York City. If this is true, I imagine there will be some big announcement at Comic-Con next month.

The story is said to "delve into what it took for the Joker to become a mastermind criminal" and that it will have more of "a gritty crime drama than comic book movie." Rumor has it that the film story was inspired by The Killing Joke and that it revolve around a failed comedian who ends up becoming a criminal.

The movie is said to only have a $55 million dollar budget, which is considered a low budget for such a high profile film, but if Deadpool can pull off such a badass movie on such a small budget that this one should be able to pull it off as well. As long as the film has a strong story and script, it should be fine. 

This is one of two Joker projects in the works at DC Entertainment. The other project will be part of the DCEU and focus on Jared Leto's version of the character. 

Well, Terry Gilliam Has Lost The Rights To THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE


Terry Gilliam's long-time passion project, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, really must be a cursed film! The director has been trying to get this film made for decades! Things looked bright for him and the project when he actually completed production on it with Adam Driver and it ended up premiering at the Cannes Film Festival.

Well, things just took another crazy turn as Gilliam just lost the rights to his film! Screen Rant reports that the Paris Court of Appeal just ruled in favor of the film’s former producer, Paulo Brancho, who sued for rights to the project on the grounds that Gilliam made the film illegally. Wow! I didn't see that coming!

According to Branco and his production company Alfama, Gilliam and his team didn't hold the rights to make the film. Screen Daily quotes Branco as saying:

"The film belongs in its entirety to [the production company Alfama Films]. The film was made illegally. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen so many people embark on a mission to produce and exploit a film, without holding the rights. It’s a unique case."

On top of that, Gilliam also had to pay a little over $10,000 in damages to Alfama Films, and the production company will be seeking similar recompense from the film’s production crew and the Cannes Film Festival.

This is just crazy! I'll be honest, I feel bad for Gilliam because this is the passion project that he's never given up on after all of the crazy problems that he's had to endure in trying to make it over the years. Those problems are still continuing and we have no idea if the film will ever see the light of day at this point. At the same time, he should've made sure it was ok for him to make the film before he actually went out and made it.

The story of this film production seems wilder than the story that the film will tell! 

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote stars Adam Driver (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) in the role of Toby and Jonathan Pryce (Pirates of the Caribbean) in the role of Don Quixote, and this is the synopsis: 

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote tells the story of a deluded old man who is convinced he is Don Quixote, and who mistakes Toby, an advertising executive, for his trusty squire, Sancho Panza. The pair embark on a bizarre journey, jumping back and forth in time between the 21st and magical 17th century. Gradually, like the infamous knight himself, Toby becomes consumed by the illusory world and unable to determine his dreams from reality. The tale culminates in a phantasmagorical and emotional finale where Toby takes on the mantle of Don Quixote de la Mancha.

The movie also stars Stellan Skarsgård (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Good Will Hunting), Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace, Oblivion), Joana Ribeiro (Portugal Não Está à Venda, A Uma Hora Incerta), Óscar Jaenada (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides), Jordi Mollà (Criminal, In the Heart of the Sea), Sergi Lopez (Pan’s Labyrinth) and Rossy de Palma (Julieta, The Flower of my Secret).

DC Comics Reveals Batgirl’s New Costume

DC Comics is revamping Batgirl and she's got a new creative team behind it and it will come complete with a new costume design for her new adventures in Gotham City. That costume redesign comes from artist Sean Gordon Murphy and it is going to be revealed on the cover of Batgirl #26.

If you're familiar with the comics and the previous Batgirl costumes, this one was inspired by the character's outfit from Year One with the grey, yellow, and blue color scheme. Obviously, it has more of a modern stylish look to it, though, especially with the bat logo that will hook on to a backpack. The gloves, boots, and utility belt also have been tweeked, and she doesn't have a full cowl. The following comes from Polygon.

Sean Gordon Murphy-batgirl-GT batgirl-redesign-costume-GT

The series is being written by Mairghread Scott with art by Paul Pelletier and Elena Casagrande, and this is what Scott had to say in a statement:

“This is supposed to be a version of the costume that she was working on when she still lived with her dad. That’s why it looks so much like her original Batgirl: Year One outfit — like, she’s with her dad. She can’t get out back to Burnside, and this is like the emergency. So the version that she was working on [back in the day] that she had stashed here just in case. It helps us with the story a little bit too, because it’s a little less bright — we wanted her to be more stealthy, and we want her to be able to integrate some more tech with the belt.”

I like the new design! It's got a cool stylish look to it that fits the character and its a good combo of old and new. 

Batgirl will be taking on the returning villain named Grotesque, who according to Scott, was "originally, this sort of adrenaline junkie who liked to steal the finer things in life, but he got sent away to Blackgate. Now he’s back and we learn that his time in prison has really changed him." Scott said.

This villain is dark as he is an artist that creates insane pieces of art using human beings. "Things like Perseus with the Head of Medusa, but maybe it’s got a real person’s head. Or a still life, but made up of human hands. He’s still stealing things, of course, but it’s different now — he’s escalating. And Batgirl has to stop him."

He's like Hannibal Lector! This sounds like it going to be a rough villain for Batgirl to take on. But, it's explained that this will also come with an internal struggle with her implant:

"The implant that allows her to walk is shorting out. But when that happens, [Babs’] is just like, ‘Oh, okay, my legs aren’t working, I can deal with that. It’s fine.’ Because she was Oracle for a long time, you know? She knows how to operate without the chip."

The use of her legs isn't all that she's dealing with, though:

"We decided that this implant is in her spine, it’s got to hook into her brain somehow. So that’s the risk — she’s a girl who can survive anything as long as she has her brain, but what happens if her brain is suddenly becoming an unreliable place? My mom had a brain tumor, so I pulled a lot of what Babs is going through here from her — it was a lot of awkward conversations like 'Hey, so, you know how it felt when you were brain damaged?'"
"Because that’s scary, you know? My mom was a professional grammarian for years and suddenly it was a struggle. She had to think about things like ‘what if the language centers of my brain stop working? How will I feed myself, how will I feed my family?’ So that’s what Babs is going through, she’s worried that her eidetic memory might not be perfect and her investigative skills might be failing."

That adds a whole new interesting dynamic to the character that ads so many more layers to her. She's definitely going to be going through some complicated times. In the end, the are focused on staying true to the character.

"It was important to us that the art communicates her as a hero rather than a pin-up or a victim."

The new team kicks off in Batgirl #26 and Batgirl Annual #2 this August, while her new costume debuts in Batgirl #27 on September 26th.

What do you think about the new costume and the direction they are taking the character?

The First AQUAMAN Trailer Confirmed To Debut at San Diego Comic-Con


After a week-long blitz of Aquaman awesomeness and speculation on when we will see the first trailer, director James Wan has confirmed that it will debut at San Diego Comic-Con. Most fans assumed that would be the place of the big reveal, and it makes sense because Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment like to put on big show there. Here's the announcement from Wan:

Will you be at Comic-Con for the big reveal in Hall H!? I can't wait to see what this trailer ends up showing off! A lot of fans are cautiously optimistic about this movie, so DC has got to make a great first imression. 

An icon for over 70 years, Aquaman is the King of the Seven Seas. This reluctant ruler of Atlantis, caught between a surface world constantly ravaging the sea and Atlanteans looking to lash out in revolt, is committed to protecting the entire globe.

The Aquaman cast includes Jason Momoa, Amber Heard as his wife Mera, Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko, Temuera Morrison as Tom Curry, Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta, Ludi Lin as Murk, Patrick Wilson as King Orm/Ocean Master, Nicole Kidman as Atlanna and Michael Beach as Jesse Kane.

To catch up on all of the recent Aquaman movie news, click here.

This Trailer For The New Netflix Series KISS ME FIRST is Like a READY PLAYER ONE Murder Mystery

Netflix has released a trailer for an upcoming sci-fi series called Kiss Me First that's worth checking out. It originally aired in the UK and it looks like a Ready Player One-style murder mystery and something that you might see on Black Mirror. Part of the story is set in a virtual reality world complete with avatars and in the real world. The series is an adaptation of a novel by Lottie Moggach and this is the synopsis that was released:

Kiss Me First tells the story of Leila, a lonely 17 year old girl who is addicted to a fictional online gaming site called Agora. While in Agora, Leila meets Tess, a cool and confident party girl who harbours a dark secret. In the real world, the two girls become friends, but after Tess disappears Leila decides to assume her friend’s identity and in doing so is quickly drawn into unravelling the mystery behind her disappearance.

The show was created by Bryan Elsley, who co-created the teen drama Skins, and this is what he said about the series:

"I think that the book has a very assured young adult tone to it. I like the complexity of the central character, who I thought Lottie had written extremely well. And there’s a certain disobedience and lack of conformity to the book, which I admired. I’m a writer, and so sometimes that’s enough for me top just hop on."

In regards to the story, Elsley added:

"It’s the story of two friends who meet each other on the internet, and one of them gradually becomes aware that a cult is secretly in operation, in the deep background, hidden in a corner of a computer game. So Leila, who is the heroine, takes it upon herself to crush and defeat the cult leader, who is this mysterious character, Adrian. But not before she’s been on a journey of growth and empowerment that binds her ever closer to her new friend, Tess."

Kiss Me First, stars Tallulah Haddon, Simona Brown, Matthew Beard, George JovanovicFreddie StewartMisha ButlerHaruka Abe, and Samuel Bottomley, and it will hit Netflix on June 29, 2018.

New WONDER WOMAN 1984 Photo Features Gal Gadot in Full Costume


A new photo has been released for Wonder Woman 1984 and it gives us our first look at Gal Gadot in full costume. The photo was taken at the Watergate Hotel Whiskey Bar, which is where they were shooting the film. 

The costume looks pretty much the same. If there is one thing that I notice it's that it seem a bit brighter in color. When previously talking about the film, director Patty Jenkins said:


"[Wonder Woman is an] optimistic and positive character. This film set in the '80s, she has to deal with the temptation of our world, and face extraordinary odds."

The sequel is set to introduce Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) as the villain and Narcos star Pedro Pascal will also have a lead role. We just don't know what that role is. Then, of course, Chris Pine is back as Steve Trevor. 

The screenplay was written by director Patty Jenkins, Geoff Johns, and Dave Callaham. The film will be released on November 1, 2019.