This Is What Happens When You Can’t Have Female Models At a Fashion Show

Question, you're in Saudi Arabia and want to have a fashion show, but strict law prohibits female models, what do you do?

1. Dress men up as models.

2. Not have the fashion show.

3. Attach hangers to flying drones.

If you answered 1 you're clearly not familiar with the culture of Saudi Arabia, and if you answered 2 you're a individual who realizes option 3 is not a great idea. The good news is these fashion show organizers weren't and decided to go option 3 for the world to sit back and laugh at. Enjoy the video and the screeching engines of the drone below:

Watch: Nick Offerman Became A Born-Again Christian For The Passionate Love Making

I really want to believe Nick Offerman is nothing like Ron Swanson, but every interview he gives really just solidifies him further as his Parks and Recreation character. Take this one, for instance, in which a teenage Offerman became a born-again christian, mostly because he was into the passionate love-making. Listen to Offerman explain in the video below, and have a good laugh along the way:

Watch: Man Recreates THE OFFICE Opening With His Dog


If you like The Office and dogs, congrats, you're like a significant portion of the human population. You'll also, by default, love this video in which a man used his dog to recreate the opening to The Office. It's not an incredibly faithful recreation, but dammit, it's good enough for that dog to get some approval from strangers on the internet:

Man Brings Anime Body Pillow To Graduation Ceremony, Has Bright Future Ahead Of Him


I believe the children are our future, and the future is looking worse every day. In a hilarious, but certainly weird moment at the Cal Poly Pomona commencement ceremony, a graduate emerged from the crowd and received his diploma with his waifu body pillow there to help celebrate the festivities (via Kotaku):

I think the most impressive thing about this is the guy doesn't even acknowledge it, which then forces everyone around him to act like this is a natural thing occurring. Maybe it is? For his sake I hope not, as I would hate to be the guy who years after college people stumble into and be like "hey you're the weird anime pillow guy". Of course, if he's owning it this well in these photos, chances are he's not all that concerned with that type of branding. Here's to the future, I guess?

This Dude Realizes He’s On THE CARBONARO EFFECT But Can’t Remember The Show

Have you ever wondered what happens when someone realizes they're on The Carbonaro Effect? I definitely have, because I feel like the show is popular enough now most people would have to realize what's happening like ten minutes into his weird tricks to regain their sanity. Apparently, it doesn't happen as often as I would assume, but it does happen as Michael revealed a prank that ended abruptly when the guy realized this trippy situation was very similar to a TV show he watched with his sister. Check it out below, and watch the guy slowly realize he's on television:

Side note, because I feel like this is just a weird factoid to bring up, I first watched The Carbonaro Effect in Joey's house three years ago hours after I met him for the first time in real life, so I always think of that moment when I watch this show. 

Popular Tabletop Game CARCASSONNE Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Tabletop gaming is a great hobby, although for some it can be rather hard to keep up with. Coordinating times to play and locations to meet is always a chore, and sometimes you never know when you'll have an hour to kill and play a game with friends. Asmodee understands that, and is bringing one of its most popular games to Nintendo Switch.

Carcassonne is coming to the Switch later this year, and if you've never played it before, you should! Check out a quick trailer below and continue reading:

Asmodee Digital added there are plans to bring more tabletop games to the Switch, which means we could see Catan, Ticket To Ride, Colt Express, Pandemic, and so many other great tabletop games of the past couple decades appear on the platform. Personally, I'm super stoked because I love playing my Switch in tablet mode, and also love playing tabletop with friends. 

Here's hoping the launch later this year is successful because I'm banking on the Switch being a big haven for future Tabletop games.

Check Out Grover’s Commencement Speech To The Graduating Class Of 2018

I don't know how it all happened so fast, but we've reached the point where a "graduating class of 2018" is a thing. That's wild to think about, and its even wilder to think about how Sesame Street has managed to be around and remain relevant in the time since! On that note, Grover had some parting words for the graduating class and delivered a commencement speech to all graduates soon on their way out into the real world, and it's surprisingly funny. Check it out below, and wonder what university would get stuck with Grover as the Sesame Street character to give a commencement speech! No one wanting to spring the money for Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Elmo, or even Oscar?!: