Glenn Danzig Is Directing Films Based On His Verotik Comic Books


Glenn Danzig of The Misfits and Danzig fame is taking a page out of Rob Zombie's book and getting into the world of directing. Blabbermouth is reporting the singer signed a feature film deal with Cleopatra Entertainment, and will be in charge of film adaptations of his popular Verotik Comics. 

Danzig is taking things further than directing, however, as he'll also be writing the adaptation and creating the score for the three film anthology series. Verotik has been running since 1994, so it's not like there won't be some people excited to see what Danzig can do. I don't know much about any of that admittedly, but I do know I used to rock out to "Mother," as a kid so I'm willing to give him a shot! Are you excited about this news?

Todd McFarlane Shares Humorous Photo With Stan Lee

Todd McFarlane might be busy working out the details of the upcoming Spawn film, but that doesn't mean he's too busy to spend time with a dear friend. Comicbook shared that McFarlane was spending some time with Stan Lee lately, and the Marvel man was in good enough spirits to pose for a joke photo with McFarlane:

... PROOF POSITIVE that my recent visit with @therealstanlee was the complete highlight of his day!!!! More photos later this week. TODD #stanlee #stan #goat #legend #joy #happiness #marveluniverse #marvel #cameo #spiderman #spawn #mcu #living #enjoylife

The buried headline in this photo, however, is that hashtag followed by the word "cameo." Are we to assume McFarlane was visiting Lee to gauge his interest in appearing in the Spawn film? We've learned this year Lee's cameos aren't exclusive to Marvel films, so perhaps the creator could make an appearance in this film! Would you like to see that?

Video Explores Just How Powerful A.I. Can Get


We're constantly joking about the robot uprising here on GeekTyrant, although honestly, robots may soon actually take over the world. No, it probably won't happen with killer super strong robots, but through a computer's ability to run through tons of information and connect it in a way humans aren't capable of. In case you weren't aware, A.I. has been doing impressive stuff like that for quite a while, and it might just be how it ends up taking over the world. Check out the video below, and start planning ways to go off the grid:

Watch: Man Wins Yo-yo World Championships With Awesome “Freebird” Routine

We like to take a look at what's going on in the fringe Geek circles from time to time, and our latest dive into the niche world of yoyo-ing unearthed something truly incredible. Hawaii yo yo legend Evan Nagao finally became the World Yoyo Contest champion, and he did it all while rocking out to Lynyrd Sknynrd. If you're even thinking of jumping to the comments to profess this as lame, you really need to watch the video first. I'm convinced just about anything is awesome if you pair it with "Freebird," and this might just prove my point!:

Watch: Actor Javier Botet Talks About Being The Super Lanky Movie Monster In Films


Most folks know the names Doug Jones and Andy Serkis, but far fewer people probably know the name Javier Botet. Much like the aforementioned named actors, Botet is a guy primarily known for the work he does behind a mask, and has had his unique physique used in lots of different films such as Mama, Crimson Peak, and The Conjuring 2. Basically, if you see a super lanky creature with big hands in a film, it's probably Botet. Learn more about the actor in the video below, and check out some clips of the films you may have seen him in:

Some Netflix Users Are Reporting Ads Playing During Streaming

Netflix has long been a safe-haven from advertising, but it's possible those days could be at an end. This news comes on the heels of a Reddit user from the U.K. telling the following story about a recent Netflix watch session that was interrupted by an unskippable ad for Better Call Saul:

So I'm just sitting winding down after work watching some Rick and Morty and the episode finished. Rather than give me the option to skip to the next episode it came up with a full screen 'up next' for Rick and Morty and 'but first..." and proceeded to play a full screen trailer for it and I couldn't goto the next episode of R&M. It had what youtube ads have, a timed skip button meaning I'm forced to watch ads.

Another user on the thread reported a similar thing happening when he was watching Bob's Burgers, although the ad was for the Netflix series I Am A Killer. Netflix has yet to comment on what's happening, and we certainly would like to know. Would you stick with Netflix if they started to show you unskippable trailers for shows you might be interested in? 

A Television Adaptation Of THE TIME MACHINE Is In Development


H.G. Wells classic novel The Time Machine is getting yet another adaptation as Deadline reports Sky is taking a shot at making a version in a BBC-backed production. Apparently, things are in the "very early stages," of development, but the ultimate goal is for this television project to air on the international network Sky Atlantic. 

The Time Machine, which was published in 1895, and the story follows an "English scientist living in Victorian England who recounts that time is simply a fourth dimension and demonstrates to his dinner guests how to travel through it."

The project is being developed by Nick Payne (Wanderlust) and director Kibwe Tavares (Noughts & Crosses).

No word on an American channel that could pick up the adaptation, but I'm sure if the project starts to pull some Hollywood talent, that decision will be made sooner than later. Are you excited to see yet another rendition of The Time Machine, or do you think this is one property that needs to be left behind?

The Avengers Had A Better Shot At Beating Thanos Than Winning The Lottery

Destroying Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War was apparently really hard to do, as Doctor Strange rattled off a number that ran through just how many scenarios they failed before they managed to beat him. Hilariously enough, CinemaSins recently pointed out that number is still drastically lower than what it would take to win the Powerball Jackpot:

You might just want to toss that lottery ticket in the trash. Either that, or Marvel should've had Benedict Cumberbatch rattle off a much higher number to make Thanos sound more impressive? Either way, I'm not sure I ever want to play the lottery again. 

CHILD’S PLAY 2 Star Says New Chucky Movie Reboot Is “A Dick Move”

Horror fans have been excited for Don Mancini's upcoming Child's Play series, but not so much about the separate film reboot that is being developed. One of the stars of Child's Play 2 is far from happy about that reboot. Christine Elise (who was also in Cult of Chucky) had some choice words regarding the reboot plans and did not mince words when talking about it (via Horror Geek Life ). She was asked:

As someone who is part of the inner circle of a franchise that is alive and well 30 years after it began, what are your thoughts about reports of a potential reboot of Child’s Play?

And this was her answer:

"I think it’s an unbelievably huge dick move. I think it’s a douche move absolutely. I don’t know why they would fuck with a healthy franchise. To make a competing franchise with an existing, and like you said healthy, robust franchise is super douchey. And nobody from the original franchise is involved; they’re not gonna have [actor] Brad Dourif, they’re not gonna have Don, and they’re not gonna have any of us.
"I think the doll is going to be an artificial intelligence doll that goes haywire, so it’s not going to have the whole element of the serial killer possessing it, et cetera, so it’s not going to be, really, a Chucky film. So I don’t know why they’re just taking the title and stealing it and mucking up the waters. It’s especially douchey when you know that Don is developing a TV series and going back to using the title Child’s Play; not Bride of, Seed of, Curse of, Cult of Chucky, it’s going back to the Child’s Play name and it’s deep into development. So this MGM project could have, it hasn’t but it could have, really, easily derailed the TV show project, which would be devastating, because fingers crossed it happens and fingers crossed I’m involved in it, as much as I would like to be. It’s an opportunity here where Don can further a story he’s been telling for 30 years, but rather than tell it in 90-minute segments every three years or more, he can tell 10 hours of story in 10 weeks, he can get that much more story ahead. And if you’ve seen Cult and you see how Cult ends, you know how rich in story it is, there’s so many doors open now, and to so insensitively threaten the Don Mancini empire I think, is fucked up."

What do you all think about the Child's Play reboot that is in development?

GOTHAM May Introduce Bane’s Father

Gotham is entering its final season, but if you thought that meant it was scaling back the number of villains it would introduce, you thought wrong! That Hashtag Show reported in a now-deleted article that the show is looking to cast an actor in their mid-30s to early 40s to play Eduardo Dorrance, aka "King Snake." 

For those that don't know, Dorrance is Bane's father, so we'd have to speculate he'd make an appearance via a character closer to Bruce's age before the season is up. I also need to note that this article may have been deleted because the info was completely bogus, or because whoever gave that information to That Hashtag Show requested it be removed. We're not sure which is the truth in this case, but we'd like to know what your thoughts are on this potential casting news, and whether or not you'd like to see King Snake and Bane in Gotham?