Learn What It Felt Like To Be a Stormtrooper in The Original STAR WARS Trilogy

GreatBigStory runs a bit too many advertisement stories on their channel for my tastes, but when they aren't doing that, their content is phenomenal! Take this for example. They found a Stormtrooper from who was in Star Wars Episodes V (Empire) and VI (ROTJ) and got his story about the entire experience!

Suddenly I want to be a Stormtrooper a lot less...hopefully they've made the suits a bit more comfortable since then!

Don’t Have Time To Read CIVIL WAR? Watch This Short Animated Breakdown!

Look, you don't have to justify why you don't have the time to read the Civil War comic. I get it! You're busy! You have A LOT on your plate. I COMPLETELY understand why you don't have the time at all in the next 2 months to read one of the most critically acclaimed comics of the past 15 years.

Because you're SOOOO busy, I embedded this animated short which breaks down the entirety of Civil War as it happens in the comics. Obviously a bit of it will change in Captain America: Civil War, but you'll get the gist of it from watching this!

All my patronizing aside, thanks to Noah Sterling for making this for people who are too busy to read the series.

Peter Jackson, Spielberg, and Abrams Back Napster Founder’s Plan To Put New Movies In Your Home

Sean Parker, founder of Napster, is trying to bring Civil War and other high-profile films to your home on release day. What's crazier is he has the support of guys like Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, and J.J. Abrams saying that his new service, Screening Room, is a good idea.

Screening Room, according to Guardian, is a service that will allow you to get first-run films screened directly in your home. One movie costs $50, and $20 of that goes to the theaters who would lose your business. The set-top box itself will cost $150 and will come with anti-piracy measures, and is designed to draw in an audience who does not currently go to theaters at all.

Are the obscenely wealthy not attending the movies?! $50 for a single showing of a film?! I might do that once in my life if I were able to find a bunch of people to chip in! Furthermore, I would not buy a special box for the service that I would, once again, only use once. No wonder the film industry is loving this idea...they're making out like bandits!

Maybe families with multiple children would benefit from this? From a two person household, I'm not seeing the light! Am I missing something?

Watch Every BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer Recut in Chronological Order

As someone who's watched and posted a lot of these types of trailers, I know these can typically be shaky in quality. That said, I think this is the best "recut in chronological order" trailer I've seen in a very long time. It contains 11 minutes of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice footage, and it gives so much! I felt like I better experienced the vibe this film is going for, got a much better feel for Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne (which I like), and even came to appreciate Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Really excited for this one.

Great work by M1llion!