Donald Duck’s Voice Turns Normal In This DUCKTAILS Clip

If you've ever had trouble understanding Donald Duck and felt bad you really shouldn't because his nephews struggle to understand him as well. That changed in a recent DuckTales episode when a device was shoved down Donald's throat to change his voice, and now there's no mistaking what he's saying for anything else. Watch Donald's voice slowly turn into that of his voice actor Don Cheadle, and let us know if you'd prefer if he sounded like Don Cheadle all the time:

Check Out The Final Moments Of RUNESCAPE’s Classic Servers

Runescape shut down it's original classic servers recently, and some people were more emotional about it than others. There are many, for example, who are perfectly fine with hopping over to the Runescape Classic server, which isn't the original build, but probably the one most of you are familiar with. That said it's sad to see such a piece of internet history go away, and some folks were definitely caught up in their feelings while waiting for the end. Check out this guys reaction, and share with us your fondest Runescape memory:

Watch: Ben Schwartz Talks About His Stormtrooper Gig On STAR WARS


Actor Ben Schwartz lost out on the chance to voice BB-8, but the actor revealed he did get a consolation prize of appearing as a Stormtrooper in the film. Unfortunately, as the dude who smacked his head on the blast door in the original trilogy will tell you, moving around in those things is hard and Schwartz shared with The Late Late Show how he flubbed up his own scene. Hear his story about stepping on Adam Driver's feet below:

Video Explains How Horror Stuff For 90s Kids Inspired A Generation

I suppose I never thought about it before this video, but there was a lot of spooky stuff for kids to watch in the 90s. Sure, the generation before us was watching slasher films like there was no tomorrow, but we certainly seem to have things better than the current generation who only gets their scares from video games. This video summarizes the best children's horror from the 90s, so if you're one of those kids who liked spooky stuff from back in the day, check this out:

Watch: Keanu Reeves Reacts To His Classic Coca Cola Ad

One of Keanu Reeves first roles in Hollywood has come back to haunt him. The Late Late Show With James Corden unearthed a classic Coca Cola ad from the 80s featuring the veteran actor in his younger years, and the clip is so much better to watch once you hear about all the preparation that went into filming the actual commercial. Reeves even admits he shaved his legs for the role to better get into the mind of his cyclist character! Check it out below:

Artist Imagines Henry Cavill As Geralt

Henry Cavill wants to play Geralt in Netflix's Witcher series, and BossLogic just convinced me that's something that can happen. This fake poster of the actor done up as the character gave me chills, and I'm praying someone at Netflix has seen it as well. Check it out below and share your thoughts on it:

New Alexa Feature Plays Scripted Conversations To Convince Burglars Someone Is Home


The criminals approach your home, they've been casing the joint for months. Just as they successfully disable the alarm and walk in the door, they freeze. They've learned your schedule enough to know you shouldn't be home right now, and yet, there's two men having a drawn out conversation about a podcast they should start up in the near future over in the kitchen. The burglars leave, and Alexa just saved your home from being robbed. 

Yep, Alexa's latest away feature (via Tech Radar) includes a list of scripted conversations that are meant to convince any would-be intruders that someone is home despite the fact that there isn't. The product hails from Hippo Insurance and is free to enable for American users for the time being. The conversation isn't just limited to two guys discussing podcasts, however, it also includes an overworked stay at home mom, or a mother instructing her daughter on how to assemble a dresser over the phone.

Kids today have it so simple! Imagine the work Kevin McAllister had to go through to achieve a similar effect!

Watch: Ewan McGregor And Hayley Atwell Answer The Web’s Most Searched Questions


Ewan McGregor and Hayley Atwell are side by side in Christopher Robin, and they're also side by side in this video answering the webs burning questions about them. Surprisingly, McGregor's search doesn't mention Star Wars until the fifth line! Unfortunately, the actor didn't have any big reveals in the video, but I have to say he's looking younger these days than he did when he was doing the prequels! Check out both answering questions below: