TITANS Will Introduce A New Version Of Deathstroke


Deathstroke is one of the most popular adversaries of the Teen Titans, so obviously people are curious as to whether or not Titans will feature the iconic villain. Series writer and producer Geoff Johns didn’t dance around the question at New York Comic Con (via Comicbook) when he told audiences they will bring him in down the line, and that they’d be fools to exclude him from the action. Johns also seemed to indicate this will be a new television actor portraying the villain, and not Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke from the Arrow-verse shows:

You'll see Deathstroke in Titans eventually, but it will be a new version.

That’s a shame, although I’m not entirely surprised. The grit and edge of Titans has all but ensured an Arrow-verse crossover would be problematic at best, so there’s no use in bringing in an actor who played Deathstroke on another show to confuse people. Still, I was a fan of Bennett’s portrayal and had hope he’d return to play the villain at some point.

Are you excited to see Deathstroke appear in Titans?

Mark Hamill’s Trickster Will Probably Not Be In Season 5 Of THE FLASH


The odds of Mark Hamill returning to play Trickster on the upcoming season of The Flash are low, and executive producer Todd Helbing knows exactly why. Helbing explained that he ended up losing Hamill this season to his brother Aaron, who currently has Hamill locked down for his History series Knightfall (via TVLine):

We always want to get Mark Hamill back, but my brother [Aaron Helbing] stole him for [History']s Knightfall. We'll see what happens. We may to have to arm wrestle for him!

Todd Helbing didn’t explicitly confirm we won’t see Hamill at all in Season 5, but it would seem that any appearance at this point would have to happen sometime late in the season. I’ve been a fan of Hamill’s episodes on The Flash, so I’m hoping we do see him again at some point, if not this season. Are you excited for the upcoming season of The Flash?

Martha Wayne Is Returning To GOTHAM In Season 5

Brette Taylor, the same actress who played Martha Wayne in the Gotham pilot, is returning to the series in the show’s final season. The news was revealed via a photo from the actress, who was alongside Cameron Monaghan and Sean Pertwee:

As for what this means, we have absolutely no idea. We can guess she’s a hallucination, or involved in some flashback, but we’re highly doubting she’s alive and well. That’s even a bit too far for Gotham, who appears to have plans for her in a Joker related episode called “Ace Chemicals.” (via Comicbook). We’ll just have to wait and see how the show uses her as Gotham Season 5 is expected to release in 2019.

Brenton Thwaites Explains Why Robin Has An Ax To Grind Against Batman In TITANS


“Fuck Batman.” It’s the controversial line that has dominated people’s first impressions of Titans. It was a line that, almost immediately, caused some to write off this series. Now that the first two episodes have aired at NYCC, however, some are saying the line is far less corny and edgy when its said in context of the episode. Actor Brenton Thwaites explained some of that context in a recent interview with Comicbook:

Dick Grayson is trying to leave that way of fighting crime. He doesn’t believe in… He learns and evolves in a way that Batman hasn’t, mentally. And he kind of breaks away from fighting crime the way Batman does, because he doesn’t believe it is right. And that’s basically what we see in the first episode, is Dick Grayson trying to support himself and fight crime in a way that he believes is right, without Batman. And so those words, that line that we see, kinda gives us an idea of the tone that we’re going for with the show.

I get that, and if I were a Robin that put up with years of watching the same bad guys go out and hurt innocent people over and over again after they’ve been caught and punished, I’d start to wonder why my boss isn’t going the extra mile to protect others myself. I still don’t know if that means I’ll be any more down for Titans now than I was before, but I can respect Robin’s motivation in delivering that line now that I know all the stuff behind it.

Titans premieres on DC Universe October 12th.

BEETLEJUICE Is Back In Theaters This Month

Someone must’ve said his name three times because Beetlejuice is headed back to theaters. Entertainment Weekly reports the film will be popping up in theaters across the world this month for its 30th anniversary, although there’s no specific theater chains listed as carrying the film. If you’re curious if you can see the film in your area, just do a simple Google search. I was able to find one theater in my area showing the film in mid-October, and I live in a pretty big area. Needless to say showings may be sparse depending on where you’re living.

Would you pay to see Beetlejuice in theaters?

David Gordon Green Explains Why The New HALLOWEEN Sequel Is Simply Called HALLOWEEN


David Gordon Green has finally explained why the Halloween sequel is called Halloween, despite the fact that it’s meant to be seen as Halloween II. As Green points out, it’s technically the third Halloween II, and that made finding an appropriate name for the film very difficult (via EW):

That was a weird discussion. You know, do we call it The Shape? Do we call it Halloween Returns? What do you call it? Technically, it’s the third Halloween II. It kind of got to the point where we were like, ‘Well, we don’t want to not invite anybody. We don’t want someone who is unfamiliar with the previous films to think, well, I need to catch up.’ So then we just thought, for simplicity, let’s just call it Halloween.

I never thought about the potentially confusing nature of the title, but now that I have, I’m wondering how many other moviegoers will be thrown by that. That said, most people familiar with the franchise will understand it’s a sequel to the original as soon as they see the trailer, which leaves a small percentage of people, who I’m assuming won’t be all that lost watching this film. Halloween is in theaters October 19th.

Hulu Reveals Its Upcoming “Huluween” Short Films In Sizzle Reel

If you’re searching for a lot of horror films to watch this holiday season, streaming is the place to be. Hulu specifically has some great offerings as well as a “Huluween Film Fest,” with fresh short films from up-and-coming directors looking to scare the pants off you.

There’s more on the line than that though, as the film with the most views at the end of the month is going to win $10,000 and be featured on Hulu’s social media on Halloween day. Watch the supercut of all eight films below, and log into Hulu to watch them today!

Leaked Footage Of Rocksteady’s HARRY POTTER Game Allegedly Revealed


Rocksteady Games (the makers of the Batman: Arkham franchise) is hard at work on their next game, and a recent leak has revealed it might be set within the Harry Potter universe. Instead of traveling around in the timeline of “the boy who lived,” a description said you’ll be in the wizarding world in the 1800s. You’ll get to wander the halls of Hogwarts, learn magic, and explore a big mystery that dominates the game’s story. Check out the description below, some impressive looking gameplay below that, and get psyched because this looks like it could be a pretty damn good video game!

Set in the 19th Century (1800's) Wizarding World, this 3rd person open-world action RPG game centers around your character with unique abilities who has eared a late acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You are a newly arrived 5th year student to Hogwarts that demonstrates a latent gift for magic with a unique ability to track and identify remnants of a pottant ancient power. Upon arrival, strange events begin to materialize In the Forbidden Forrest and trouble begins o brew within the castle walls. Together with Professor Elezar Fig, you embark on a journey through both familiar and never before seen locations to bring to light the truth behind these mysterious occurrences. On your quest you will craft potions, master new spells, and discover fantastical beasts. You will battle Dark Wizards, Goblins, and other supernatural enemies and uncover the truth about your destiny - the Fate of the Wizarding World lies in your hands. FEATURES - Journey to Hogwarts to become one of 8 different Wizard types -Experience Hogwarts, make new friends, uncover new secrets, and change the fate of the Wizarding world. -Experience a new magic system that creates countless possibilities to master magic. -Freely explore the Wizarding World for the first time., Choose your house and friends at Hogwarts, and decide to pursue a path of good or evil. -Create your own witch or wizard, and experience a all new story separate from the books or films

Check Out RIVERDALE’s Big Season 3 Villain “The Gargoyle King”


Riverdale is unquestionably one of the most ridiculous over-the-top shows on television. Most shows would be cancelled if they jumped the shark ever a quarter of times this show did, yet The CW drama continues to thrive the wilder it gets and folks are addicted. After Season 2 I was pretty curious as to how the series would up the ante, and now we have our answer. Check out Season 3’s big bad “The Gargoyle King,” in the picture below:

Yep…Riverdale is about to get weirder than ever. The series returns Wednesday October 10th, will you be tuning in?