X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Actress Fan Bingbing Caught Up In Huge Chinese Tax Evasion Scandal

Well-known Chinese actress and Blink actress in X-Men Days Of Future Past Fan Bingbing is in some big trouble with the law after being outed by a Chinese TV Presenter for false claims made on her taxes. Deadline reported Chinese TV presenter Cui Yongyuan posted several images to social media that showed Bingbing signed several different contracts for the same job. Essentially, Bingbing is accused of submitting the contract with the smaller amount for tax purposes, but actually signing a much larger deal to avoid paying out a larger sum. 

Apparently, this practice is not uncommon in the area in which Bingbing lives and is a practice called “yin-yang” contracts. The Chinese government has begun a crackdown on this type of practice, and with the entertainment industry being used to set an example, Fan Bingbing could be in some real trouble. The actress has since lawyered up and denied any wrongdoing, but if we never see her in another X-Men film again, this could be why. That said, she's a much bigger deal in China than her role in the Marvel film may have let on, so perhaps she'll beat the rap and just pay a stiff penalty. 

Editorial: Ben Solo Should Survive STAR WARS: EPISODE IX


Hot take: I believe Ben Solo is the most interesting character in the new Star Wars saga, and if the franchise doesn't embrace his character, they're making a mistake. I know that's not an entirely popular opinion, as many fans liken his character to an emo version of Darth Vader. I get it, he's angsty, prone to fits of reckless rage, and he's got a helmet. That said, he's also about the most complex character we've seen in the franchise to date, and I think the character that will ultimately drive the franchise in a new direction should he survive Episode IX.

First, let's just talk about what makes Ben Solo so interesting. You have a kid raised by the same people personally responsible for the Empire's destruction, whose hope for their ideals is shattered when he thinks his own uncle is going to murder him. Ben, who feels threatened by those closest to him, seeks shelter within the Dark Side and becomes indoctrinated within The First Order. He embraces the ideal that the galaxy needs a ruler to maintain order, but is he evil? 

I don't think so. Yeah, he killed his dad, who also happened to be one of the most iconic Star Wars characters in history, but once again, consider his situation. Ben was ultimately driven into the arms of the dark side by Luke, and in feeling he had no family to return to, made the hard decision to kill his father (a decorated hero of the rebellion) in order to be further accepted by his new family, The First Order. Sure, he made the wrong decision, but is that so easy to see from his perspective?

Maybe, but Ben clearly has some regret for what he did. His hesitation to kill Leia showed that, and his willingness to help Rey shows that he's not wholly lost to the Dark Side. Of course, Ben's whole motive was to get Rey on his side to help him restore a new world with their ideals and essentially create a nicer version of the Empire, which is obviously problematic. Even so, Ben's not as lost as Luke assumed, and there's definitely a chance he could still turn away from the Dark side, if not entirely a full ally to the Light side.

Can Ben Solo be a good guy? Possibly, although I think it would be very hard for anyone in the rebellion to embrace him. He also seems to be on his way out with The First Order, as all Hux needs is a stronger superior to back him up so he can fully expel Ren from The First Order. So, where does he go?

This is the question I want to see answered in Episode 9. What happens to Ben when he loses the First Order, but is also too far gone to join the rebellion? Does he strike off on his own and begin his own Sith order to rival Rey? Does he forge a thin alliance with her once again and then set off on his own path? Both ideas have me intrigued, and far more invested in the next three films if Ren and Rey have a chance to build that dynamic between them.

I would much rather see that than a duel that results in Ben Solo dying. Truth be told, the dynamic between Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley is the best thing this new franchise has going for it, and to kill that all off so soon would be a waste. We're not living in an era where the next set of Star Wars films isn't guaranteed, so why does everything have to be resolved in a 3 film package? As Kylo Ren would say, "Let the past die". 

My pitch? Let Ben survive Episode IX, and if he and Rey have to have some big confrontation where one dies, make it Episode XII. Give us more time with these characters, let them become better in combat and with the force, and you're going to see a much more emotional reaction from fans.

That's my two cents anyway, what are your thoughts? Honest opinion, do you think Ben Solo deserves a longer lifespan than three films, or do you think I'm completely off base here?

Here’s The Music Video For GORILLAZ New Catchy Song “Humility” Featuring Jack Black

Gorillaz has a new song out that's pretty catchy, and the music video is worth checking out as well! Humility features an appearance from Jack Black, who can be seen strumming along on a guitar and mouthing the words to the song all throughout the video. Check it out below, and be on the lookout for the group's new album The Now Now set to release June 29: 

Turns Out Doing Ancestry Tests Gives 3rd Parties Ownership Of Your DNA

Have you given saliva to find your ancestral roots? If you have, your DNA no longer exclusively belongs to you. In fact, it's intellectual property of that company and they're now allowed to do whatever they want with it. Now, obviously this isn't a huge deal in the present, but this broad law definitely could open up a can of worms in the distant future. 

For example, would you be cool with clones of yourself popping up in the future to be harvested for organs? Depends on who you are, of course, but if you did take issue with it, there's basically nothing you can do about it legally at the moment. Beyond the fact your dead, your DNA technically doesn't belong to you anymore, so you have no say in what is done with it after you send it off.

If you're confused, check out the video below. It does a far better job of explaining this than I do:

This Vampire Singing “Lose Your Love” Is Actually Pretty Good

YouTube can be a strange place sometimes, but that's often a good thing when you're a geek. After all, where else would we go to find musical covers of people singing like Transylvanian vampires? 

On that note, meet Count Popula. He's a vampire with a voice so good you'll actually fail to notice he's not actually playing the piano! Well, now you'll notice but only because I told you. Check him out below, and go ahead and give him a subscribe because I really want to see this dude make more videos!

Learn How To Make Frozen Chocolate Bananas, Corn Balls, And More Treats From ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT


Arrested Development Season 5 is out now, and if you're looking for snacks for your all out bingefest today you've come to the right place. Binging With Babish cooks all the show's staples such as the Bluth Frozen Banana, Hot Ham Water, and corn balls made from the Cornballer. Check out the video below and FOR GODS SAKES DON'T TOUCH THE CORN BALLER!

Check Out The World’s Smallest Man-Made House And How It Was Made

That house in the picture above doesn't look all that small, but I assure you, it's much smaller than you think. Just how small is this house? Pull three hairs out of your head and look at the thickness of that...yep pretty small. So how does a house that small get constructed? Don't worry all questions you now have about this house that's even too tiny for ants are going to be answered by this video! 

Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter Recording Song For Horror Film CLIMAX

Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter will be going solo to make an original song for French director Gaspar Noe's upcoming film Climax. Consequence of Sound reports the song is titled Sangria and will be featured alongside many songs people already know.

This is not the first time Noe and Bangalter have collaborated as the Daft Punk artist has provided songs for his past films Enter The Void and Love. Check out the trailer for Climax, which stars Sofia Boutella, below. Does it look like something you'd see?

Watch: Dude Has Gollum Impersonator Be His Ring Bearer At His Wedding

Sometimes, geekdom can be taken too far. We all know this, although usually we all have a friend in our lives to tell us to pump the brakes if they notice we may be taking things just a bit out of control with our love for geeky things. Unfortunately, this guy didn't have anyone to tell him it was a bad idea to hire an actor to play Gollum at his wedding and be his ring bearer. Make no mistake, it's about one of the most painful/hilarious things you'll see, but damn why did no one step in and say this was a bad idea?

Check out the video below, bust a gut laughing, then let us know if you have a geeky moment that you thought would be amazing, but in execution didn't go nearly as well as you'd thought it would: