Hayao Miyazaki Needs Another 3 To 4 Years To Finish His Next Film


Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli has been working on their next film for two years, and they're estimating they're going to need about three to four more years to finish it. The good news is there's a good reason for that as Anime News Network recently posted some positive news from studio producer Toshio Suzuki

According to Suzuki, the studio is doing some things with animation never before seen on film, which is pretty impressive considering the things they've brought to the world. As far as what we know about the film so far, we do know it's an action-adventure film and that the title, Minami no Kuni no Kanyada, is based off an iconic Japanese book from 1937.

Yoshino's book centers around a man named Koperu and his uncle, and through Koperu's spiritual growth, it discusses how to live as human beings.

Miyazaki has never steered us wrong before, so if he says he needs 3-4 years I say let him have it. Are you excited for his next feature?



The Tekken franchise has introduced some weird fighters to its franchise over the years, although the game's upcoming addition to its roster might just be the weirdest one it has done yet. Tekken 7 is crossing over with The Walking Dead and bringing villain Negan to the game as a playable character in Season 2!

Unfortunately, there's no gameplay footage of Negan in action yet, but the teaser showcasing his arrival in-game is pretty entertaining. Check it out below, and let us know what you think of this weird news!

Check Out Terry Crews Playing DUNGEONS & DRAGONS


Terry Crews is slowly but surely pushing himself further into the world of geek. It started with him building a high powered gaming PC with his son, and now he's hanging with the Nerdist crew playing some Dungeons & Dragons. Perhaps this time next year he'll complete the transformation and become a toxic Star Wars fan? I kid, of course, and at the risk of starting another flame war in the comment section, I'm just gonna ask you forget that comment and watch this video:

Watch This Guy Perform The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” In 15 Different Styles

The Killers "Mr. Brightside," is a classic rock anthem, don't @ me. Just kidding, I'm sure plenty of you will have something to say about that, and I welcome your criticism. Before you do that, however, I want you to take a listen to this video in which 10secondsongs performs the song in 15 different styles. It's pretty good, especially the bit with Coheed & Cambria and Ninja Sex Party. Once you've had your fill, feel free to agree or disagree with my Killers statement in the comments:

Adult Swim’s Version Of YOUNG SHELDON And HOME IMPROVEMENT Is Hilarious

A couple months ago I popped on Hulu to watch Home Improvement, and within minutes I was on to something else. Either my tastes have changed over the years, or Tim Allen's show about family matters and random grunting was never that funny to begin with. In either case, I hated going back to Home Improvement, but I absolutely love this animated short from Adult Swim that pokes fun at it!

I also laughed at the Young Sheldon one, although I can't really knock on the show as I haven't taken the time to watch it yet. Check both out below, and if you're someone who has to let me know when I've told you something is funny isn't funny, feel free to light me up in the comments:

Watch: Dad Breaks Down Every Parent’s Experience At Disneyland


It used to be my dream to take my future children to Disney World. Used to is the key word, as this parent just revealed the cold reality of what it's really like to bring your child to the most magical place on Earth. I mean, I'm sure it's still fun, but all these fake scenarios he's running through are hitting just a little too close to home at the moment. That said, you bet your ass I'm suffering through whatever whining a child can throw at me when Star Wars Land finally opens! Check out the video below:

Turn Your Home Office Into A Shrine For The Empire With This TIE Fighter Desk!


Having a home office sucks usually because it means you have to work from home occasionally, but now it can be a little more fun thanks to this geeky desk from Rooms to Go! Now, you can work your love of Star Wars into your office life with this TIE Fighter Gray office desk. I really want this, although I am concerned my knees would smack the cockpit of the ship far too often. Would you buy this for $400? 

Get in the creative spirit with the Star Wars inspired TIE fighter™ desk. Known throughout the galaxy as the sentry ships of choice for the Death Star™, the solidly constructed base has a gray finish and powder coated steel construction that features "carbonite" textured details. The clear tempered glass top is sunken, creating two sides that will keep projects on the desk and off the floor.

Star Wars TIE Fighter Gray Desk Dimensions: 40"W x 28.5"D x 35"H

Tesla Is Adding Atari Games To Its Cars


The Tesla company prides itself on advanced technology, which may make the following news a little weird. Elon Musk announced today the company has partnered with Atari, and will be rolling out some games to play on the car's center console as Easter Eggs in the next month:

I guess that's cool? It would be cooler if there were some more contemporary games coming to the Tesla, although I guess we shouldn't expect much considering USB connectors and auxiliary cords only just became a standard feature in cars a few years ago. Also, I would assume most people who can afford a Tesla can also afford an Atari system. If anything this just seems like a gimmicky update for Tesla owners to brag to non-Tesla owners about and feel proud...which might be why it's a brilliant move. 

Am I wrong on this, or do you agree that there's really no reason to have Atari games in a luxury vehicle?

Snapchat Adds HARRY POTTER Themed Bitmoji Animation

Snapchat, a platform almost strictly used by Muggles, is now getting a hint of magic. The platform has added a Harry Potter themed Bitmoji animation to celebrate Harry's birthday, which falls on July 31st. As you can see above, the bitmoji allows users to select their preferred house, and then watch their animated character chase a Golden Snitch on their broomstick. 

Much like most things on Snapchat it's only mildly entertaining, but still something to check out if you haven't gotten a chance to yet!