Disney is Developing a New Fantasy Animated Film with the Writer of CRAZY RICH ASIANS

Adele Lim is best known for her work as the screenwriter for Crazy Rich Asians. Osnat Shurer was a producer for Moana. Now, these two women are teaming up on an untitled fantasy-adventure animated film from Disney.

According to Deadline, Paul Briggs and Dean Wellins are currently set to make their directorial debuts with this project. The report also says that there will be an Asian element to the film, a female protagonist, a lack of music, and it will be a theatrical release.

Color me intrigued. As Disney has refused to comment, I will be treating this as a rumor.

BossLogic Shows What Dave Bautista Could Look Like as Bane in SUICIDE SQUAD 2

Dave Bautista wants to join Suicide Squad 2 now that James Gunn is at the helm. The question fans have had is, who should he play? Some fans believe he should be King Shark while others think he’d be perfect as Bane. If you fall into the latter category, you’ll definitely want to see one possible idea of what Bautista could look like as my favorite Batman villain.

BossLogic has decided to give his two cents in this artwork that mirrors a poster for Guardians of the Galaxy and it looks great. I just wish there was a better view of the front. Of course, he probably won’t have all the same patterns over his body as they are part of Drax’s costume. Does this convince you that Bautista should be Bane, or do you still have a different pick?

WOMAN SCOUTS Will Be a Comedy Series About Adult Girl Scouts

I may be wrong, but the idea of grown women creating their own adult Girl Scout troop sounds like it will go wrong, hopefully in all the right ways. That seems to be the premise behind Woman Scouts, a new comedy that NBC has put into development that comes from Charlie Grandy, Allison Hord, Seth Meyers, and Mike Shoemaker. The series will be written by and co-executive produced by Hord (Grandy, Meyers, and Shoemaker will also be executive producers) and here’s a better look at the premise.

Woman Scouts centers on a feminist who, after dropping out of grad school, pledges to kickstart the lives of a group of women by becoming an adult Girl Scout troop. There’s no limit to what life achievement badge they can conquer together, if they can just figure out the whole sisterhood thing first.

With the right script and right cast, I think this will be hilarious. Otherwise, I don’t think it will work. I think Kristen Bell would be fun to have, but she might be too busy with The Good Place. Who would you like to see be part of this adult Girl Scout troop?

Source: Deadline

Sinemia is Helping Theaters Create Their Own Subscription Services

Sinemia seems to be growing and wants to help even the playing field between movie theaters. AMC and Cinemark each have their own subscription plans that were introduced to combat MoviePass, and Sinemia wants to help any theater do the same thing.

Sinemia has launched Sinemia Enterprise to allow any theater, even the small Mom & Pop ones, put together ticket subscription packages. They claim it only takes two weeks to get a plan created and customized to meet the wants and needs of theater owners.

According to Business Insider, Sinemia has already been working with some theaters to launch some of these new services later this month! It makes me wonder how much longer Sinemia will be offering their own subscription plans.

First Clip For The Animated Series GEN:LOCK and Release Date Announced


Rooster Teeth has released a clip of their upcoming show gen:LOCK that lets us hear what the whole cast will sound like in their roles. The clip comes from the second episode when the new recruits arrive at “the Anvil” which is a Vanguard military base. The recruits are ready to freshen up when Doctor Weller (voiced by David Tennant) explains they must complete some more tests first.

On the losing side of a global war, Earth’s last free society recruits a diverse team of young pilots to control the next-generation of mecha—giant, weaponized robot bodies. These daring recruits will find, however, that their newfound abilities come at no small cost.

Joining Tennant are Michael B. Jordan, Dakota Fanning, Maisie Williams, Koichi Yamadera, Golshifteh Farahani, Asia Kate Dillon, Gray G. Haddock, Chad James, Miles Luna, Lindsay Jones, and Blaine Gibson.

Gen:LOCK will be available on Rooster Teeth starting January 26, 2019.

Fox Will Be Ready to Close Deal with Disney at the Start of the New Year


Regulatory hurdles are no match for the Mouse House. Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox is going full steam ahead. Fox president Peter Rice has revealed that while the deal is currently slated for the first half of 2019 due to some regulatory processes, New Fox, the new company that will own Fox News, Fox Broadcasting, and Fox Sports after the deal is complete, “will be ready to go by Jan. 1.” That means that Fox will be ready to start the new year off with the signing of the deal. That’s sooner than most were expecting.

After the acquisition, Rice will be joining Disney as a “top TV exec” with John Nallen, CFO of Fox, taking over as COO of New Fox. Rice has also confirmed that there will be layoffs and there may be some culture clash, but he’s optimistic since this is not Disney’s first acquisition.

Source: Variety

People Aren’t Sure Dwayne Johnson is Dark Enough to be John Henry

I don’t know that anything can be made without some kind of controversy. Dwayne Johnson recently announced that he was going to star as John Henry in John Henry and The Statesmen. This did not go over well with a lot of the Internet. While some are just sick of seeing Johnson in every other movie released, others mentioned that Henry is traditionally depicted as a very dark skinned African-American. Johnson is half African-American, but his skin is not super dark, hence the controversy. These people are wondering why other talented actors such as Winston Duke, Idris Elba, Terry Crews, or others (including newcomers) who could have a similar stature while having the dark skin attributed to Henry. Here are some of the reactions from across the Internet.

Johnson posted on social media about the film, but didn’t seem to address the controversy that this has stirred up.

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Thx for all the luv and great to see everyone pumped for our JOHN HENRY & THE STATESMEN movie. We have a great take on this folklore legend and his disruptive band of STATESMEN, who will be a bad ass multi cultural gang of fellow folklore legends from cultures all around the world. My old man would tell me bedtime stories about John Henry, and he’d always sing me, “Big John” to put me to sleep. Then of course the next day, he’d take me down to the gym and beat my ass on the wrestling mats. We’ll call those, the tough luv years lol. Thx again for the support of the “Steel driving man” #JohnHenry 💪🏾🔨 #AndTheStatesmen 🌎 #NETFLIX

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Kimberley Crossman Joins THE MIDDLE Spin-Off

ABC is working on their spin-off of The Middle that will focus on the daughter, Sue Heck played by Eden Sher. Now, Sher will be joined by Kimberley Crossman from SMILF. Crossman’s character is Remi who is the chef at the hotel that Sue ends up working at after leaving Orson for Chicago. Remi is further described as, “Tough and talented, she’s recently on the mend from a promising but failed relationship and food truck business when her now ex-boyfriend literally drove away with their dreams.”

The spin-off does not have a title yet and is written by The Middle creators and executive producers Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline.

Source: Deadline

RWBY to Get New Manga in Shonen Jump


We recently found out that Rooster Teeth’s series RWBY and gen:LOCK were getting comics made by DC. According to VIZ Media, RWBY will also be getting a new manga in English releases of Shonen Jump starting this Fall.

The manga will be written by Bunta Kinami. There’s no word on what the new manga will include, but the art for the announcement is amazing! Will it be a one-shot, or an adaptation of the series? Also, could this open the way for Team RWBY to appear in Jump Force?

Legendary Pictures is Developing an Adaptation of the Graphic Novel GOD COUNTRY

THR is reporting that Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw are optioning their comic God Country for a film adaptation by Legendary Entertainment and AfterShock Media. God Country is part of Image Comics, was published in 2017, and ran for six issues.

Cates is set to adapt the story himself. Jon Silk of Legendary initiated the project and will oversee it alongside Jay Ashenfelter and AfterShock’s Lee Kramer and Jon Kramer. If you’re unfamiliar with God Country, here’s a synopsis:

SOUTHERN BASTARDS meets American Gods in a high-stakes fantasy series that masterfully blends high-octane action and jaw-dropping worldbuilding.

In GOD COUNTRY, readers meet Emmett Quinlan, an old widower rattled by dementia. Emmett isn’t just a problem for his children—his violent outbursts are more than the local cops can handle. When a tornado levels his home—as well as the surrounding West Texas town—a restored Quinlan rises from the wreckage.

An enchanted sword at the eye of the storm gives him more than a sound mind and body, however. He’s now the only man who can face these otherworldly creatures the sword has drawn down to the Lone Star State...

In GOD COUNTRY salvation is a double-edged sword.

This could end up being an awesome series. Does this sound like a story you’d like to see brought to life on the big screen?