That Japanese Knife Smith Made a Sharp Knife From Gelatin

I have come to greatly respect kiwami japan. They have turned a fish into a knife that can actually cut. They have also made a knife out of aluminum foil that could cut things. One of their newest videos is crazier in my opinion though as they take gelatin and turn it into a knife that can cut what appears to be a cucumber. What’s more is that after he makes the knife, he melts it back down into the gelatin cups he originally had and starts eating them. I salute you, kiwami japan!

This Fan Art Imagines Andy Serkis as Penguin for THE BATMAN

Rumors are going around that the villain in The Batman will be The Penguin. That would be an interesting choice in my opinion. I’ve never been a huge fan of Cobblepots, but he does have his moments. With Penguin being the rumored villain and Andy Serkis saying he’d love to work on The Batman, some fans are wondering if he could be the villain. I would watch that just out of my love for Serkis. BossLogic is the famous fan artist that has done many imaginings of fan castings and his latest shows us how he thinks Serkis could look in the role of The Penguin. Do you think Serkis is a good fit? Is there a different villain you’d like on the big screen?

A Release Date Has Been Announced for LEGALLY BLONDE 3


I was shocked when I learned that Legally Blonde 3 was going to be a thing. It’s bringing Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith and Karen McCullah back to pen the script and Reese Witherspoon will be reprising her role as Elle Woods which makes me think this will actually be pretty good. Legally Blonde 3 is currently set to release on February 14, 2020, aka Valentine’s Day, so guys, be ready to maybe plan on seeing it that weekend. This release date puts it in competition with Nimona from Blue Sky, an untitled movie from DC, and an untitled live-action movie from Disney. That could be some stiff competition if DC gets their act together and depending on what the Disney film is.

I saw the first Legally Blonde just a few years ago and enjoyed it, but it’s been a long time since it and Legally Blonde 2 were first released. Why is everything being brought back? Why can’t we let the past die in peace? Anyway, I think this movie has a chance of being good and so far I don’t think the competition will be too rough.

SHAZAM! Officially Confirmed to Take Place in Winter

Many fans have been pretty confident that Shazam! would take place in the winter. Some set photos seem to have Christmas decorations, so it only makes sense. Those fans can rest assured that director David F. Sandberg has confirmed that it will be in winter. In an interview with Film Riot Podcast, Sandberg said:

On this one, it was just like ‘Yeah, I want this to be a classic superhero movie.’ It takes place in the winter, so it’s a lot of dark exteriors, but with a lot of colorful lights and stuff around them.

I know many of you are skeptics, but I’m excited for this film. I think Aquaman and Shazam! are the best shots for DC to turn things around and get their failures behind them. Shazam! will be in theaters April 5, 2019.

Is Tite Kubo Hinting at a BLEACH Sequel?


I just found out that a special artbook is coming out to celebrate Bleach later this year. It will be called Bleach JET and the picture I first saw features Ichigo who looks a lot like his father Isshin but with orange hair and no beard. The official announcement first came via a brief video on the official Instagram page, and it points to over 700 pieces of artwork being collected in more than 500 pages.

. BLEACH Artbook JET Now accepting pre-orders!!!  *More than 700 pieces of all the artworks created over 15 years of publishing *Also includes many newly drawn artwork *Also includes unreleased sketches and setting references *Comes as a box set of two volumes, with over 500 pages  The complete package of 15 years of BLEACH is now here.  Head to Weekly Shonen Jump for further information!!

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The interesting part comes in a tweet that series creator, Tite Kubo, sent out. It had two images and one of them featured Ichigo in a graphic tee as is normal for him, but the interesting part is that the graphic says, “and little sequel.” Or at least, that’s what it looks like it says. We can’t see if there’s anything before “and” and we don’t know that it’s an “l” before “ittle,” but it makes the most sense. This of course has fans theorizing that Kubo is hinting at a sequel to the manga. Neither Kubo nor the manga’s publisher Shueisha have officially announced a sequel, so we could all be getting excited for nothing. What would the sequel cover? Ichigo as an adult? Ichigo’s kid? Yuzu and Karin? Some new character?

Superboy Could Show Up in TITANS Finale and First Look at Jason Todd

Remember back when I mentioned that Jason Todd may appear in Titans? Looks like he will! Some new set photos have been put on the internet saying that Jason Todd will be played by Curran Walters. We don’t see Walters in a Robin outfit and we’re not sure if we will see him in one at all during the series. Heck, we don’t even know how big of a role he’ll play in the show.

In addition to Walters seemingly confirmed to be Jason, it looks as though Titans is looking to introduce Superboy in the season finale. That Hashtag Show recently shared a description of a role for “David”:

Being referred to as “David”, he is a 20s-something Caucasian male with dark hair who would guest star in the 13th episode, which is the season 1 finale. “David” is described as a powerful individual who is merciless, so much so that he has recently unleashed chaos to the people who have been keeping “David” as a prisoner in a mysterious lab. When we find “David”, he will have recently have escaped this lab. Whoever we see in the role would have a series regular option for consecutive seasons of Titans.

Some fans of Young Justice may notice that this sounds similar to the first episode of that show. I’m becoming really excited for this show and can’t wait to find out when it will be released. It is currently slated for a release later in 2018 with the launch of DC Universe, DC’s streaming service.

Disney’s First Live-Action Streaming Service Movie Will Be STARGIRL and They’ve Found its Star


Many of you are probably wondering what on earth Stargirl even is. Simply put, it’s the first live-action film that Disney is making for their streaming service.

Grace VanderWaal has been chosen by Disney to star in the film and it will be her first acting gig. If you watched America’s Got Talent a couple of years ago, you may recognize her as she won for singing and playing the ukulele. She has since released an EP and debut album and is currently going on tour with Imagine Dragons.

Stargirl will be directed by Julia Hart, and appears to be based on a novel by Jerry Spinelli and this is the description of the book:

Stargirl. From the day she arrives at quiet Mica High in a burst of color and sound, the hallways hum with the murmur of “Stargirl, Stargirl.” She captures Leo Borlock’ s heart with just one smile. She sparks a school-spirit revolution with just one cheer. The students of Mica High are enchanted. At first. 

Then they turn on her. Stargirl is suddenly shunned for everything that makes her different, and Leo, panicked and desperate with love, urges her to become the very thing that can destroy her: normal. In this celebration of nonconformity, Newbery Medalist Jerry Spinelli weaves a tense, emotional tale about the perils of popularity and the thrill and inspiration of first love.

When talking about the casting, Hart said:

"I knew she was Stargirl almost immediately. The world knows what a talented performer she is, and I cannot wait for everyone to see just how many sides there are to this special and magical young woman."

Principal photography is set to begin late in September of this year, but no release date has been mentioned for the film or the streaming service yet. I imagine it will be sometime in 2019 for both though.

Source: Deadline

Disney Has Cast Yoson An as the Love Interest for Live-Action MULAN

The live-action version of Mulan that Disney is making seems to be making some choices that not all fans are happy about. It all started with them announcing that it would not feature any of the music from the cartoon and the latest blow has been a change in Mulan’s love interest. In the cartoon, Mulan falls for her commander Li Shang, but with Li Shang not even being her commander in this film, Disney has shifted her love interest to a fellow soldier named Chen Honghui. The Hollywood Reporter describes Chen as "a confident and ambitious recruit who joins Commander Tung's unit, becomes Mulan's biggest ally, and eventually turns into her love interest." The actor that will bring Chen to life is Yoson An who hasn’t been in much yet but will be in The Meg and Mortal Engines later this year.

Mulan will be played by Crystal Liu with Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Gong Li, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Ron Yuan filling out the cast. Mulan is currently slated for May 27, 2020.

After 22 Years Diane Nelson Leaves DC Entertainment

Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment and President of Warner Bros. consumer products, has officially stepped down. She had been on leave of absence since March to deal with things related to her family and was expected to return at some point, but has now informed Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara that she will not be returning. Here is the official announcement that Tsujihara made to the company:

Diane has been a friend and colleague as well as a valued member of the Warner Bros. family for more than 20 years. Throughout her tenure, her leadership and contributions have helped shape the way the studio operates today, and we’re better for having had her on our team. While we’re sad she’ll be leaving us, we completely respect and support her decision. Whatever her next chapter holds, I know she’ll make it amazing.

It is reported that the structure they’ve been using in her absence will remain intact for the moment. That puts Thomas Gewecke in charge of overseeing the DC executive team that includes Dan DiDio, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, and Amit Desai.

Nelson has also released a statement that shows how sad she is to be leaving the team.

Warner Bros. has been my home for over 20 years with a wide variety of incredible professional experiences. The last nine — rebuilding and managing DC Entertainment — have been a particular highlight and privilege. With the support and talents of our staff and creators, I am proud to leave DC even stronger than when I joined it. I will miss everyone —particularly my executive management team — without whom none of our achievements could have been realized. And I am excited to take on my next professional adventure.

There is no doubt that Nelson has had a big impact on Warner Bros. as she helped spearhead the Harry Potter franchise into what we know today. She also helped organize the DC side of things to make a more cohesive partnership between all of the different branches. In addition, she's the one you can all thank for Arrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning, and more. I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors and I hope DC and Warner Bros. are able to find someone who can fill the shoes she left behind.

Source: THR

Fan Theory Attempts to Explain the Fake Infinity Gauntlet and Odin’s Change of Heart

I am constantly finding and being told theories about Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4. I just recently found a theory that overlaps with these movies, but it intrigues me because it has a lot to do with the story of Thor: Ragnarok as well. The TLDR of the theory is that Odin had Eitri make him an Infinity Gauntlet, received a mock one to try on before the real one was made, and that’s the one that was in Odin’s vault. Also, the means of obtaining the Soul Stone is why Odin stopped being a conqueror with Hela.

I’d love to hear what you guys think of this theory, or if you have any thoughts as to why Odin had a fake Infinity Gauntlet and how Hela knew it was fake. Here’s the long-winded full theory posted by Redditor DraftDraw who in turn credits user bubonis:

Years and years ago, Odin learned about the Infinity Stones through his father, Bor, who was responsible for taking the Reality Stone from the Dark Elves. After his death and Odin’s subsequent rise to power, he (with Hela at his side) began conquering all the realms in order to locate and claim the Stones. Odin found the Space Stone first and this allowed Odin and his armies to travel between realms and conquer them very quickly. During this he commissioned Nidavellir to create a device which would allow him to control all the Stones at will: the Infinity Gauntlet. They created the mould for it and made one casting as a test fit for Odin, complete with fake Stones to give Odin an idea of the grandeur of the finished Gauntlet.

However, at about this time he discovered the whereabouts of the Soul Stone and what was required of him to get it: He’d have to sacrifice that which he loved the most, which was Hela. He found he couldn’t do it and in that moment Odin stopped being a conqueror and started being a king. Hela didn’t understand this change of heart; she knew what the Infinity Stones were because Odin specifically told her that’s why they were conquering all the realms, and Hela believed in that power more than anything else. So she and Odin fought; Odin won and that’s when he imprisoned her in Hell. Odin put the fake Gauntlet in his treasure room as a reminder of both what he’d done and what he’d lost, and swore that he would protect all that he had conquered. Thus he became Odin Allfather, Protector of the Nine Realms. Nidavellir decommissioned the Gauntlet mould and Odin hid the Space Stone on Midgard. Odin almost definitely knew where the Reality Stone was because Odin’s father had it at one time. If this theory is true then he definitely knew where the Soul Stone was, he might have known where the Power Stone was, he probably didn’t know the Time Stone was also already on Midgard (otherwise he likely wouldn’t have risked two Infinity Stones in the same place), and he almost definitely didn’t know where the Mind Stone was.

When Thanos arrived on the scene and went to Nidavellir to have them forge a control for the Stones, they used their previous knowledge from Odin’s Gauntlet to make one for Thanos.

If this theory were true then it explains how and why Odin was previously a conquerer and why he changed; why there’s a fake Infinity Gauntlet in Odin’s treasure room; how Hela knows it’s fake; how Hela knows what the Tesseract is (“That’s not bad,” she says while giving a small pause in front of it); why Odin changed from conqueror to king; why Odin and Hela fought; and why Thanos’ Gauntlet is basically the same as the fake Gauntlet at Asgard.

Odin may have used the Space Stone to banish Hela to Hell, which may be considered unnatural since Hell isn’t supposed to be for living beings. That being the case, Odin ‘tampered with natural law’ and the bill came due by way of the Ragnarok prophecy. The destruction of Asgard may have been the universe’s way of balancing itself out.