Jennifer Lopez Will Play a Stripper in the Heist Film HUSTLERS

Jennifer Lopez is getting ready to play a stripper in the movie Hustlers. The film will be an adaptation of the magazine article “Hustlers at Scores” from New York Magazine. The story is about some former strip club employees who end up stealing from their Wall Street clients. Lopez is set to star in the film which will be written and directed by Lorene Scafaria with Annapurna and Gloria Sanchez producing it. Hustlers will take place in the late aughts (2000s) when the US was dealing with a big financial crisis. Scafaria said this about the film:

The film is an empathetic look at women and men, our gender roles, what we’re valued for, what we’ve been told is our value in every movie, TV show, every corner of culture. Men have been told they’re worth the size of their bank accounts. Women have been told they’re worth the symmetry of their faces, their bodies, their beauty and that’s what this film is based on. The rules of the club are the rules of the world.

Are you intrigued by this premise?

Source: THR

Zachary Levi Reveals What Prop He Took from SHAZAM! Set

It’s not uncommon for actors to walk off set and take a prop with them. Ryan Reynolds stole his Deadpool costume. Ben Affleck took a Batarang. Zachary Levi walked away with a neon sign. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con Levi revealed that he left the set of Shazam! with a neon sign, but he doesn’t say what the sign is. He jokes that he took a person and that we’ll know it when we see it in the movie.

I’m wondering if I can talk about the thing I took from set. It’s a person. No, there’s some signage, some neon signage in the movie that when you see it you will know what that signage is, and it just struck me as really funny and awesome and I thought if that gets to live anywhere I want it to like, be in my garage or something so that’s what I took. But with the understanding that should the production need it for any reason I have to ship it back or we’ll just build a new one, I don’t know.

I find it interesting that he has a deal with the studio that they can have it back if they need it. What do you think the signage Levi took home was?

Shazam! will hit theaters April 5, 2019.

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Free Showings of EIGHTH GRADE Happening Across the US This Wednesday


Eighth Grade has been doing great with critics and audiences alike. I’ve been seeing praise for the film everywhere I look. The funny thing to me is that eighth graders can’t see the movie because it’s rated R. However, August 8, 2018, things will be slightly different because they believe in this movie. The production company, A24, has decided to have free screenings across the entire United States. There will be at least one free screening in each of the 50 states and these screenings will not be rating enforced which means anyone can go see it. You can find the participating theaters at the Eighth Grade website now.

Here's a breakdown of the story from Joey's review:

The story for the film revolves around eighth-grader Kayla Day who is looking for a connection to the world on her phone and she makes YouTube videos for people like her, who are going through the same growing pain issues that she is.

Kayla is a shy and quiet girl who wants friends and wants to be accepted. In this time, she is having feelings of isolation, anxiety, and feeling invisible. These are things that I think many of us have dealt with during Jr. High and I can see my own daughter going through it as well.

However, Kayla is determined to overcome these issues and manages to harness the power of confidence to try and talk more, be social, and make friends and as she attempts these things, it all comes out in the most charming and awkward ways that are both funny and cringe-worthy because a lot of us know what that's like!
This story all takes place on the last week of school as she is about to leave Jr. High behind her and this is her last ditch effort to exist in this place where she spent the last two years of her life being unseen. At the same time, she is struggling to bridge the gap between how she sees herself and who she believes she should be.

The film was written and directed by Bo Burnham and the main character was played by Elsie Fisher, who gives such a fantastic performance. You can watch the trailer for the film below.

Henry Cavill Wants to Play Geralt in Netflix’s THE WITCHER Series

Henry Cavill recently revealed that he’d love to be the next James Bond and now he’s throwing his hat in the ring to star in Netflix’s The Witcher adaptation. Cavill is not shy about playing video games so naturally, IGN asked him what games he was currently playing. His response was The Witcher 3 which segued to the question if he’d like to star in the adaptation.

Absolutely. Yeah, that would be an amazing role.

The books are amazing. The books are really, really good... The books I started reading, and they are well worth a read.

The Netflix series will be based on the books and although we’ve heard the pilot episode’s script is finished, nothing has been said about the casting. Could his knowledge of the books and the games help Cavill be cast as Geralt? Who should be cast instead of him?

Kaitlin Olsen Set to Star in New Comedy on Fox

Fox recently cancelled most, if not all of its comedy shows. That’s why it’s interesting when they announce a new comedy show starring The Mick’s Kaitlin Olson. Olson will star alongside Leah Remini in an unnamed comedy show that comes from the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia team.

Picked up with an off-cycle pilot order in May, the multicamera comedy from 20th Century Fox Television revolves around Jean (Remini), who considers herself a patriot who loves her country and firmly believes in everyone’s right to be left alone. Jean in many ways fits the stereotype of a typical conservative. However, she leads a very progressive lifestyle, as she is now married to a woman, Birdie (Kaitlin Olson). Together they’re raising Jean’s two boys with the help of the boys’ father and Jean’s ex-husband, Richie, who currently lives in the garage. The role of Richie is expected to be announced shortly.

I wish there was a bit more information about what the show is about, but I’ll probably try to watch the pilot. Are you intrigued? What should the name be?

Source: THR

Mark Hamill Wants to Sell His Pants Like The Han Solo Jacket which Will Sell For a Million


In case you missed the news, the jacket that Han Solo wore in The Empire Strikes is going up for auction on September 20, and it is expected to sell for about $1 million. That’s a lot of freaking money.

Well, Mark Hamill has decided that he wants in on the action. Hamill stormed Jimmy Kimmel Live recently to offer fans the chance to buy a pair of capri pants that he swears were worn in The Empire Strikes Back. He even has Photoshopped proof that he was wearing them on Dagobah and in his fight against Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi.

He is even willing to take less than $1 million as he offers to start the bidding at $100,000, but then he drops it to $50,000 and includes one of Chewbacca’s hairballs. How much would you spend on a piece of Star Wars history?

This is Who DC Reportedly Wants to Play Huntress and Black Canary in BIRDS OF PREY

We don’t know too much about the casting for DC’s upcoming Birds of Prey film outside of Margot Robbie reprising her role as Harley Quinn. However, the rumor mill is in full force right now as CBM reports that WB and DC are looking at two actresses for Black Canary and Huntress.

Supposedly, they are liking Alexandra Daddario from Baywatch for Huntress. Meanwhile, Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) and Vanessa Kirby (Mission: Impossible - Fallout) are reportedly at the top of the list for Black Canary’s role. Do you like any of this potential candidates or is there someone else you have in mind for the roles?


Birds of Prey will feature Cathy Yan as director and Christina Hodson as the writer.

Fox Says It Will Fight to Keep THE SIMPSONS on FOX After Disney Buys Them

As I outlined in another article, with Disney acquiring Fox, they are getting a lot of franchises including The Simpsons. The Simpsons is a big winner for Fox which is why it’s not surprising that they’re planning on fighting to keep the show on their network. It sounds like Fox is willing to part with the franchise, but they’re trying to keep Disney from moving The Simpsons to one of Disney’s networks like ABC. Dana Walden said:

Simpsons is so much a part of the brand. There’s been such an incredible halo effect of that show and the other animated series that are on our Sunday night. There are no plans for them to go anywhere other than FOX.

We have a couple years of episodes already in progress on The Simpsons. So down the line, what kind of decision is made I can’t really speak to. But for the foreseeable future, there’s so much upside and benefit to having a great Emmy Award-winning, smart, provocative, quality show, that there’s no consideration of not ordering more Simpsons.

As long as we’ve all been in the business, networks have licensed shows they don’t have ownership of. The Simpsons generates lots of revenue and opportunities off network through consumer products and otherwise, and I feel confident that Disney and FOX are going to find a way to both have an interest in that show, and I anticipate it continuing to stay on the FOX network.

Do you think Disney will let Fox keep The Simpsons on their network, or will Disney force it to ABC or one of their other networks? Looks like Disney has a big piece of leverage.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN Will Not Be Released in China Because People Are Comparing The Chinese Leader to Winnie The Pooh

Christopher Robin is opening up to mixed critic reviews, but high praise from audiences. This will likely help it earn a healthy amount at the US box office which is great considering China won’t be airing it at all.

Apparently, many people resisting the communist regime of Xi Jinping are comparing him to Winnie the Pooh which has led China to censor the character like crazy. THR reports that "bloggers have drawn comparisons between the pudgy bear and Xi, which has put the country's censors in overdrive." They go on to say that an insider is claiming the block came from, “the size and scope of the film given the foreign film quota and the fact that there are several new Hollywood tentpoles in the Chinese market right now.”

Personally, I find the former option more likely as HBO was blocked in China after John Oliver mocked Jinping’s sensitivity to being compared to everyone’s favorite yellow bear. Of course, Christopher Robin is not the only Disney film to not be aired in China this year. A Wrinkle in Time was also given a no.

Tom Cruise Has Considered Taking MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE to Space Because Of Course He Has

Tom Cruise is sitting pretty right now after the release of Mission: Impossible – Fallout and the generally positive reviews it’s been getting. Each of the Mission films seems to get bigger and bigger. So, why haven’t they gone to space yet? It turns out that Cruise has thought about it. In an interview with Collider, Cruise was asked about going to space and here’s his response:

We’ve thought about it. It’s like how do we do it? It’s the mechanics of getting it there. How do you build a sequence there and how long can we have that sequence? Because if I went up and just dropped, it’s the kind of time — how do you put that into the structure of a screenplay of a Mission? When we’re doing these things, there’s so much story going on. As opposed to just a cool shot, we want character and story going throughout. I can’t help but look at that building up here or at the Eiffel Tower and seeing stories. What could the team do and what could we do? But we have thought about that.

I appreciate the fact that they’re wanting to make sure there’s a good reason to go into space instead of doing it just to do it. However, I’m sure they could figure something out.