BETTER CALL SAUL Renewed for Season 3

Deadline is reporting AMC has given the go ahead for a 3rd season of Better Call Saul! For fans of Breaking Bad who HAVEN'T been're missing out! Sure we don't have Walter White, meth use, or Jesse saying "bitch," but damn this show holds up! Watching Jimmy McGill slowly become Saul Goodman is very much the same decline we saw in Walter White.

Obviously I'm a big fan of the show. Is anyone not watching? If you're looking to get on board now, watch the first season on Netflix and catch up on this current season ASAP.

R-Rated ‘Spawn’ Movie in the Works


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

While not one of the worst comic book films ever made, 1997’s Spawn was a mess. It tried to stuff five pounds of sausage into a three pound casing (to use one of my favorite metaphors) and in doing so rushed along a story that most studios would take three films to tell now.

Well, it might not be three films but it looks like we’ll be getting another version of Al Simmons and his amazing suit from the depths of hell.

In a recent Facebook video posting, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane spoke about where he’s at in the creation process. McFarlane said that he’s got about 132 pages written which is well above what most studios ask for (one page equals a minute of screen time so this would equate now a film a little over two hours).

He says that the next step is to whittle down the script to a reasonable length and then do one more rewrite to tighten up the bolts and get it as ready for shooting as possible.

Now this doesn’t mean that it’s a done deal once it gets finished. And even after that you still need to find a director, cast the roles and actually film it.

I’m not holding my breath for this anytime soon. For now I’ll be happy watching Michael Jai White, John Leguizamo and Martin Sheen ham it up on my TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Princess Diaries 3? The Trilogy Will be Complete!


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Are we in the trust tree? I’m going to admit something – I liked the Princess Diaries movies. They were goofy fun films that introduced us to the wonderful actress that is Anne Hathaway. And while they may be formulaic and pure schmaltz they at least give young girls a positive, live-action role model in Hathaway’s Amelia “Mia” Thermopolis.

While the second film ended on a good note with no need to further the story a sequel would be nice to see where the princess-turned-queen has taken her quaint little country of Genovia.

Recently director Garry Marshall spoke with PEOPLE Magazine and the topic of reuniting with Anne Hathaway came up:

I was with Anne Hathaway a couple weeks ago, it looks like we want to do Princess Diaries 3 in Manhattan. Anne Hathaway is very pregnant, so we have to wait until she has the baby and then I think we’re going to do it.

That sounds promising. But it does seem like it may be some time before we can even consider seeing this.

But that time will give Marshall a chance to try and talk Chris Pine back. Pine, much like Hathaway, has gone on to be a huge movie star with a number of box office hits to his credit. But while Marshall seems unsure he doesn’t mind trying:

Maybe. He’s quite big now, you know. Chris Pine likes me, you know why? Because his father [Robert Pine] is in Mother’s Day!

I’d love to see Garry Marshall come back to this universe. Anything to get him away from these hokey “holiday” films that are being released.

Parody: ARROW Writing Staff Explains What Happened With Season 3

If you're someone who frequents the community of /r/Arrow, you hold these truths to be self evident...

  • The show has become too Felicity centric.
  • Season three sucked.
  • Oliver needs to kill again.

I agree with one of those three. To be honest, I'm completely fine with Felicity so long as it means less Laurel! Oliver doesn't need to kill but he could be a little hardcore I that leaves us with season three. Season three of Arrow was pretty bad. The big mid-season cliffhanger was Oliver dying... which we all knew wasn't going to happen.

Now, thanks to the token meme explanation video on the net, we finally have some answers. Someday we will get a real reason as to what went wrong, but this doesn't seem that far off! Nice work, Batman (Youtube not the real guy)!

GET HARD Director Etan Cohen to Helm CANNONBALL RUN Remake

Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to the Cannonball Run franchise, and they’ve hired Etan Cohen to write and direct it. Cohen is the writer of Tropic Thunder, and he also directed Get Hard. The studio won’t call this new movie a remake. Instead, they are calling it a relaunch. If they were honest with themselves, though, they know that relaunch basically means remake. Regardless of that, Cohen knows how to do comedy, and I think this would be a great project for him to take on.

The original Cannonball Run film was released in 1981 and had an incredible ensemble cast that included Burt Reynolds, Roger Moore, Farrah Fawcett, Adrienne Barbeau, Dean Martin, Jackie Chan, Sammy Davis Jr., and Dom DeLuise. The story followed a group of contestants who participated in a massive, illegal, cross-country race that stretched from Connecticut to California. It is an incredibly fun movie, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should check it out! The movie spawned two sequels, one in 1984 and the other in 1989.

There are no details on what the new Cannonball Run movie will be about, but I imagine it will follow the same basic plot as the original. It would also be pretty cool if they managed to bring together a cast of modern popular actors to be involved with it. If done right, this movie could be a blast. Here's the trailer for the original film:

Source: Deadline

DEADPOOL Has Surpassed IRON MAN in Global Earnings

Deadpool has made over $700 million worldwide, which, according to Screen Rant, puts it above Iron Man as one of the highest grossing Marvel films of all time! On a national scale, the film is sitting at about $328 million, which puts it on track to beat Guardians of The Galaxy's national record of $331 million by this weekend.

Now you can see why everyone is so eager to copycat the rated R hero film! We will see if those other films have as much success!

Possible Major Plot SPOILERS for GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot Leak

Someone from Reddit who claims to have worked on the production of Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot says he’s seen an early cut of the film, and he offers lots of SPOILERS on how the story plays out. It doesn’t surprise me that someone has seen an early version of the movie already, so these details could be legit. (Feig recently tweeted that he was getting ready to screen test a version.) He gets very detailed in his descriptions, but there’s always a chance this person made up all this crap. Until we see the movie, we will treat this information as rumor. 

Here are a few things points of interest that we learn from the information... SPOILERS!

  • Ernie Hudson plays Leslie Jones' uncle. He’s a funeral director that supplies the team with their car that we see in the trailer.
  • Rowen, the film's villain, starts out in the story as a human. He’s been bullied is whole life and he builds a machine that can focus supernatural energy. It breaks the barrier between the living and the dead. He wants to release as many ghost as he can to torment the living and he eventually becomes a ghost himself about halfway through the film. Apparently these pestering ghosts are tearing apart people's flesh.
  • Chris Hemsworth’s character gets possessed and helps Rowen release all of the ghost into the world from his machine. Apparently there’s a scene that pays homage to Rick Moraines when he was possessed in the first Ghostbusters film when he turns around and snarls with glowing eyes. Only instead of Moraines, it’s Hemsworth.
  • Hemsworth ends up controling the city with his ghost powers and at one point makes an army of ghosts dance with him to "You should be Dancing", by the Bee Gees.

As far as the other cameos from the original cast go:

Bill Murray = a Skeptic. His lines arent good and he's kinda stiff "WHY ARE YOU PRETENDING TO CATCH GHOSTS??!! THATA GIRL!!!" he gets killed when pushed out a window by the rock concert dragon ghost. He convinced the GGB's to let it out as proof in their tiny chinese restaurant HQ. (Did I mention everyone is stupid in this movie?)
Dan Aykroyd = Cab driver who refuses to drive them when NYC is in havoc "I aint 'fraid of no ghosts" he says in a hard NY accent. This scene was alright.
Annie Potts = Now a hotel lobby clerk answering the phone WHATTAYA WANT??
Sigourney Weaver = A mentor of McKinnon who is disappointed but approves of McKinnon's work at the end of the movie

Then the film supposedly ends with a Zuul tease that will set up the future of the franchise.

There’s a lot more details, and you can read the full thing here if you want. Let us know what you all think about the direction the film seems to be taking the franchise. 

I’m going to see this movie with an open mind. I’m not going to judge it before I see it. It looks like it will be a fun and entertaining flick. Feig always seems to deliver solid comedy in his movies, so hopefully he does that with this. We’ll just have to wait and see when it’s released on July 22nd, 2016.

Batman’s Alfred Pennyworth May Be Getting His Own Series

An interesting bit of news has surfaced regarding a possible new TV series that is set in the Batman universe. The news comes from Bleeding Cool, who reports that DC Entertainment has registered a trademark in the name of Pennyworth, and they say it could be a TV series. 

There’s no other information than that. We are just left with a lot of questions. There are two live-action versions of Alfred Pennyworth currently in play. There’s Sean Pertwee’s version on Gotham and Jeremy Irons’ version in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Could it be a spin-off series of one of these characters? Hell, it might not be a TV series at all. It could be for a direct-to-video animated movie. Maybe it could even be a web-series type thing that helps tell the backstory of the character and connects to either Gotham or Batman v Superman.

Who knows, there’s a chance that it doesn’t even center on Alfred. Maybe, whatever it is, will focus on his daughter Julia Pennyworth. It seems like a lot of networks and studios are trying to bring in strong female characters.

As with any trademark like this, it could end up being nothing. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

The Shortlist for Han Solo Prequel Film Just Got Shorter


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Although he’ll be back as the iconic Indiana Jones even Harrison Ford can’t play Han Solo in Disney’s prequel film that will tell an early adventure of everyone’s favorite smuggler. And while details are few and far between for the movie a couple of names did leak out as to who Lucasfilm and the House of Mouse may be looking at for the iconic role.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service), Jack Reynor (the upcoming Sing Street) and Alden Ehrenreich (Hail, Caesar!) are all in the mix. The three actors were reportedly spotted in London last week vying for the role.

However Variety’s Justin Kroll says not to count out Jack O’Connell (the upcoming Money Monster) or Blake Jenner Everybody Wants Some) just yet.

But like I said, with details being so hard to come by there could be more actors up for the role that haven’t even been talked about yet. There were almost 2,500 actors on the list at the start of the search but that was more than likely the studio putting together a list of every young male actor that could actually vie for the role. It’s more believable that the studio had maybe a dozen or so names of possible serious contenders and just want to make sure they get the right person for the possibly career-making role.

If I were to pick between the actors mentioned above I’d be happy with either Egerton or O’Connell. Remember we had an article some time back that said the Kingsman actor was going to be up for the role – looks an awful lot like he just might be a safe bet as the man to sit in the pilot seat of the Millennium Falcon. 

Whomever they pick, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller will most likely be ramping up the end of pre-production as the May 25, 2018 release date is likely to be here before we all know it.

Review: MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is a Throwback to Classic ’80s Sci-Fi Movies

I was very impressed with writer/director Jeff Nichols' two most recent films, Take Shelter and Mud, so I was slightly torn when I heard he was going to be directing his first studio film. Would this new project retain the qualities that made the aforementioned movies so enjoyable, or would a bigger budget and navigating the complicated landscape of studio filmmaking soften the style I enjoyed so much? Thankfully, Midnight Special is a mostly-satisfying thriller that tells its own story while feeling like a throwback to classic sci-fi movies like Close Encounters of The Third Kind, Starman, and E.T.

Nichols avoids the exposition dump that so often happens in movies like this, instead choosing to drop us into the middle of the action and slowly reveal information about the characters we meet. Roy (Michael Shannon) and Lucas (Joel Edgerton) are armed and on the run in a dark motel room with a young boy named Alton (Jaeden Lieberher) in tow. They see a news broadcast about Alton's disappearance which pegs Roy as a kidnapper, but we quickly find out that Roy is actually Alton's biological father, and the boy isn't distressed or bothered by their circumstances. Alton just sits quietly, reading comic books through blue swimming goggles with a flashlight and wearing massive headphones when it's time to sleep. There's something strange about him, but it's not until later that we find out what he's capable of. As for how Roy and Lucas know each other and why Lucas is even there, that isn't revealed until deep into the story, finally sating our curiosity about his motivation.

Meanwhile, the FBI raids a compound called The Ranch, where a cult pastor (Sam Shepard) shares sermons that quote dates and coordinates instead of Bible verses. The cult worships Alton, who lived with them for two years and who possesses some extraordinary abilities that the government is extremely interested to examine more closely. Ranch members and government agents — including NSA communications expert Paul Sevier (Adam Driver) — separately set out to find the boy, with only four days until a mysterious prophesied event that could change the world forever. It's a hell of a hook, and the story gradually reveals information about the backstories of the various characters, including Alton's mom, Sarah (Kirsten Dunst), who hooks up with the guys as they head toward a specific set of coordinates in time for the impending event.

Nichols takes his own road trip through the films of Spielberg and Carpenter, tipping his hat to those titans of the genre and deftly incorporating references to their work that don't ever feel annoying or winking. The look of the movie is always filtered through the director's style and sensibilities — the closest he gets to outright homage is one shot of light emanating from a car that's a clear riff on Close Encounters — and Nichols' contemporaries should take notice of the way he captures the feeling of other films without crossing the line of taking nostalgia too far. The story shares similarities to things like Starman and E.T., but there's enough original world-building and mysterious backstory to unravel that you never get too caught up in the nods. There are also a couple of familiar elements from more recent movie history; I was reminded of Rian Johnson's Looper a couple of times when presented with Alton and his abilities, and there's some imagery in the final act that recalls one of last year's failed would-be blockbusters — to say which one would spoil this film, but you'll instantly know it when you see it. But for the most part, this feels very much like a Jeff Nichols movie.

Shannon, ever the ace up Nichols' sleeve, is understated and authentic as Roy, who is super protective and clearly loves his son, but here's one area where the film's tendency toward mystery results in a hazier characterization than it should. We discover that Roy was once part of the Ranch, but we're never sure whether he really believes in Alton as a savior. He's willing to sacrifice everything for him and he talks a lot about the child's importance, but Shannon plays Roy with so much subtlety that we don't get a full read on his personal beliefs; since faith is one of this movie's major themes, this seems like a pretty egregious shortcoming. Dunst and Driver acquit themselves well in utilitarian roles, and surprisingly it's Edgerton that comes out as one of the most fascinating and fully-formed characters.

By the end, the film veers into territory one could describe as "corny," but David Wingo's towering score keeps us grounded in the emotions of the moment. Still, the climax raises so many unanswered questions that, combined with the litany of purposefully murky character backstories, Midnight Special struck me as a movie that's almost aggressively uninterested in providing a tidy conclusion. It's far more concerned with finding emotional truth in its characters than explaining the consequences of Alton's revelation. It's a little off-putting and feels a little disappointing after the whole story builds up to this moment, but I suppose the ending sort of works as a strange sort of reflection of the beginning: it's a story that feels very much like we're only seeing the most important segment of it, where both the inception and the completion happen off screen.

Midnight Special runs out of steam by the end, but for the most part, it's a riveting, enjoyable thriller that further cements Nichols as a talented filmmaker to keep high on your list of must-watch directors.