Robert Kirkman’s Comic Book INVINCIBLE is Getting An Animated Series Adaptation at Amazon

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has set up his first series at Amazon Studios and it will be an animated adaptation of his comic Invincible, which was launched in 2003. Amazon ordered a first season of eight hour-long episodes based on the comic that recently wrapped up its run after 144 issues. 

This will be an adult-style animated series, the story of which revolves around Mark Grayson, "a normal teenager except for the fact that his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet. Shortly after his 17th birthday, Mark begins to develop powers of his own and enters into his father’s tutelage. The series is suspenseful, action-filled and emotion-packed, yet builds upon poignant and heartwarming moments of love, friendship and humanity."

The series is being produced by Kirkman and his Skybound shingle, with Simon Racioppa (Teen Titans) set as showrunner. David Alpert (The Walking Dead) and Catherine Winder (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) are attached to executive produce. Justin and Chris Copeland (Ultimate Spider-Man) will serve as supervising directors.

Invincible is also being developed as a feature film at Universal Pictures with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg writing the script and directing. 

Sharon Yguado, head of scripted genre programming at Amazon Studios had this to say in a statement:

"Robert has an uncanny talent to predict the zeitgeist, and we are incredibly excited to see him break boundaries in an animated one-hour format. In a world saturated with superhero fare, we trust Robert to subvert expectations while encapsulating a story filled with heart and adrenaline. We love his ambitious plan for the show and believe it will look like nothing else on television."

Kirkman added:

"I couldn't be more proud of the series Cory Walker, Ryan Ottley and I did together for over 15 years. To know our characters will live on in multiple iterations in other media is almost too exciting to bear! What Amazon is allowing us to do in animated form is nothing short of ground-breaking, and I can't wait for our rabid fan base to experience it!"

Invincible will be Kirkman's fourth scripted series on the air. It will join AMC's The Walking Dead, and Fear the Walking Dead as well as Cinemax's exorcism drama Outcast. 

Invincible tells a solid story and I think it will make for a great animated series, so I'm excited to see how that turns out. I personally think it will work better as an animated series than a movie.

Chris Hardwick’s Break Up Text With Chloe Dykstra Surfaces

Before I start, I just have to say that I feel like I'm getting into tabloid news here. This isn't really my thing, but it does deal with a very popular individual in the geek community. I also already started reporting on the story involving the allegations made against Chris Hardwick by his ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra, so I feel like I should follow through with any updates.

Chris Hardwick's career has already started to take a nosedive since the allegations were made against him. His name has been removed from the Nerdist website, which he founded, AMC has pulled his series' for the time being, and he has also been pulled from the panels he was supposed to moderate at Comic-Con.

Hardwick has also denied the allegations and offered up his side of the story. He got a lot of crap from people online regarding his statement because he didn't own up to all the things she accused him of. But, what if he didn't do those things? A lot of Hardwick supporters are saying that this is just ex-girlfriend revenge.

Now TMZ has obtained and released the break-up text that Hardwick sent to Chloe and it also includes many of the texts of Chloe begging him to take her back. You can read the texts in full here, but here's a little excerpt from Hardwick's text:

"Some things have recently come to my attention and I believe I have a much more accurate picture about everything that's been going on particularly with you and Sam. I know you maintain that this separation was about your freedom and finding yourself (which I would be a dickhead to deny you) but it's silly to say that he has nothing to do with it all. Even though we're technically not together and you have no responsibility to me any longer, it all started while we WERE together and its continuation quite frankly almost destroyed me. I felt worthless, replaceable and disrespected by your choice of a guy that I have to work with. I realize that my emotions are my problem and now that I've had some time alone I'm thinking a lot more clearly about everything. As such, I'm done with you and all of this and I'm moving on. No more "taking a break", no more "maybe we can be together at some point", we're just done."

This was followed by her begging him to take her back. She even texted him seven months later to try and see if there was still a chance. Never once did he respond to her. She did previously mention that she cheated on Hardwick, which was the cause for the break-up in the first place.

Here's my question... why would someone who claimed to be in such a terrible and abusive relationship beg to come back? That just doesn't make sense. You'd think that she'd be happy to get away from him if that was the case. 

Even if Hardwick is able to clear his name, the damage is already done. Chloe claims to have proof of his abuse, but she is keeping that to herself at the moment. I'm not really a hardcore fan of a fan of Hardwick, but it's fascinating to see everyone gang up on him without knowing all of the facts. 

I wonder if Hardwick leaked those texts to TMZ on purpose in an effort to help clear his name. If so, the guy is obviously desperate. Some people might think that's a douchey move, while others may think that the guy is just watching the career he built for himself crash and burn and he's not sure what else to do. What are your thoughts on this latest revelation?

The Joker Origin Film and THE BATMAN Reportedly Might Be Set in the Same Universe


Are Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment considering building a separate DC Cinematic Universe than the DCEU?! We recently learned that the studio is looking to create a new DC label for their darker films called DC Dark or DC Black.

The Joker origin film from director Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix will be the first film to be made under this new DC movie brand. We recently learned a lot of information about this film and some of the characters that will be involved.

Now according to a new report from The Superhero News Show, there's a chance that this film might exist in the same universe as Matt Reeves' The Batman. The information came from Forbes writer and co-host Mark Hughes, who says "he’s heard from several sources that he trusts that an idea has been floated around. If the Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix is successful, and since Matt Reeves is basically rebooting Batman with a younger version of the character in The Batman, the idea would be to just cross those two together in a future movie, rather than have The Batman be part of the DCEU."

This is just a rumored idea that Hughes says the studio is floating around and it's not set in stone, but what do you think of the idea of DC Entertainment building a whole other separate DC Cinematic Universe? 

You can listen to the rumor below at the 1:03:24 mark in the video below.

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PUBG’S Sanhok Map Is Scheduled To Release For The PC This Week

After extending the final beta test for the upcoming third map in PUBG for the PC, the developer has just announced the release date of the Sanhok Map. On June 22, Patch #15 will be introduced in the game and will feature a plethora of UI and sound improvements as well as the tropical map of Sanhok. 

For the past several weeks, Sanhok has undergone testing on PUBG’s Experimental Server. The map will officially go live with Patch 15 and will feature an area of 4km x 4km in size, making it one-fourth as large as Erangel and Miramar. Despite the size, the map will still host 100 players, which will make matches shorter and more brutal than in other maps. 

Furthermore, PUBG will also introduce the QBZ95, which is a new weapon that will arrive in Patch 15. The latest weapon is an AR that holds 30 rounds per magazine of 5.56mm rounds. It is good to know that this can be extended up to 40 rounds and will be found exclusively in Sanhok, which will replace the SCAR-L in item spawn. 

Lastly, a few surface improvements will also be introduced with Patch 15. The UI of the Leaderboard, Replay function, and friends list are among the specific areas that received an overhaul. Moreover, the upcoming Patch will address a few bugs and other technical issues in PUBG. You can check out the full patch notes from Steam


A Woman is Held Captive By an A.I. System in Netflix’s Sci-Fi Thriller TAU with Gary Oldman

I've got an intriguing first trailer here for you to watch for an upcoming Netflix sci-fi horror thriller called TAU. The story follows a woman who is held captive in a futuristic smart house, and to escape, she has to befriend the A.I. program that controls the house. The A.I. system is voiced by Gary Oldman. This is a cool concept and it looks like it will be a great movie worth checking out. I really liked what I saw in this first trailer.

The movie also stars Maika Monroe (It Follows) as the main young woman that the story revolves around. She is kidnapped by a psychotic inventor played by Ed Skrein and he gives her a choice; do as the house says, or die.

Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think! Tau premieres on Netflix on June 29, 2018.

Disney’s Counter-Bid To Fox Stands At $71.3 Billion


Yesterday we reported that Disney had upped its offer to Fox in an attempt to outbid Comcast, and now we're learning today just how big the company's counteroffer was. Deadline reported Disney has upped it's offer to $71.3 billion in a mixture of cash and stock in an attempt to sway Fox executives over Comcast's cash offer of $65 billion. Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger also released the following statement regarding the company's increased bid:

“The acquisition of 21st Century Fox will bring significant financial value to the shareholders of both companies, and after six months of integration planning we’re even more enthusiastic and confident in the strategic fit of the assets and the talent at Fox. At a time of dynamic change in the entertainment industry, the combination of Disney’s and Fox’s unparalleled collection of businesses and franchises will allow us to create more appealing high-quality content, expand our direct-to-consumer offerings and international presence, and deliver more personalized and compelling entertainment experiences to meet growing consumer demand around the world.” 

Well, it appears as though the ball is back in Comcast's court. Will they up the ante yet again? Who would've thought Fox was such an attractive acquisition?! 

UPDATE: Blomberg reports that Fox has accepted Disney's bid. This doesn't mean that Fox is selling to Disney, though. It's not officially set in stone. This means is that Fox is officially recognizing Disney's bid as the best offer on the table. Comcast still has an opportunity to return with an even higher bid if they want.

First Look at Mackenzie Davis in New TERMINATOR Film Set Photos


Director Tim Miller and producer James Cameron's new Terminator film is currently in production. Some set photos have recently surfaced giving us our first looks at Mackenzie Davis (Blade Runner 2049) in the lead female role and you know what? She looks like a complete badass.

The photos were shared on Just Jared and as you can see she's got some crazy looking scars all over her body. It looks like she's gone through some crazy surgeries. I'm not sure for what, but I imagine they could be implants of sorts, or maybe she's some kind of new Terminator? I have no idea, but I'm certainly intrigued by these photos. 

Davis is said to be the new face of the franchise, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton ushering her in.

The upcoming film is said to be the first in a trilogy and a direct sequel to Terminator 2. It will ignore all of the other films that have been made since, and Cameron previously said:

"We still fold time. We will have characters from the future and the present. There will be mostly new characters, but we’ll have Arnold and Linda’s characters to anchor it."

David Goyer (Batman Begins) wrote the script and the movie will be released on November 22, 2019. The movie also stars Gabriel Luna (Agents of SHIELD), Natalia Reyes (Lady, La Vendedora de Rosas) and Diego Boneto (Scream Queens).

Check out the first look of Davis below and let us know what you think. What do you think all those scars on her body mean?

Here’s your first look at actress #MackenzieDavis filming the #Terminator reboot, which will hit theaters in November of 2019! It looks like her character has scars all over her chest and arms. Check out more pics on JJ now!

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There’s a STAR TREK Vs. TRANSFORMERS Comic Book Coming From IDW and Here’s the Cover Art

Here's a comic book crossover that I never imagined happening! IDW has announced that they will launch a Star Trek vs. Transformers crossover miniseries.

According to io9, "The series will begin in the Star Trek universe, when the U.S.S. Enterprise answers a distress call on the edge of Klingon Space, only to find a dilithium mine under attack from 20th century-era jets and helicopters. When a certain red truck shows up to lend a hand, however, Kirk and the crew discover that there’s more than meets the eye to their new vehicular friends and foes."

The comic is being written by John Barber and Mike Johnson and the art is being done by Philip Murphy. Johnson had this to say in a statement: 

"This is a crossover several decades in the making, and we could not be more thrilled to bring it to fans. John and I are having a blast writing the first meeting of Starfleet and Cybertronians, and Phil is the perfect artist to bring these two franchises together on the page."

I've enjoyed IDW's previous crossover comics so I'm excited to check this one out. It certainly sounds like it'll be fun!

The series will run for four issues and it's said to be inspired "by the aesthetic and continuities from the cartoon iterations of both Trek and Transformers: the 1973 cult classic Star Trek: The Animated Series, and the original 1984 Transformers show."

Are you excited about this crazy crossover adventure!?


Pete Docter and Jennifer Lee Will Take Over John Lasseter’s Duties at Disney and Pixar

With John Lasseter set to leave his post as Chief Creative Officer at Disney and Pixar Animation at the end of the year after sexual allegations against him arose, the studio has to fill his position with someone who would be able to transition into it smoothly. Well, Disney found two of them!

Jennifer Lee (Frozen) and Pete Docter (Inside Out) will split John Lasseter’s duties at Disney and Pixar as they move forward with the development of the many film projects that the studios have in the pipeline. Lee will be chief creative officer at Walt Disney Animation and Docter will be chief creative officer at Pixar Animation Studios.

I think Disney made a smart decision here and I'm sure that these two talents will do great things in their new leadership positions. Both of them have a lot of experience with the studios. 

Lee joined Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2011 as co-writer on Wreck-It Ralph. She went on to co-direct Frozen, which earned her an Academy Award win for Best Animated Feature. As for Docter, he has worked at Pixar from the very beginning and has directed films such as Up and Monsters Inc. 

Lee had this to say in a statement: 

"Animation is the most collaborative art form in the world, and it is with the partnership of my fellow filmmakers, artists, and innovators that we look ahead to the future. My hope is to support the incredible talent we have, find new voices, and work together to tell original stories."

Docter added:

"I started here 28 years ago. I am fortunate to work alongside some of the most talented people on the planet, and together we will keep pushing animation in new directions, using the latest technology to tell stories we hope will surprise and delight audiences around the world."

With these two individuals leading the animation studios at these companies, there's a bright future ahead full of wonderful animated films. 

Source: Variety

The CREED II Trailer Will Give You Chills


The first trailer for Creed II has dropped, and it will give you chills. That's really saying something, considering that out of all the things we see in this trailer, Ivan Drago is not one of them. Additionally we only get a quick glimpse at his son's fight robe, although Son of Drago is looking just as intimidating if not a bit scarier than his father. 

One of the things I love about this trailer is the homage to Apollo Creed on the building while Adonis is training. It's just cool to see a tribute to Creed's character, considering everyone is well familiar with that Rocky statue!

Life has become a balancing act for Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan). Between personal obligations and training for his next big fight, he is up against the challenge of his life. Facing an opponent with ties to his family’s past only intensifies his impending battle in the ring. Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) is there by his side through it all and, together, Rocky and Adonis will confront their shared legacy, question what’s worth fighting for, and discover that nothing’s more important than family. Creed II is about going back to basics to rediscover what made you a champion in the first place, and remembering that, no matter where you go, you can’t escape your history. 

Check out the trailer below, share your thoughts in the comments, and be ready to see this film when it releases November 21!